Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday Feb 24, 2010

Larry Lipson - Costa Rica Wine Correspondent
Larry Lipson co-hosts "What's Cooking?"a restaurant, wine and food talk show that airs from 8 to 9 a.m. Wednesdays nationally on Cable Radio Network (CRN) and National Radio Network (NRN), heard locally on KPXN-TV (ITV) Channel 30 SAP;Time Warner Santa Monica on C 74 SAP; Time Warner San Fernando Valley on Channel 1/97 SAP and 25; Time Warner West Valley on Channel 6 SAP and 960; AT&T on Channel 6 in the Valley and Channel 44 SAP in Los Angeles; Charter Communications on Channel 33 SAP; Time Warner Lancaster on Channel 37; Time Warner Simi Valley on Channel 8; Charter in Hidden Hills/Malibu/Agoura on cable FM 97.5; Avenue TV Cable Ventura on Channel 83; Charter San Gabriel Valley on Channel 34 SAP and Channel 56; Time Warner Canyon Country on Channel 960; Time Warner South Pasadena on Channel 6 and 960.

Sam Garci - "The Power of Super foods"

Aiming to provide insight and guidance on the foods needed to effectively fuel the body, this publication outlines 20 steps that should help individuals live healthier and longer lives. It includes information on the 12 food groups with beneficial antioxidants and discusses how to vary the diet to promote good health. The book also looks at the positive effects of an alkaline body and how it can be achieved, as well as how to improve physical and spiritual fitness. Sam Graci is an internationally renowned lecturer, consultant, and formulator in the field of optimal human health and nutrition. He has traveled throughout the world interviewing researchers and collecting information about medicinal plants, vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, sea vegetables, and organic growing techniques. Based on this work, Graci developed Greens+, an award-winning "green drink" comprised of 23 synergistic foods. Graci resides on Saltspring Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Richard Turen "Travel Truth"  is a collaborative effort designed to offer the vacation consumer real world advice without exaggeration, deception, or sales bias. It is the ultimate insider's view of how things really work, written by an award-winning team of travel consultants and journalists. We are the owners, managers, and staff at Churchill & Turen Ltd. Churchill and Turen Ltd. is a vacation-planning firm that is entirely devoted to "The Vacations in Your Life that Truly Matter." We are currently celebrating our 21st year in business. Our telephone numbers are all unlisted and new clients are accepted exclusively by personal referral from our current clients or from readers referred to us in the pages of the world's leading travel publications. Everyone at Churchill and Turen is committed to providing visitors to this site with hard-hitting, unbiased travel reporting and ratings. Our commitment to travel consumerism is real and one of the ways that we demonstrate that commitment is by refusing to accept advertising or promotional support for this site. Although we remain devoted to servicing the needs of our clients, we are also willing to help any serious travel consumer with questions regarding the relative merits of travel products. In our current environment, the travel consumer is bombarded by misinformation and outright lies on a daily basis. Bait-and-switch "from $499" ads are the rule – not the exception. A half-inch is defined as "extra legroom" and a moldy hot tub may be a "luxurious spa". Google virtually any travel-related topic, from hotel properties to destinations and you are smothered in a sea of tens of thousands, perhaps millions of ads disguised as information. No one seems willing to help. Everyone wants your credit card number. We hope that is just the first step toward changing that perception.