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Marina Mellino "Cook Like a Latin Lover"
A passionate, daring perfectionist and self-taught chef who began learning her trade from her Italian nonna (grandmother) at a young age, Marina Mellino was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and raised in Canada for many years. An artist by trade, Marina s recipes contain simple step-bystep instructions that are the result of her life experiences. Colorful, Spicy, Romantic Book Brings to Life the Magic of Argentine Cuisine and Culture More than a cookbook, Cook Like a Latin Lover introduces readers to Buenos Aires and the lifestyle of a Latin lover from an Argentine s point of view. Author Marina Mellino has written more than a cookbook. Cook Like a Latin Lover is a tool kit that offers readers a glimpse into a Latin experience through cooking, romance, dancing, and the love for life! She comments, My Nonna, who taught me everything I know about cooking, showed me that it s not always about the food, but that food can taste so much better if there is a lot of love involved. Though Mellino moved with her family to Canada as a child for political reasons, she believes Buenos Aires offers one of the most seductive and satisfying cuisines. She adds, I have never forgotten how well I ate as a child, how tasty everything was, and I mean everything. Mellino s book offers a wealth of mouthwatering recipes, including traditional favorites such as milanesas to popular Latin American flavors like fresh chimichurri and savory empanadas to modern recipes using Starbucks Latin American coffees. It also offers chapters on Argentine wines, Latin music, and Spanish tutoring, all flavored with Mellino s sultry encouragement to Put out the food, put on the salsa music, and get sexy! Buenos Aires is more than a city; it is a sensual idea, says Mellino, who still has family in Argentina. Accordingly, her book contains sections called A Day in the Life of a Latin Lover, Must Have Latin/Dance Songs, and Thrilling Argentine Wine Discoveries.

Belinda Chang Wine Director for New York's Museum of Modern Art
Star sommelier Belinda Chang is known in the wine industry for creating wine programs and wine lists that make ordering wine enjoyable rather than intimidating. Belinda's effervescent personality and wine expertise has graced the dining rooms of Fifth Floor in San Francisco as well as Charlie Trotter's in Chicago. In 2004, she received the James Beard Foundation's nomination for Outstanding Wine Service. Belinda was the opening Wine and Service Director for Chef Rick Tramonto and Chef Gale Gand's five new restaurants in Chicago: Osteria Via Stato, Osteria di Tramonto, Tramonto's Steak and Seafood, RT Lounge & Gale's Coffee Bar. Belinda now works with famed restaurateur Danny Meyer as the Wine Director of The Modern in New York's Museum of Modern Art. James Beard nominee and nationally recognized sommelier Belinda Chang (of Fifth Floor in San Francisco, Charlie Trotter's in Chicago and now wine director for New York's Museum of Modern Art) . She’s the expert when it comes to Halloween wine pairings and can make recommendations for how to pair wine treats like, caramel covered apples, spicy popcorn balls, toasted and salted pumpkin seeds and much more…she also can identify popular wine to fit any character costume this Halloween.

Chef Tal Ronnen "The Conscious Cook"
Chef Tal Ronnen is the most celebrated vegan chef working today. In the spring of 2008, he became known nationwide as the chef who prepared vegan meals for Oprah Winfrey’s 21-day vegan cleanse. He was recommended to Oprah by Kathy Freston--who will write the book’s foreword--for whom he has catered hundreds of meals. Oprah was instantly taken and invited Chef Tal to spend the month of July cooking at her summer home. He has since catapulted to fame, with mentions in mainstream media, from People to US Weekly to MSNBC. In August, he catered Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s vegan wedding. Later that month, he catered Arianna Huffington’s party at the Democratic National Convention. He also cooked the first vegan dinner at the U.S. Senate, and has been called a “truly creative visionary.” Chef Tal is the country’s hottest vegan chef; with Oprah’s Veggie Chef, his first cookbook, he is poised to become a bestselling author and household name. THE CONSCIOUS COOK features a center-of-the-plate protein in all of its entrees-a first for vegan cookbooks. Seventy-five original recipes are organized by categories that include starters and small plates, soups and salads, entrees, and desserts. Each recipe is accompanied by stunning full-color photographs.

Steve Evans "The Movie Guy"
Tips on the best & worst this weekend at the Box Office. Steve reviews and comments on all the latest from Hollywood and gets the story behind the film.A veteran of the industry, "The Movie Guy" says exactly how he feels about the movies that you will be watching this weekend. Mike Horn comments on the lineup of big screen offerings but does not always agree with what Steve has to say. This is the movie review program to listen to every week and get the "real deal".

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Anne Banas, Executive Editor of
Anne has been covering travel for nearly ten years and is constantly providing insight around how travelers can save money and uncover fantastic deals. She is currently the Executive Editor of and also writes a regular column called “Escapes Under $500” that can be seen in top publications including USA Today among others. As a travel expert, Anne writes countless “how-to” articles, destination guides, travel tips and deal reviews that always keep the budget conscientious consumer in mind. Anne has also appeared on both local and national broadcast programs including the CBS Early Show, FOX Business and Chronicle Boston. She has also been featured in leading media outlets including The Associated Press, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal,, Smart Money and more. Anne is an active member of the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW).

Alison Sweeney "The Biggest Loser"
Alison Sweeney is busy juggling the roles of host for NBC’s hit reality series “The Biggest Loser” and the award-winning Sami Brady on NBC’s hit daytime drama “Days of our Lives” with her roles as a producer, author, wife and mother. Since making her debut as host for season four of “The Biggest Loser” in 2007, Sweeney has joined the hit reality series in transforming the lives of show contestants and television viewers worldwide. Having openly discussed her own weight loss struggles, Sweeney was thrilled when the show producers asked her to join the show. Since then, Sweeney has graced the cover or been featured in magazines including People, US Weekly, OK!, Pregnancy, Quick and Simple, Complete Woman, Health and many more. Her talk show appearances include “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” “Ellen,” “Today,” “Rachel Ray” and segments for “Access Hollywood.” Sweeney is also an accomplished author with the 2004 release of her book, All The Days of My Life (So Far). In 2010, Simon Spotlight will publish her next book, The Mommy Diet, which will reveal the “diet” of nutrition, fitness and self-care that women can follow to look and feel fantastic . THIS WEEK BASEBALL GREAT DEREK JETER AND POPULAR CHEF CURTIS STONE GUEST STAR -- It’s an intense week on “The Biggest Loser” when the contestants learn from host Alison Sweeney that they will each face off against a player from the opposing team at weigh-in. The winner of the pop challenge gains considerable control by getting to choose who faces off against whom. Then New York Yankee and four-time World Series champ Derek Jeter gives the players a pep talk about the importance of teamwork before they embark on a wild baseball challenge. The challenge winner then gets a delicious and healthy Mediterranean meal prepared by acclaimed chef Curtis Stone. Later, one player breaks a “Biggest Loser” record at weigh-in, and then the contestants say goodbye to one of their own in the most emotional elimination so far of this season. Trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels also star. TUESDAYS AT 8 PM ON NBC

Tom Silberkleit Publisher The California Directory of Fine Wineries - 4th Edition TOM SILBERKLEIT is the award-winning editor and publisher for Wine House Press in Sonoma, California. His books have been featured in USA Today, People, and on Good Morning America. California’s prestigious and celebrated wineries invite you on an irresistible journey. Covering boutique tasting rooms, working ranches, warehouse wineries, elegant estates, and intimate, family-owned vineyards, The California Directory of Fine Wineries is an essential, up-to-date guide to destinations of charm and character. Northern Region Edition Napa · Sonoma · Mendocino - Journey through the tasting rooms of a tri-county vineyard paradise… With The California Directory of Fine Wineries as your guide, you’ll wander through world-famous Napa, home of the state’s most recognized cellar landmarks. You’ll meander scenic back roads on the way to Sonoma’s premier wineries. You’ll travel to rustic Mendocino, where the winemakers themselves will pour you a glass of their specialty. This fully updated, fourth edition of The California Directory of Fine Wineries is an essential guide to both glamorous estates and intimate, family-owned vineyards.

Milt Larsen "Magic Castle" "It's Magic" THIS WEEKEND
After the Lane family moved away in the 1940s, the mansion was divided into a multi-family home, then became a home for the elderly, and was finally transformed into a maze of small apartments. By 1960, the fate of the Mansion was uncertain. Then Milt Larsen met the owner, Thomas O. Glover. Milt was a writer on the NBC TV show "Truth or Consequences." His office was on the ninth floor of a Hollywood office building that overlooked the Lane mansion. Milt's late father, William W. Larsen, Sr., was a renowned magician and had long dreamed of building an elegant private club for magicians. The Lane mansion would become that club. In September of 1961, Milt and a crew of eternally generous friends and volunteers began the extraordinary task of returning this run-down apartment building to its glorious past. After months of scraping and sanding, the rich Victorian elegance began to resurface. The Magic Castle opened its doors at 5 p.m. on January 2, 1963. Today more than four decades later, the Castle has become the world-famous "home" to the Academy of Magical Arts, Inc.and their invited guests

Ken Albert Owner Shelburne Vineyard -Vermont Hand Crafted Wines
We planted our first vines in1998. The first harvest was in Fall 2000 and the wines were first released to the public in August 2001. We have maintained organic certification by NOFA-Vt since 2000. Our new Winery/Tasting Room on Rt7 opened in Dec 2007. To date we have 3 vineyard sites in Shelburne which include the following varieties:Cayuga, LaCrescent, Louise Swenson, Marquette, St Croix, Riesling, Traminette, Vidal, Vignoles, and Zweigelt. Our new winery contains state of the art equipment including temperature jacketed stainless steel fermenting tanks controlled by a glycol chilling system, Oak cooperage, a computer controlled 16 HL press, a remote controlled pump, and an automated bottling line.

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Jim Lahey "My Bread: The Revolutionary No-Work, No-Knead Method "
Jim Lahey studied sculpting at SUNY Stonybrook and the School of Visual Arts but soon headed off to Italy to work with bakers in northeastern and central Italy. He opened the Sullivan Street Bakery in New York City in 1994; the bakery has since moved farther uptown to Manhattan’s west side. His new pizza restaurant, Co., opened in Manhattan in early 2009. The founder of New York’s Sullivan Street Bakery, Lahey started a revolution in 2006 with his no-knead dough technique, in which flour, yeast, salt and water are mixed together quickly, left alone for 12 hours, then baked in a Dutch oven. The baking-averse found themselves suddenly capable of bread-making with a minimum of skill and fuss, opening a world of possibilities. In this wonderful compilation, Lahey elaborates on that method, explaining not only the science behind his approach but, through liberal use of photos, the technique as well. Once readers have mastered his basic dough (which won’t take long), they’re on their way to crafting homemade pizza, ciabatta, foccacia and rye as well as more playful variations such as peanut butter and jelly bread. While waiting for dough to rise, readers can pick from suggested sandwiches, such as Lahey’s Cuban, made with Citrus Roast Porkand homemade pickles. Lahey’s passion for bread-making and feeding people carries the book; his plainspoken advice and patient tutelage provide novices with a sure, steady hand to hold; and his methods will surely be adopted by chefs and bakers of all stripes.

Chef Kamal Al-Faqih "Classic Lebanese Cuisine: 170 Fresh and Healthy Mediterranean Favorites" Chef Kamal Al-Faqih, a Lebanese-American, began his career in 1986 as the owner and head chef of Med Catering, the first exclusively Mediterranean catering company in the Washington, D.C., area. During his twenty years there, his reputation became unmatched as his authentic dishes were offered at White House and embassy events, and for notables from Jordan’s King Abdulla to Placido Domingo. In 2005, Chef Kamal relocated to California, where he tested and wrote the recipes that comprise Classic Lebanese Cuisine. The cuisine of Lebanon epitomizes the best of the Mediterranean diet, which is esteemed for its health benefits. Abounding in a wealth of heart-healthy ingredients—including fresh vegetables, grains, herbs, and spices; poultry; lamb; yogurt; and olive oil—it yields meals replete with robust, earthy flavors. In Classic Lebanese Cuisine, a leading chef presents 170 dazzling recipes that reflect the full breadth of authentic Lebanese cuisine. Many recipes include several variations, giving you the option of preparing a vegetarian dish or adding chicken, lamb, or beef. Featuring favorites such as baba ghannouj, tabbouli, and kibbi, and a large variety of Lebanese classics ranging from entrees to hors d’oeuvres, salads, desserts, and side dishes, this book also presents Chef Kamal Al-Faqih’s signature dishes. From London broil layered with garlic yogurt and pita, to heart-healthy fire-roasted wheat with lamb, he developed these singularly sumptuous recipes over two decades as the preeminent Mediterranean caterer in the Washington, D.C., area. Feedback from clients, friends, and family allowed him to focus on each dish individually and refine the ingredients and flavors. And, more recently, he devoted two years to further perfecting these recipes—for this book. Accompanied by full-color photographs throughout, and with step-by-step instructions, Classic Lebanese Cuisine—linked to the Web site, where you can find complementary information—makes Lebanese cuisine accessible to everyone who seeks to reproduce their favorite flavors and dishes, from the merely curious to more experienced cooks.

Susan Whiteside VP Communications - National Confectioners Assoc
Over more than a decade with NCA, the major trade show association representing the entire candy industry, Susan has become the go-to resource on confectionery products, candy sales, holiday celebrations and all things candy. Susan can answer questions on everything from the history of candy corn to the most popular candies and flavors. Susan has been featured on a range of national media from the Today Show to the Food Network and the New York Times, as well as numerous other local publications, broadcast affiliates and networks.
Trick-or-treaters beware! Adults are stashing sweets for themselves this year, this according to the 2009 Halloween Survey results by the National Confectioners Association’s (NCA). Four in ten adults admit that they purposely keep treats instead of giving away all their sweets to revelers. And, nearly one third (30 percent) of adults admit that they will pocket at least a handful or more of goodies from the treat bowl to savor for themselves. Just in time for Halloween, NCA reveals the truth behind secret candy stashing by adults and unveils the top treats you’ll find in trick-or-treaters’ loot! Dust off your witch’s hat, break out the jack-o-lantern and join Susan Whiteside as she unmasks NCA’s 2009 Halloween survey results. Plus, learn best storage tips for candy corn, chocolate and all your favorite candies to help your loot last past October 31. Whether you share some or stash it all on Halloween night, NCA has the tips to enjoy a happy, healthy Halloween.

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Madison Hildebrand -"Million Dollar Listing" (Mon 11 PM ET/PT Bravo)
Madison Hildebrand: Madison Hildebrand is one of Malibu's most sought after celebrity real estate agents. After graduating from Pepperdine University, he began pursuing his real estate license and earned a mentorship with one of the top-producing agents in the nation. He sold his first home for $2.8 million dollars to a celebrity and hasn't looked back since. In spite of four wildly successful years as one of the top producing agents, Malibu's most wanted real estate mogul has not been immune to the failing economy. As property values continue to plummet, Hildebrand has struggled to keep his exclusive clientele happy. But even in the tough market, this Malibu mogul prevails, as he is still able to ink deals for high-end sales and leases in Malibu and Beverly Hills. "Million Dollar Listing" follows the lives of three of Los Angeles' hottest, young and aggressive real estate magnates in the making as they make a fortune selling multi-million dollar properties in the most exclusive neighborhoods – Hollywood, Malibu and Beverly Hills.

Katherine Brooking - Nutrtionist Recipe Renovation -
Many people are concerned about eating a bit heart-healthier without losing the rich, indulgent flavors like those found in modern day popular French cuisine… Katherine Brooking, RD, unveils her “secret swiches” and discusses some simple, quick fixes to cut some “bad” and bump up the “good” in recipe favorites. Katherine Brooking is a Registered Dietitian with a Master’s Degree in Nutrition Education from Columbia University. She specializes in working with broadcast, print and e-media to provide credible and practical nutrition information to consumers. She has appeared as a nutrition expert on top-tier national morning shows including the TODAY show, Live with Regis & Kelly, Good Morning America Health as well as on local affiliate stations across the country. She is a frequent contributor to CBS2 News This Morning and Fox’s Good Day New York. Beginning fall of 2009, Katherine will begin co-hosting weekly nutrition segments as part of a new series, Appetite for Health that will air on The Daily Buzz, a nationally syndicated news program. As a writer covering health and wellness topics, Katherine has contributed to SELF Magazine, Prevention, Cooking Light and Woman’s Day and other leading news publications including The Washington Post and New York Daily News. Katherine also writes a biweekly nutrition column for Her articles cover a broad range of topics, including research news, weight loss / maintenance, and functional foods for health and wellness. Katherine has been a spokesperson for numerous food companies and trade associations including California Raisins and the National Dairy Council. She currently serves as a nutrition advisor on several commodity boards. Prior to starting her nutrition communications company, Katherine had a private nutrition practice in Manhattan and was the exclusive Registered Dietitian for the health service at Columbia University Medical School. Katherine received her clinical nutrition training at Bellevue Hospital in New York City and also at Greenwich Hospital in Greenwich, CT.

Cheryl De Rose The Calabasas Candy Co
Calabasas is loscated near the California coast, and famous for a relaxed, health consious attitude. With that in mind, we at the Calabasas Candy Co. source our chocolate from a local independent chocolatier. The ccompany has selected exotic cocoas from around the world to crate exclusive blends of ultra-amooth pur chocolate, flavorful and rich with all the natural essences and nutritional benefits nature intended. The cocoa beans are then selected from farmers in Peru and Cameroon who are paid directly or "ethically traded". The chocolate is then processed by a small family owned company in Europe who has been in business for over 100 years. By combining the high standards of Euopean chocolate craftsmanship with fresh California ingredients we have elevated chocolate from a "junk food" to a healthy delicacy. Our pure chocolates are specially designed to be lower in sugar, made with pure pressed cocoa butter for healthy skin and retains natural cocoa antioxidents for a healthy lifestyle. Once we received the chololate, that is when the magic begins. Our chocolates are combined with fresh organic ingredients whenever possible. The coffee truffles are made with dark chocolate and fresh brewed coffee rather than artificial flavors. The lemon truffles are mixed with fresh grated lemon zest and juice and our creamy white chocolate. Creeamy milk chocolate truffles are coated in fresh chopped pecans. Our fresh mint truffles are a favorite with our customers. Milk chocolate is dipped in mint green white chocolate and drizzled with more milk chocolate. We have over 15 different flavors and are always adding new and delicious flavors to our line. In addition, we have seasonal flavors such as pumpkin for Thanksgiving and Peppermint for Christmas. The truffles come in a beautiful brown gift box and bow. The truffles are great for any occassion and for anyone! We also do custom orders for wedding and party favors with the customers choice of colored boxes. With the holidays comming they make an affordable gift for friends, family or corporate customers. I just receltly sold the truffles at several fundraising events. I will be at a few more events which are the "lavender Festival" at the Langham Hotel in Pasadena where I will feature lavender-honey truffles this Wednesday from 4:00p.m. till 8:00 p.m.. On Nov. 13, Friday evening, I will be offering the truffles at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa "Celebrity Chef Classic"

Eva Safar - VP of Marketing - Coleman Natural Foods
Since 1875 Coleman has pioneered the natural and organic animal raising practices that represent the highest standard of meat production in the United States. We work exclusively with small family farms throughout the country that share this conviction to provide American families with premium natural and organic meat, poultry, and prepared foods. Our Values: Coleman selects only the best breeds, raised to our exacting protocols, with 100% vegetarian diets and no animal byproducts. Coleman never uses antibiotics or growth hormones. We allow our animals to grow at their natural pace, with open air access in a comfortable, reduced-stress environment. Our Products: Coleman is committed to providing premium products that nourish the health and well-being of your family. We never add anything to our products that nature did not create: no nitrates/nitrites or other chemical preservatives and no MSG. We never use fillers. Coleman’s passion for natural and organic extends to the ecosystem, focusing on sustainable land, water, and soil conservation for future generations.

Greg Mowery - Book Publicist "Stove Top Readings"
I'm a book publicist with a specialty in cookbooks. Over the years, I've worked with some of the legendary cookbook writers and cookbook brands in the business including Jacques Pepin, Maida Heatter, Paul Prudhomme, Martin Yan, Pierre Franey, Deborah Madison, Rose Levy Beranbaum, Colman Andrews, Richard Olney, Diane Rossen Worthington, Amy Scherber, Betty Crocker and Pillsbury and Weight Watchers cookbook titles, etc. I am an accomplished home cook with extensive knowledge of culinary techniques and history. Food is a necessary component of my extensive travels and I maintain a large and wide-ranging cookbook library. I entertain and cook for friends, family and colleagues often. I'm opinionated and passionate about cookbooks, food memoirs, wine and spirit guides and read them like novels. I've been associated with cookbooks for more than thirty years and I don't see any reason to stop now. In order to avoid any conflict of interest, I will not review, discuss, or promote any cookbooks I may be working on in this blog.

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Fri Oct 16, 2009

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Linda Jordan - GM Ruth's Chris Steak House - Pasadena CA
From our humble beginnings on Broad Street in New Orleans to our current position as the world's largest fine dining company, Ruth's Chris Steak House has come quite a long way in its first four decades. In 2005, we celebrated our 40th anniversary, and we consider it a celebration of the life of a woman who broke the mold - our founder, Ruth Fertel. Ruth's Chris Steak House (NASDAQ: RUTH) is a chain of over 120 steakhouses across the United States and in several international locations. The restaurant is regarded as an upscale fine dining establishment, marking a gradual elevation in its status since its founding in the 1960s. Ruth's Chris is currently the largest luxury steak company, larger than other restaurants such as The Palm and Morton's chains in number of locations, operating income, and overall profit. On March 22, 2008 the company announced it would be seeking stockholder approval to change its name to Ruth's Hospitality Group to better represent the business after the acquisition of Mitchell's Fish Market . The chain was founded by the late Ruth Fertel, a single mother of two, in 1965, after she bought the existing Chris Steak House in New Orleans. In buying the restaurant, Fertel had to agree that the restaurant keep the "Chris" name for a specified period of time. After the original location sustained a kitchen fire, she relocated the restaurant about one-half mile (0.9 km) to the west on Broad Street and renamed the rebuilt establishment "Ruth's Chris." Under the purchase agreement, the name "Chris Steak House" could not be used at any other location, and she did not want to lose customers already familiar with the Chris name. Fertel started to franchise the restaurant in the 1970s to locations throughout the United States and throughout the world. Advertising efforts are primarily focused in the talk radio market and its male demographic. The chain has cultivated paid endorsements from several radio celebrities, including Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, with the latter proclaiming Ruth's to be his favorite restaurant. Ruth's won the 2006–2007 Golden Icon Award for "Best Steak House Chain"; the Golden Icon Awards are presented annually by Travolta Family Entertainment. In 2005 Hurricane Katrina devastated Greater New Orleans and the chain moved its corporate headquarters to Heathrow, Florida. Like most businesses in the city, two of the chain's locations in the Greater New Orleans area were forced to close because of the storm. The Metairie, Louisiana location has since reopened. Amid much criticism of local officials and media, and on the heels of Morton's steakhouse announcement it would reopen its own New Orleans branch, the corporate offices announced that, due to extensive damage, the old flagship Ruth's Chris on Broad Street would be permanently closed and donated to charity. In May 2008, Ruth's Chris re-opened in New Orleans and is centrally located downtown in the Harrah's hotel at 525 Fulton Street. The restaurant's signature is serving USDA prime steaks that are seared at 1800°Fahrenheit (982.2°C) and served on plates heated to 500°Fahrenheit (260°C). Half an ounce (1 Tbsp) of butter is added just before the plates leave the kitchen in order to cause the meat to sizzle. In addition to steaks, the restaurant also serves entrees of chicken, lamb, fish and shellfish. Portions are generally large enough to serve two or more diners. Side dishes include au gratin potatoes, topped with a bechamel sauce and cheddar cheese. Also available are dessert selections, with the restaurant's signature pecan pie being a staple item throughout the chain. All locations offer smaller, separate rooms for private dining as well as a gift card program. Reservations are recommended and the dress code is usually a range from business/dressy to business casual.

Keith Snow "The Harvest Eating Cookbook"
Armed with a complete set of resources to make the locavore movement inviting, accessible and easy for the home cook, Chef Keith Snow has spent the last three years using web 2.0 to propel his mission. In 2006, Keith developed and launched Harvest Eating, a unique social network dedicated to seasonal cooking. Subscribers receive weekly newsletters and visitors to the website gain access to an ever-growing library of over 325 cooking demonstration videos and over 800 categorized recipes. In the fall of 2009, Keith's audience will expand when he debuts a new PBS television show and cookbook, both aptly titled Harvest Eating. Raised in suburban New Jersey, Keith's family appreciated and valued the importance of fine cooking. Together, they frequented local farmers' markets, but he found his true calling on his uncles' farms: one owned a dairy farm in Goshen, New York and another raised horses and had a wild hatchery where grouse, partridges and other game birds could be found. There Keith was exposed at an early age to healthy, seasonal eating; he remembers a salad made straight from vegetables picked in his uncle's garden as the best he's ever consumed. Keith's career as a chef began almost accidentally. At 14, he filled in for a friend as a dishwasher at a local Italian restaurant and found himself increasingly drawn to cooking. He eventually trained under the direction of the restaurant's disciplined former Navy chef. Keith's talent as a chef evolved into a career and took him all over the country including California, Florida, North Carolina, Massachusetts, and Colorado. Keith was ahead of his time, thinking about fresh, unprocessed foods, long before organic and seasonal held much meaning for consumers. While still entrenched in the restaurant industry, Keith decided to combine his entrepreneurial spirit with his passion for natural foods and in 1992, at 25, he created Capone's All-Natural Pasta Sauces. Unlike other jarred sauces, these were made without artificial ingredients or preservatives. Originally sold from the back of his car, his product quickly became available on shelves nationwide. In 1998, Keith accepted a position at a small restaurant in North Carolina, where he and his wife were drawn to the serene quality of life. However, in 2000, he became Executive Chef at Colorado's premiere Copper Mountain Resort, overseeing a staff of 12 chefs, 250 employees, and nearly10 million dollars in food & beverage sales. It was at this point in his career that Keith discovered his affinity for food media, making appearances as a guest chef on several local programs. Working long hours and dreading the harsh winters, Keith longed for the comfort of the North Carolina country lifestyle. He and his wife welcomed their first child, Olivia, and a few months later, Keith flew to the east coast and purchased a farm in western North Carolina on the spot. In 2003, Keith relocated his family into an 800-square foot apartment in a barn on the property. Keith currently resides in North Carolina with his wife, two daughters and has a new baby son

Chef Alexandra Guarnaschelli - "Alex's Day Off" (Food Network)
Alexandra Guarnaschelli, professional chef, working mom and passionate home cook, invites viewers to share her down-to-earth recipes in Alex’s Day Off premiering Sunday, October 18th at 9:30am ET/PT. Alex shows how cooking her personal and playful style of American, French and Italian fare can be elegant and approachable, with a side of sass. Viewers will enjoy mouth-watering dishes like Mussels on the Grill; Roasted Pork Loin with Brussels Sprouts, Shallots and Garlic; Bibb, Radish and Grape Salad with Bacon Dressing; and Homemade Doughnuts with Cinnamon Sugar and Hot Blueberry Jam. Premieres: Sunday, October 18th at 9:30am ET/PT – SERIES PREMIERE! “Early Morning Breakfast” Alex transforms favorite morning dishes as she prepares Spice-Rubbed Bacon with Fried Eggs and Toast “Soldiers” paired with Cheese Fondue Hashbrowns and Homemade Doughnuts with Cinnamon Sugar and Hot Blueberry Jam. For drinks, Alex’s Muddled Screwdrivers complete the perfect early-morning menu. There are few American chefs, much less female chefs who can boast staying power in Michelin-starred restaurants. Chef Alexandra Guarnaschelli can boast indeed — she embarked on a culinary journey in France and ended up working in some of the country’s top restaurants including esteemed chef Guy Savoy’s eponymous three-star kitchen. Not surprising for the daughter of esteemed cookbook editor Maria Guarnaschelli, who spent her childhood surrounded by food. Guarnaschelli learned to eat according to whatever book her mother was working on at the time: one year was devoted to Indian with Classic Indian Cooking by Julie Sahni; another year was devoted to Italian with The Splendid Table by Lynne Rossetto Kasper.
"My mother was always coaxing me from my ‘Barbie land’ under the dining room table to peel potatoes, knead bread or assemble a trifle,” says Guarnaschelli, who jokingly continues, "what else could a seven-year-old have wanted from life?" This early emphasis on her palate truly shaped her future in food. On the day of Guarnaschelli’s graduation from Barnard College in 1991, she decided to explore her culinary interests and began working under the tutelage of the acclaimed American chef and restaurateur Larry Forgione.

Kenneth Janso - Senior Brand Manager The Manischewitz Company
The Manischewitz Company is a specialty food company that includes the Manischewitz®, Season®, Guiltless Gourmet®, Asian Harvest®, Rokeach®, Mispacha®, Horowitz Margareten®, Jason®, Mother’s®, Carmel®, Croyden House®, Mrs. Adler’s® and Goodman’s® brands. The company offers a diversified line of premium kosher food products that covers over 60 different categories. The Manischewitz Company announces the launch of the 4th Annual Man-O-Manischewitz Cook-Off, a cooking contest designed to encourage home cooks to challenge themselves in preparing a meal that is kosher, simple and delicious and to reach both mainstream and kosher consumers. The contest encourages home chefs to experiment with different ethnic foods and to think of preparing a Kosher inspired meal as part of that experience, in the same way people enjoy preparing Japanese, Italian, Mexican, Chinese and other popular ethnic cuisine. Kosher is on the rise as more people are seeking products that are better and purer. Entrants will compete for a chance to be crowned the “King or Queen of Kosher” and win the $25,000 grand prize package including GE Profile kitchen appliances, cash and more. Five finalists will win an all-expense paid trip to NYC to compete live on March 18th at the Jewish Community Center of Manhattan. Contest Deadline is January 31, 2010. This year the cook-off will feature legendary acclaimed chef, Jacques Pépin as the celebrity guest of honor who will act as MC, head judge and award prizes. Pépin is one of America’s best-known chefs, widelyrecognized as the host of eleven acclaimed public television cooking series and the author and publisher of twenty-six cookbooks. Also to coincide with the Cook-Off, The Manischewitz Company has added a new line of ready-to-serve broths to its extensive portfolio of kosher products, giving you additional items to add to your creative recipe! New Manischewitz Broth contains all natural ingredients and real kosher chicken and beef stock to deliver that homemade taste and is available in Chicken, Reduced Sodium Chicken and Beef. It is a required ingredient in this years cook-off. And this year’s event will benefit Jewish American Heritage Month (JAHM), a national month of recognition of the more than 350-year history of Jewish contributions to American culture. The Manischewitz Company is the official corporate sponsor and will support JAHM from now through May 2010 to drive awareness of events and programs.

Steve Evans "The Movie Guy"
Tips on the best & worst this weekend at the Box Office. Steve reviews and comments on all the latest from Hollywood and gets the story behind the film.A veteran of the industry, "The Movie Guy" says exactly how he feels about the movies that you will be watching this weekend. Mike Horn comments on the lineup of big screen offerings but does not always agree with what Steve has to say. This is the movie review program to listen to every week and get the "real deal".

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Tue Oct 13, 2009

On Today's Show:

Exec Chef John Kuropatwa Spigola Ristorante Hamilton Township , NJ
Pumpkins – which are members of the gourd family, along with watermelon and squash – are an American pastime each fall. In fact, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, 1.1 billion pounds of pumpkins were produced in this country in 2008, at a value around $141 million. While most families plan on getting a pumpkin this season, they are not always sure how to select a good one, or what to do once they have it home. “Pumpkins are a sign that we are heading into the holiday season,” says John Kuropatwa, executive chef of Spigola Ristorante, located in Hamilton Township , New Jersey . “But what is so exciting is that they provide so many opportunities to create great dishes that we don’t have year-round. It’s really a special time of year.” If you are in the market for a pumpkin, this season, keep the following shopping, usage and disposal tips in mind: Selecting. To pick a good pumpkin, opt for one that is mature, feels firm, and has a rich orange color. Avoid ones that have scars and cracks. You can check the firmness by pushing on it with your fingernail. If it is mature, it should not scratch with the pressure. Storing. Once you get the pumpkin home, you can store it for at least a month in a cool, dry place. If you want it to keep longer, you can take the pumpkin flesh out of its skin; it can then be frozen, dried or canned. Using. There are a variety of uses for pumpkins. Many people opt to carve them into jack-o-lanterns. Others may decide to cook with them, which is a good option because they are loaded with antioxidants, beta-carotene, and vitamin A. They also provide fiber, potassium, and calcium. Pumpkins can be baked whole in the oven (set at 325 degrees, cooking time varies by size). Just be sure to poke holes in it first and then, when it’s finished, remove the skin, seeds and membrane. The seeds can be roasted in the oven by tossing with some oil and laying a single layer on a baking sheet for about 12-15 minutes at 250 degrees. Pumpkin can also be used to make pies, pancakes, muffins, soups, and variety of other tasty recipes. A quick online search can net a wide array of pumpkin recipes. If you want to carve your pumpkin but still get some nutritional benefits, either carve it and toast the seeds, or opt to decorate it with non-toxic paint so you can still bake it afterward. Discarding. If you go the route of creating a jack-o-lantern, this season, you may be wondering what to do with it once the festivities have moved on. Composting it makes a great option if you or someone you know has a garden. You can also check into donating it to local animal farms, or see if your city is collecting them for recycling purposes. “No autumn would be complete without the great pumpkin,” adds Kuropatwa. “They are so versatile and fun to work with. Even the kids can get in on selecting and using them. It’s truly a family activity.”

Anne Byrne "The Cake Mix Doctor"
Anne Byrn is a nationally award-winning newspaper and magazine food writer with 20 years of experience. She is the former food editor of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and is also the author of Cooking in the New South and Food Gifts for All Seasons. She hosts a weekly radio show, Food Bites, on WNAH-AM in Nashville, Tennessee, where she lives with her family in the heart of the Cake Belt. The Cake Mix Doctor is in! And the prescription is simple: By doctoring up packaged cake mix with just the right extras--a touch of sweet butter here, cocoa powder there, or poppy seeds, vanilla yogurt, sherry, eggs, and grated lemon zest for the Charleston Poppy Seed Cake--even the least experienced baker can turn out luscious signature desserts, time after time. The proof is in the taste, and the taste never stops--from Toasted Coconut Sour Cream Cake to Devilishly Good Chocolate Cake; from a to-die-for Caramel Cake and a Holiday Yule Log to cheesecakes, coffee cakes, sheet cakes, pound cakes, bars, brownies, and those all-important frostings, here are 175 fast, foolproof recipes that will transform the art of home baking in America. Who could believe these cakes came out of a box? Moist, tender, rich, deep, and complexly flavored, without a hint of artificiality, each cake stand up and delivers. But without any of the fuss of baking from scratch. Anne Byrn, an award-wining food writer and self-described purist, creates recipes that employ a cake mix's strengths---convenience, ease-of-use, dependability, and almost imperviousness to overbeating, underbeating, overbaking, and underbaking. In addition to the recipes are the Cake Mix Doctor's Q&A's, extensive "Doctor Says" tips, lists--15 Beautiful Birthday Cakes, 15 Cakes That Will Cash in at a Bake Sale--and more, all illustrated in a full-color photographic insert.

Kerri - Event Coordinator "The Naughty Kitchen with Chef Blythe Beck"
She has been the Event Coordinator at Central 214 for a year. She has no interest in cooking and doesn’t eat vegetables. Her favorite meal is pot roast, potatoes, mac-n-cheese, and a dinner roll. The cameras will follow Blythe, a 29-year old Texas native who is plus-sized in stature and personality, as she starts her new venture as the new executive chef at Central 214 restaurant inside the Hotel Palomar, a luxury boutique hotel in the heart of Dallas. The saucy, outspoken chef is revamping the menu, taking over the kitchen, and determined to turn every night at Central 214 into a sold-out Saturday night. "The Naughty Kitchen with Chef Blythe Beck” also tracks the lives of the colorful cast of supporting characters and their relationships and drama in and out of Central 214. This unparalleled restaurant staff is made up of Megan, the general manager of Central 214; Eric “Jimmy,” Central 214’s sous chef; Emily, the “door whore;” Curtis the “spatial arrangement coordinator;” Kerri, the event coordinator; Sam, Central 214’s only male cocktail server and Robyn, the queen cocktail server. Blythe also ventures outside of the restaurant, where she can be seen interacting with the Dallas elite, and performing cooking demos at various charity events and chef showcases warning audiences, “I hope you wore your stretchy pants!” During the course of the show, we also catch up with two of Blythe’s closest confidantes: Cruz, Blythe’s hairstylist, and Cory, Blythe’s best friend and chef buddy. As Blythe’s quest for Total World Culinary Domination is documented, viewers see her spread her naughty food philosophy beyond the hotel – sharing her culinary secrets with her celebrity clients, educating audiences about how to sex up their mashed potatoes, and showing a group of privileged Dallas housewives how to rub their meat and touch it in all the naughty spots.

Greg La Follette - Winemaker Tandem Winery
Tandem is a small, artisan winery in Sonoma County that produces small-lot Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs from some of the finest vineyards in the Russian River Valley, Sonoma Coast and other appellations. Tandem was co-founded in 2001 by Greg La Follette. A skilled viticulturist and winegrower as well as noted winemaker, Greg had achieved considerable acclaim throughout his career, crafting wine for high-end wineries in California and abroad. He had long yearned for a small winery of his own where he could freely practice his own unique brand of "on the edge" winemaking, taking the kind of risks he felt were necessary to make truly extraordinary wine. Drawing on decades-old friendships with some of the region’s most respected growers, Greg has built Tandem into a boutique winery known for producing some of California’s most intriguing Chardonnay and elegant Pinot Noir. The name "Tandem" was chosen as a tribute to Greg’s two lifelong passions: cycling and friendship. The name also highlights Greg’s fervent belief that exceptional wines are made in partnership with the land. In 2009 Tandem Winery was purchased by Pete Kight, proprietor of Quivira Vineyards & Winery in Dry Creek Valley and Torbreck Vintners in Australia. Introduced by a mutual friend, the pair quickly discovered a kinship; each man believed in finding the best way to produce a desired outcome, not necessarily the easiest way. Greg’s risky, road-less-traveled approach to winemaking and his deeply-held belief that the land be allowed to speak through his wines mirrored Kight’s own philosophy. Forming a relationship with Greg La Follette and Tandem was in sync with Pete’s desire to form partnerships with world-class, independently minded winemakers who espouse a "vineyard first" approach to winemaking. One of the country’s leading authorities on Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, Greg La Follette has crafted some of California’s most acclaimed wines. While studying ancient Burgundian techniques at Davis, Greg’s passion in winemaking became clear: seek out the best possible winemaking methods and uncover the mysteries of why they worked. As a cellar worker in the student winery at Davis, Greg sought to identify the scientific components of mouth feel. His interest in the Burgundian techniques of aging sur lies and battonage was on the crest of the wave of interest in new production techniques in California. His studies, funded by the Napa Valley Vintners Association, gained the attention of winemaking icons such as Dick Graff, and paved the way for Greg’s future success. Throughout his career, Greg has continued to rely on age-old Burgundian practices not commonly used in this country. Having studied winemaking at UC Davis, Greg gained on-the-job training at Beaulieu Vineyard as research viticulturalist/enologist with wine master André Tchelistcheff. From BV, Greg went to work as a consultant for Kendall-Jackson where he was responsible for discovering and disseminating the best and latest thoughts on vine and wine quality. He was later winemaker and general manager for Flowers, where he launched its successful Pinot Noir program. While his expertise in viticulture is often cited, Greg is perhaps best known for his in-depth work in the area of mouth feel, a subject he has focused on throughout his career through scientific studies and winemaking experiments. Greg’s unparalleled understanding of yeast – specifically, how different yeasts affect the mouth feel and flavors of the finished wine – is a unique aspect of his winemaking talent. It is a subject he has returned to again and again throughout his career through experiments with native/feral yeast and malolactic fermentations. His discoveries have contributed to the greatness of his wine and the value of his role as mentor to many young winemakers. As Greg says, "The language of wine is understanding what makes yeasts tick." A viticulturist and winegrower first and foremost, Greg crafts wines outside of the "safe zone," taking whatever risks he feels necessary to bring forth the truest expression of a vineyard’s voice. It is not an approach to winemaking that seeks out the easiest or most efficient path; rather, it is one that takes risks and has faith that the harder the work the better the outcome. For Greg, winemaking as the ultimate act of faith: a winemaker must listen to the land and trust the grapes to reveal their true character in the finished wine. He frequently uses raising children as a metaphor for his winemaking (something that he is well qualified to speak about given he has six kids!) It is an analogy that appeals to Pete Kight, himself the father of two. As Greg describes it, both parenting and winemaking require one to give up a measure of control and simply have faith in the outcome. For Greg, being a winemaker means forgetting about ego, preconceived notions and imposing oneself upon the winemaking process. The key instead is listening closely to what the vineyard wants to express and trusting that you can help to gently guide that process. Tandem Winery’s vineyard sources are among the finest in the Sonoma Coast and Russian River regions. Tandem’s growers employ sustainable agricultural practices through balanced vine management and work to foster the dialogue between vine and wine. Greg’s ties to the people who expertly farm these vineyards go back years and even decades in some cases. These unique relationships grew out of shared visions and undertakings such as vineyard sites replanted with new clones or vine management practices overhauled. Often, a joint effort between Greg and a grower to realize the full potential of a particular site has resulted in a lasting friendship. Greg first worked with Bazzano’s Lorenzo Vineyard Chardonnay with the 1993 vintage when the forward, lime and pineapple statements of fruit left a lasing impression upon him. A dozen years and a few producers later, the two men were reunited. Tandem’s Lorenzo Chardonnay is a profound expression of terroir that only old-vine Russian River Chardonnay such as Lorenzo Vineyard can bring to the bottle. Greg began sourcing from noted grower Kent Ritchie years before his vineyard became synonymous with the region’s best Chardonnay. Tandem makes both a Chardonnay and a Pinot Noir with fruit from Sangiacomo Vineyard where tiny yields of both varietals have resulted in consistently concentrated fruit year after year. Tandem’s plush, exquisite Van der Kamp Pinot Noir comes from that family’s 1400 foot high vineyard on Sonoma Mountain, a site the Van der Kamps have farmed for over four decades. Tandem is best known for producing small-lot Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs from some of the finest vineyards in the Russian River Valley, Sonoma Coast and other appellations. In his winemaking, Greg experiments with wild fermenting, hand plunging, smaller tanks and unconventional winery equipment, most of it built by hand with pieces from the salvage yard. Each Tandem vineyard designate wine offers different flavor and aroma profiles, but the thread of continuity is the rich, powerful yet elegant texture. "Pushing the envelope" means Greg does not practice safe winemaking techniques—rather he strives to craft exciting wines that are unfiltered and un-fined. Tandem wines may form sediment or may not be brilliantly clear, but they are clearly alive and will evolve over time in both glass and bottle. In addition to vineyard designate Pinot Noir and Chardonnay the winery also produces Peloton, a blend of Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Carignane, Sangiovese and Syrah with a touch of Chardonnay and Gewurztraminer thrown in for good measure. Though his reputation and expertise might suggest otherwise, throughout his career, Greg’s focus has been on collaboration and partnership. At every juncture, he has sought to build a sense of community, with fellow workers, friends, winemakers and growers. Whether in his role as a mentor to young winemakers, advisor to his growers, father to his children or partner to his wife, Greg’s life is an enviable collection of relationships and bonds that extend back through the years. The by-product of those human relationships – wisdom, camaraderie and expertise – pedals Tandem forward and brings a higher purpose to Greg’s life.

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Fri Oct 9, 2009

On Today's Show:

Jewel" - Recording Artist "Lullabye"
Singer-songwriter Jewel has become an unwitting ambassador for yodeling, introducing the art to her audiences in the U.S. and the world-over. Closing many of her concerts with a signature yodel, Jewel first learned the singing style as a youngster in Alaska, admitting it didn’t make her a very popular first-grader. But the response from her audiences to her personal interpretation of the art has made up for the strange looks and laughs she got as a kid. So if you’ve secretly had a hankering to try your hand (or vocal chords) at yodeling, there couldn’t be a better time to pursue your dream. Yahoo!, the web giant widely known for its own famous yodel, is inviting everyone – including your viewers – to participate in a worldwide hunt for the best new twist on Yahoo!’s traditional yodel. And Jewel, arguably the most beautiful superstar yodeler, will show your viewers how to perfect their technique and win this “Global Yodel Idol” title! This is no small deal. Your viewers at home can enter online by using a webcam to mix their yodel with pre-recorded original music tracks by famous musicians at Professional Yahoo! yodel recording studios will also be set up street-side in New York, London and Mumbai on Oct 13. Musicians including Jewel, Pete Wentz, Leann Rimes, Kimberly Caldwell, and others, together with a stellar live backup band, will be on hand to help coach participants as they record their unique yodels. The winner with the most-viewed yodel will be headlined on the world’s biggest stage, the Yahoo! homepage and have the chance to be featured in its new advertising campaign. Jewel will be your personal yodel coach in an interview, where you can discuss the first ever global yodeling extravaganza. She can discuss how would-be yodelers can take on the signature Yahoo! yodel, a longstanding mark of the brand, and make it their own alongside star music artists. The three-time Grammy nominated artist will be available on October 9, 2009. Jewel is an acclaimed singer, songwriter, actress, poet, painter, philanthropist and daughter to an Alaskan cowboy singer-songwriter. From the remote ranch of her Alaskan youth to the triumph of international stardom, the three-time Grammy nominee, hailed by the New York Times as a “songwriter bursting with talents” has enjoyed career longevity rare among her generation of artists. Whether alone with her guitar or fronting a band of ace musicians, Jewel has always been a charismatic live performer. Her singular style and beauty continuously land her on the covers of such diverse magazines as Time, People, Entertainment Weekly, Vanity Fair, In Style, Glamour and Seventeen. Stuff listed her among its '102 Sexiest Women in the World’ while Blender went further, crowning her 'rock’s sexiest poet.‘ Her latest album Lullaby was released in May 2009.

Maureen Gonzaga - US Business Development Mgr - Vroom Vroom Vroom
Here, at, we are like the "Food Court" of car rental and hire. From one easy-to-use website you can pick, choose and compare car rental types and prices. Many of our discounts are not available anywhere else. We focus on car rental, unlike others that use cheap airline tickets or hotel packages to sell expensive car rental deals. By comparing and buying directly with you can avoid any mark ups and middlement, and save those pennies! Airports Across the USA! The car rental suppliers for Vroom Vroom Vroom are available at most domestic and international airports.This is to give you easy access to car rental pick up and return locations. As well as airports, our supplier car rental companies provide a nation-wide network. This enables popularly-demanded "one way" car rentals. Combine country wide locations with airport pick up and or drop off and you have a winning combination for the total rental experience and great prices with our guaranteed price promise. Compare for yourself, and you will see that our suppliers - Alamo, Avis, Thrifty, Budget, Europcar, Hertz and National - really do offer the best value for money deals .country wide and year round. Vroom goes Green! Vroom Vroom Vroom is paying for all of the carbon offsets for all car rentals reserved through For more information, see our green car rental page. Help the environment by renting a car with VroomVroom The average contribution to offset carbon emissions for each car rental is $3.32. (See below for details.) You can continue to be "environmentally responsible" and drive your rental car from Vroom Vroom straight to a "Green Hotel" available in every price range in almost every city. Journalists have been contacting us for information today, so we've put together a Press Kit for them. Pick up Car Rentals in the US from Avis, Alamo , Budget, Enterprise, Hertz, National and Thrifty, at the lowest price possible. We deal with over 2,000 car rental depots throughout the USA all with discounted rates. Boston and Boston Airport Car Rental at the cheapest price possible.

Janet Andreas - French’s Foods
Organize your pantry - keep a good supply of basics on hand for last minute cooking. Items such as canned soup and broth, diced tomatoes, beans, veggies, pasta, rice, spices and herbs can help put together a quick meal at the last minute. Don't forget to stock up on flavorful condiments such as French's mustard, French Fried Onions and Worcestershire Sauce.
While you're shopping - don't forget the freezer. Purchase family packs of boneless chicken breasts and ground beef or turkey, chops and steaks. These are usually on sale. When you get home, divide the meat into 1 lb. portions and package in freezer bags. Thaw meat overnight in the refrigerator or quickly in the microwave. A tasty meal is only moments away.
One day early in the twentieth century, Francis French decided that America needed a better mustard. "I want a new kind of pure, prepared mustard," he told his elder brother George, then President of the R.T. French Company. "There is no condiment like I have in mind on the market, and I'm sure that such a mustard, even if it costs $10 a gallon, would have a ready and wide sale." This was 1904. Teddy Roosevelt had just started working on the Panama Canal. Radio and film were still brand new forms of entertainment. The few automobile owners out there were limited to twenty miles per hour. In fact, the ice cream cone had hardly even been invented yet! If Americans wanted mustard, they had to make it themselves. Needless to say, Francis and George were on to something. Since 1880, their father's brand represented excellence in the spice market. Now the founder's sons were starting fresh and reinventing mustard. As the story goes, French's Cream Salad Mustard debuted at the St. Louis World's Fair, where more than twenty million people—about a quarter of the population at the time—discovered French's natural flavor. And when paired with the hot dog—another American classic that came out of the World's Fair—French's mustard became an instant success! When French's Cream Salad Brand was first introduced at a price of ten cents, each 9 ounce jar came in its own carton with a wooden paddle for serving. Prior to 1921, there was no national advertising and 1921 sales totaled less than $2.5 million. During this early period, French's Cream Salad Brand literally sold itself as sales grew exclusively through word of mouth. By 1926, after a national advertising campaign had been introduced, sales jumped to $5.3 million.
Where did French's go from there?
1926. The French's brothers sell the business for $3.8 million dollars to J & J Colman of the United Kingdom, a major mustard manufacturer.
1938. J & J Colman merge with Reckitt & Sons, a maker of starch and flour founded in 1840, forming Reckitt & Colman.
2000. Reckitt & Colman merge with Benckiser to form Reckitt Benckiser.
Despite all of the changes in corporate names and structures, however, the people behind French's continue to expand the mustard category through an ongoing commitment to innovation and new product development. In 1974, French's introduced the squeeze bottle, and soon after a family of specialty vartieties. Today, the French's brand and pennant remain and French's is still America's Favorite® mustard.

Steve Evans "The Movie Guy"
Tips on the best & worst this weekend at the Box Office. Steve reviews and comments on all the latest from Hollywood and gets the story behind the film.A veteran of the industry, "The Movie Guy" says exactly how he feels about the movies that you will be watching this weekend. Mike Horn comments on the lineup of big screen offerings but does not always agree with what Steve has to say. This is the movie review program to listen to every week and get the "real deal".

Thu Oct 8, 2009

On Today's Show:

Lindsay Gifford - VP Marketing - Gifford's Ice Cream Skowhegan, ME
A passion for ice cream five generations strong - The history of Gifford’s Ice Cream goes back to an earlier century when our dad, Randall Gifford, first learned the art of ice cream making from his father-in-law Chester Main. Both Randall and his wife Audrey, our mom, grew up in the dairy business in Connecticut, steeped in a tradition of super-rich, old-fashioned ice cream––the kind you could only get at the ice cream stand. Naturally, when our parents moved to Maine, to begin operating a small dairy in Skowhegan, they brought their passion for “ice cream stand ice cream” right along with them. In 1980, we began creating small batches of super-rich ice cream, using original family recipes handed down through the generations. At first, ice cream was just a sideline to the family milk-processing business. However, demand grew steadily and soon it became clear that Gifford’s Ice Cream was something special. Made from fresh cream and top-quality ingredients, it had that old-fashioned, super-rich “ice cream stand” flavor––just like it has today. In 1983, we made a full-time commitment to ice cream. With a core of six determined employees, it was "all hands on deck” for the extended Gifford’s family. We started gradually in small towns in rural Maine; soon, the Gifford’s name was known throughout the state and beyond. Everyone pitched in then and they still do today. We opened our first, family-operated Gifford’s ice cream stand in our hometown of Skowhegan, Maine, in 1980. Today, we operate five ice cream stands throughout the great state of Maine that serve over one million cones each summer! Our ice cream is also available at more than 400 independent ice cream stands in Maine, and throughout New England and is even served as far south as Cape May, New Jersey! Through the years we’ve grown and modernized, and in 1983 we began selling Gifford's Ice Cream in retail supermarkets. However we have never lost sight of our passion for ice cream, or our family heritage. Maybe that is why we still produce ice cream that would make Granddad Chester proud. Gifford’s Ice Cream is “ice cream stand good!”

Lola Whalen, former senior food editor for Pillsbury cookbooks and recipe magazines, oversaw all of the food content for Pillsbury’s wide range of cookbooks and topic-driven monthly magazines. She was responsible for the testing of recipes, wrote recipe tips and copy as well as managed and educated the staff on food safety. Lola also managed the Kitchens through the selection of the 100 recipe finalists for four Pillsbury Bake-Off® Contests. In her over 30 years of working in the food industry, she has developed some new food products as well as hundreds of new recipes that appear on and in cookbooks. For years, Lola has judged food exhibits at Minnesota county fairs and the Minnesota State Fair. Just in time for the 60th anniversary of Pillsbury's Bake-Off®-the historic contest's first 1,000 recipes. The year was 1959. People watched Leave It to Beaver on TV and listened to Elvis on the radio. When they baked, they turned to Pillsbury. And everyone wondered who would be the next big winner of the Pillsbury Bake-Off® Contest. Now you can rediscover Pillsbury's secrets for great baking. This authentic reproduction of the beloved 1959 book gives you a nostalgic snapshot of an earlier era-and a mother lode of tips and recipes that have stood the test of time. IOne finalist with a simple recipe idea will become a millionaire at the Bake-Off® Contest in April, 2010. It could be a new twist on a family favorite or a variation of a dish enjoyed at a restaurant. Maybe it’s a recipe inspired by leftovers in the refrigerator or the desire to try a new product. As finalists created their original recipes, they considered not only tas Ite, but appearance, creativity and how the recipe will appeal to families across America. Inside this charming book, you'll find:
An authentic facsimile of the 1959 edition of the Pillsbury Best of the Bake-Off® Collection, featuring 1,000 of the recipes from the first ten years of the Bake-Off® Contest
Classic and much beloved recipes that have delighted American families for 50 years, such as California Casserole, Peanut Blossoms, and Orange Kiss-Me Cake
Detailed baking and cooking tips and techniques, including the importance of proper measuring, a glossary of useful baking terms, and step-by-step instructions and photos that teach how to make yeast bread from scratch
Whimsical illustrations and color and black and white photos throughout
Complete with delightful recipes that generations of home cooks have cherished, this is a must-have cookbook for every fan of the Bake-Off® Contest or for anyone who wants to bake delicious memories for their family. Who knows? You might even get the inspiration you need to develop your own million-dollar recipe!

BOB GREENE, Co-Author of "Make the Connection" with OPRAH, Author of "THE BEST LIFE DIET" for which OPRAH Wrote the Forward, and Regular Contributor to "O MAGAZINE"! The author of seven bestselling books, including “Make the Connection” with Oprah and “The Best Life Diet” as well as such hugely popular books as “Bob Greene’s Total Body Makeover” and “Get with the Program,” and regular contributor to “O Magazine,” the nation’s most revered fitness expert Bob Greene is involved with a new tailored exercise program to help patients with osteoarthritis (OA) manage and overcome pain and stay active as part of The MOVE Campaign~a national initiative which Bob is spearheading to help the 27 million Americans who suffer from OA. Some of you may already know me from the books I've written. My first book, published in 1996 and co-authored with Oprah Winfrey, was Make the Connection: Ten Steps To A Better Body — And A Better Life. It is about how to live a healthier life, and also about how I met Oprah and began working with her in her lifelong battle against weight.Oprah and I were thrilled when the book became #1 on The New York Times Best Sellers list, and we went on to write another, A Journal of Daily Renewal: The Companion to Make the Connection. More recently, you may have seen my articles in O Magazine-I'm a regular contributor-- and hopefully you've seen and read my other books, among them Keep the Connection: Choices for a Better Body and a Healthier Life; Get With the Program!; and Get With the Program!: Guide to Good Eating. To my delight, both Get With the Program! books have been The New York Times and best sellers. Anyone whose books have been popular would be overjoyed, but I am particularly happy about their successes because it means my message is getting out. It's my goal to help as many people as possible commit to a healthier—and happier—lifestyle. I don't want to say I'm a fanatic on the subject, but I do truly believe that exercising and eating healthfully can change your life for the better. I want you to know that making health-conscious choices can ultimately make you look and feel absolutely wonderful.

Joan Wrede - Event Coordinator American Wine & Food Festival
The 27th American Wine & Food FestivalSupporting Meals On Wheels Programs of Los AngelesWelcome to the 2009 edition of one of America’s premier culinary events. Once again, many of the world's top chefs and wine and spirit purveyors will gather on the beautifully lighted back lot of Universal Studios, Los Angeles, to raise a celebratory glass in support of the Meals On Wheels programs of Los Angeles.On the evening of October 3, 2009, a pantheon of food and beverage stars will exercise their considerable talents for the enjoyment of over 2,700 food and wine enthusiasts. The opportunity to sample exceptional dishes prepared by an internationally acclaimed group of chefs will be accompanied by live music, dancing, and a silent auction. Since its inception in 1982, this Puck-Lazaroff Charitable Foundation event has raised more than $15 million for Meals On Wheels programs of Los Angeles , which serve thousands of meals each day to Los Angeles’ homebound, senior and disabled citizens. Staged against the backdrop of movie sets, the signature Saturday night event returns, once again, to Universal Studios Backlot. As dusk falls, a spectacularly lit movie set provides the stage for a culinary scene like none other: An unrivaled epicurean feast prepared by world-renowned chefs, superb libations including fine wines and smooth spirits, and a silent auction filled with luxury items - all set to swinging sounds of live bands. Cap the night off in “The Lounge” – an after-hours retreat featuring sparkling wines from the Loire Valley Region of France and whimsical desserts by Pastry Chefs Francois Payard and Spago's Sherry Yard. Kick back in cozy niches under the stars or dance the night away to live bands.

Lorenzo & Shayne Lamas "Leave it To Lamas"
Part of a family only Hollywood could create, SHAYNE LAMAS is no stranger to the spotlight and feels right at home on the red carpet. The daughter of famed “Renegade” and “Falcon Crest” actor LORENZO LAMAS and granddaugher of Hollywood icon Arlene Dahl, Shayne recently appeared on ABC’s “The Bachelor: London Calling” where she won the heart and marriage proposal of British bachelor Matt Grant. (She got her first break with a multi-episode arc on “General Hospital” and has since appeared in a variety of films and television shows including “Fanboys,” “Endless Bummer,” and “Deep in the Valley.”) Shayne will now be the focus of a new unscripted reality series, “LEAVE IT TO LAMAS” which will follow the antics of the gorgeous and fun-loving up-and-coming starlet as she works, plays and navigates life in Los Angeles with her close-knit blended family by her side. Shayne’s famous father Lorenzo Lamas is often the voice of reason in the Lamas family which also includes meddling mother Michele Smith, and trouble-causing siblings A. J. and Dakota. Son of the famed Hollywood icons Fernando lamas and Arlene Dahl, Lorenzo won the role of “Tom” in the blockbuster musical “Grease” at the age of 19 and got his lucky break when he was cast in the popular night-time soap opera “Falcon Crest.” After that series ended, Lorenzo helped develop the action series “Renegade” and has recently taken to the road and headlined the musicals “Dracula,” “The Fantastiks” and “The King and I” to rave reviews. "This is a perfect family for reality TV," said the show's producer, Mike Fleiss ("The Bachelor," "High School Reunion"). "They are fun, funny and damn are they good looking!" Shayne with dad Lorenzo, and accompanied by her crazy, blended family welcomes viewers into her hectic world on “Leave it to Lamas” premiering Sunday, October 11, 2009 at 10:30PM ET/PT on E! Entertainment TV.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wed Oct 7, 2009

On Today's Show:

Master Chef Michael Chiarello
IF YOU CAN’T AFFORD THE RESTURANT, BRING THE RESTURANT HOMEWith Money tight, eating out is tough. Michael Chiarello shows how to bring the resturant experience home. From a good wine choice to fresh ingredients, you don’t have to spend a lot to eat well every night of the week! Owner of Chiarello Family Vineyards, Michael Chiarello knows how to make a great product. He also knows that an authentic Italian meal requires more than simply putting pasta on a plate, so just in time for National Pasta Month, Michael is here to show your viewers how they recreate a fine Italian dining experience in their homes, for less.. To Michael it’s not about how many dollars you spend, but rather how you can get the most value for your money. Michael Chiarello has twice been named Chef of the Year in America . He currently has 5 cookbooks on the shelves with 2 more due out in the near future. Michael was also a contestant on Bravo’s Top Chef Master’s series. Michael Chiarello is an award‐winning chef, Emmy‐winning Food Network host, tastemaker behind the NapaStyle retail company, highly rated vintner, and noted cookbook author. Throughout his career, Michael has combined his Southern Italian roots with Napa Valley living to pioneer culinary and lifestyle trends. Michael’s ongoing endeavors inspire friends and family to gather around the table and create meaningful traditions in their own lives. Michael incorporates his personal passion for seasonal, sustainable living, into all that he does. From the growers that he supports as chef and owner of Bottega Napa Valley and his product designs for NapaStyle, to his earth‐friendly farming practices for his vineyards and the storylines for his Emmy‐winning Food Network show, Michael shares his unique perspective on what comprises good food and healthy living in an old‐world lifestyle. Michael Will Talk About: • Finding ways to stretch your food dollar without compromising quality;• Simple meals yo!u can make from scratch at home;• What to do when you don’t have time to cook from scratch every night, and more.

Lora Van Velsor - Vice President Marketing - Duncan-Hines
Duncan Hines®, an iconic brand that has been helping families create life’s most delicious moments for over 50 years, is launching a variety of new products this month reinforcing its commitment to bring “so much more” to the home baking experience. The new 100% Whole Grain Muffins, Moist Deluxe® Confetti Cupcakes and Duncan Hines Snack Line featuring cupcakes, one brownie, and one cookie mix will hit shelves nationwide in April ’09. “We’re passionate about baking and committed to product innovation,” said Lora Van Velsor, Vice President of Marketing for Duncan Hines. “We are confident these new products will excite consumers and bring their baking experience to a whole new level.” Duncan Hines will introduce two new 100% Whole Grain Muffin flavors and has upgraded existing muffin flavors to 100% Whole Grain. The 100% Whole Grain Muffin lineup continues to deliver an unbelievably moist and delicious taste, contains no Trans Fat per serving and is a good source of fiber. The line includes two new flavors Triple Chocolate Chunk and Apple Cinnamon and upgraded household favorites Blueberry Streusel, Wild Maine Blueberry, Chocolate Chip and Cinnamon. New 100% Whole Grain Muffins are available nationwide for a suggested retail price of $2.79-$3.49. Appealing to kids and kids at heart everywhere, Duncan Hines will debut Moist Deluxe Confetti Cupcakes. The new Confetti Cupcakes provide a great opportunity for families to spend quality time in the kitchen creating moments that are “so much more.” Cupcakes are the perfect treat for a variety of occasions including birthday parties, bridal and baby showers, anniversaries, and bake sales. The new Confetti Cupcakes are available for a suggested retail price of $1.79. The new Duncan Hines Snack Line is the perfect solution for the everyday snacking occasion! The new Snack Line delivers the opportunity to sink your teeth into the right portion of a Duncan Hines treat, without baking an entire cake. The new Snack Line features cupcakes Classic Yellow , Devil’s Food, & Confetti along with a Chewy Fudge Brownie, and a Chocolate Chip Cookie. The Snack Line carries a suggested retail price of $1.00.

Celebrity Chef Kathleen Daelemans'
Cooking with Maple SyrupNamed one of the country's "top Ten Rising Star Chefs" by John Mariani, chef Kathleen Daelemans' recipes have been showcased in respected food and wine journals including Bon Appetit, Wine Spectator, Gourmet, Food & Wine, and Eating Well. Not only has Daelemans received praised from the culinary community, but her work is regularly featured in fashion and fitness magazines such as Elle, Shape, Self, Harper's Bazaar, L.A. Style, Fitness, Esquire and House Beautiful. Richard Sax, Roy Yamaguchi and others have showcased Daelemans' recipes in books featuring West Coast, Pacific Rim and American Regional cooking. When it comes to healthy cooking and eating, Daelemans is "her own best advertisement," having lost 75 pounds when creating a new regional cuisine for one of the world's most luxurious five-star resort and spas, The Grand Wailea, in Maui, Hawaii. While at Café Kula, her restaurant at the resort, Daelemans cooked for and gave private cooking lessons to celebrity guests including Sharon Stone, Kathy Smith, Suzanne Sommers and Paula Abdul. When most people think of maple syrup, they imagine it drizzled on pancakes or waffles on a Sunday morning. But there’s a lot more to this all-natural sweetener than meets the eye. 5 Things You May Not Know About Maple Syrup: 1. Maple syrup can be used as a healthier alternative to sugar - 2. Maple syrup contains fewer calories than corn syrup and honey. 3. Maple syrup can add depth and complexity to cooking, as an ingredient in glazes, rubs or barbeque sauces for poultry, meat, seafood or vegetables. Visit 4. Canada produces 80% of the maple syrup sold in the world.- 91% of Canadian maple syrup is produced in the province of Quebec . 5. Maple syrup contains antioxidants, which can delay or prevent free radical induced diseases, such as diabetes and cancer. - A portion of ¼ cup of maple syrup contains as much antioxidant activity as one serving of raw tomato or broccoli.
Now that it’s back to school season, I know moms and dads are worried about their kids getting a healthy start to have all the energy they need to stay alert and focused at school. In fact, one-third of kids in America are either skipping breakfast entirely or are starting their days with empty calories laden with artificial flavors and preservatives. Fast food might be convenient, but it can also be pretty expensive, not to mention loaded with excessive calories, fat and sugar. And store-bought options are often filled with sugar, corn syrup and additives, so here are some simple and easy recipes that anyone can make at home that provide a more healthful and natural alternative. Parents are juggling a million things in the morning, trying to get out the door on time, but still want to make sure the kids are fed a wholesome and nutritious breakfast that will get them through the school day. My first recipe is a granola parfait layered with yogurt, crunchy granola, blueberries and topped with a drizzle of pure Canadian maple syrup. It’s quick and easy, and the kids can eat this at home, or you can just make it in to-go containers for the ride to school. If you want to make something a little more substantial to get your kids through the day, you could also try my Oatmeal P.B. and Banana Pancakes. What people might not realize is the “real thing” comes mostly from Canadian maple trees, and contains only pure maple syrup, a natural product from the earth with no additives, preservatives…unlike pancake syrups that contain mostly high-fructose corn syrup. So, check the bottle to make sure you and your kids are getting the real thing. It tastes much better and is actually better for you than the alternatives. If you want to give your kids a touch of sweetness that is healthy and delicious, this is a great blueberry milkshake recipe for you to try. Studies have shown that kids who eat breakfast have less school absences, can improve math, reading, and test scores, and are less likely to be overweight. One study showed that eating breakfast food high in fiber and low in sugar helped students sustain the cognitive effects of breakfast. So, a good breakfast really is so important for everyone, but especially kids. These recipes are easy and affordable, homemade alternatives to give kids a good start or a great option as an after-school snack. Even better, it’ll help parents save money making kids breakfasts and snacks at home, and the recipes are so delicious, so your kids will thank you for it.

Jim Fiolek Exec Director - Santa Barbara County Vintner's Association
Celebration Of Harvest - The annual Celebration of Harvest is held in October each year, when we're in the thick of the winegrape harvest and winery staff take a needed break to showcase their latest wines, many newly bottled! This year's Celebration of Harvest will be held on October 1oth from 1 to 4pm, and once again on the beautiful grounds of Rancho Sisquoc Winery in the Santa Maria Valley. Online sales of tickets and Vintner's Visas will stop at midnight Friday, October 9th. After that, tickets and Vintner's Visas may be purchased at Wine Country, 2445 Alamo Pintado Avenue, Los Olivos and at the Green & White canopy outside the Celebration of Harvest at Rancho Sisquoc. If you purchased a ticket or a Vintners' Visa on this website after October 2nd, please pick them up at Wine Country, 2445 Alamo Pintado Avenue, Los Olivos or at the Green & White canopy outside the Celebration of Harvest at Rancho Sisquoc. Local restaurants, caterers and food suppliers will showcase their talents and produce by providing delicious samples. Live music from several bands will keep our toes tapping. An important part of the Celebration of Harvest is the Silent Auction - your chance to own some very special bottles of wine. And as it’s always a great idea to include a designated driver in your party, we will also offer a special designated driver ticket. DD’s enjoy the event, complete with all the food, the entertainment, non-alcoholic beverages and our sincere thanks for keeping our roads safe. Or, a lot of folks will leave the driving to us and take the bus! Festival buses will bring visitors directly to the Festival grounds, and return them to the pickup location at the end of the day. The Vintners’ Visa is a four-day pass to 12 participating wineries, each of whom will pull out all the stops just for Vintners’ Visa holders. The Vintners' Visa can be used at participating wineries from Friday through Monday, so make it a long weekend! In addition to the Celebration itself, and the special treats offered through the Vintners’ Visa, many member wineries will host special events - from winemaker dinners to Open Houses to tours and tastings at wineries not generally open to the public, there'll be a full slate of events during the long weekend.

Nancy Siler Host PBS Series “Bake, Decorate, Celebrate!”
Americans are busier and more time-starved than ever. In spite of this, our passion for creating beautiful and delicious cakes, cupcakes, cookies and confections has never been stronger. Recent data shows that baking and decorating popularity is on the rise, with 94% of people baking at least once a month, and 76% decorating their baked goods. With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s never too early to start thinking about how to decorate your family’s favorite holiday treats. According to a recent survey, 60%of Americans say holiday baking is more enjoyable than holiday shopping. In fact, 86% of respondents said they bake year-round, and more than half involve their kids when decorating. This year, Wilton Food Crafts, an industry leader in cake decorating, quality bakeware and food crafting, is celebrating the 80th Anniversary of the founding of the Wilton School, where thousands of students from 90 countries have learned the art of classic cake decorating. Wilton classes are taught by some of the most experienced cake decorators in the world, while class participants represent all walks of life from doctors and lawyers to school teachers and culinary students. Coinciding with National Bake and Decorate Month, Wilton will also celebrate surpassing 4,000,000 students since classes were first launched in retail stores in 1975. Through the end of October, Wilton is sponsoring an online sweepstakes with a Grand Prize of an all-expense paid tuition/room and board package to attend the two week Master Course at The Wilton School of Cake Decorating and Confectionery Art in Darien, Illinois. Nancy Siler, host of the popular PBS series “Bake, Decorate, Celebrate!” Nancy has been baking and decorating for over 25 years and brings a wealth of experience to the world's most popular decorating courses. As Vice President of Consumer Affairs and Public Relations for Wilton Industries, Inc., she helps make decorating easy and exciting for consumers. In her hundreds of decorating demonstrations for programs on CBS, NBC, WGN, PBS, Discovery Channel and QVC Networks, Nancy has shown that everyone has the ability to serve something spectacular.
Possible questions for Nancy Siler:
• What are some of the popular baking trends for this holiday season?
• What are some of the easiest ways to decorate holiday cookies?
• Do you have any decorating tips that people might not know about?
• How early should you start planning your holiday baking?
• Can you tell me more about the 4,000,000th Student Sweepstakes?
• Where can we find more information