Monday, March 15, 2010

3/15 - Bushmills Distiller, Nutrition Specialist, Playboy Mansion, El Al Airlines

Monday March 15, 2010
"What's Cookin' Today" with Mike & Paul

Colum Egan - Bushmills Irish Whiskey Master Distiller
With St. Patrick’s Day upon us, it is time to put down the green beer and drink what real men and women in Ireland drink – Irish Whiskey. And while many people know about it, few actually know what happens at one of the three remaining whiskey distilleries left in Ireland. In addition to talking about how whiskey is made, Bushmill's Irish Whiskey Master Distiller, Colum Egan, can also share his stories about funny experiences between him and the others who work there. Whether it’s watching one of his guys fall into a barrel or practical jokes they play on each other, it’s easy to see how they always make time for a good laugh.  For the first time ever, Colum can also provide more information on how you can win a 30-day apprenticeship to see if you can “Make it at Bushmills.” Winners will get to experience everything the distillery and local area has to offer.

Dr. Melina Jampolis - Nutrition Specialist
A tough economy has created a health hazard of its own. Although parents want to incorporate healthier food, drinks, and practices into their families’ diets, the drastic effect of the downturned economy has made the average American family strapped for cash, having to slash their budgets for basic necessities to levels not experienced in decades and affecting the way they care for their families’ health. Nationally-renowned physician nutrition specialist Dr. Melina Jampolis will explain to your listeners that they do not need to sacrifice their family’s health to make ends meet; and she will share all of the nutritious, healthy foods and drinks that are accessible on a limited budget, emphasizing the importance of healthy eating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle even in a bad economy. In addition, Dr. Melina will reveal to your listeners:
* resources that your listeners can explore to learn much more about cost-effective and healthy meals for their families
* exercise activities that can be done at no cost at home or in your listeners’ daily lives
* how your listeners can nominate a member of your community who is a public health champion (such as a gym teacher, school nurse, dietician, etc.) for a chance to win a $25,000 grant to continue their pursuit of providing local health and wellness programs

William Blaxton Carter - Executive Chef  Playboy Mansion
The "Rock n Roll"chef returns with info on happenings at Playboy Mansion West, exciting events, the infamous "Grotto" and much more. The Playboy Mansion (also known as the Playboy Mansion West out of deference to the original Playboy Mansion that was located in Chicago at 1340 N. State Parkway: Chicago, Illinois, 60610-6103), is in the Holmby Hills area of Los Angeles, California and is the home of Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner. The mansion became famous during the 1970s through media reports of Hefner's lavish parties.

Offer Gat - CEO EL AL Airlines North & Central America
Offer is available to discuss anything and everything as it relates to the airline and travel industry, such as financial issues, recent and expected sales, the airline industry in light of the economy, as well as upcoming changes to the travel industry on both the business and consumer side.
• Has the aviation industry “bottomed” out or are we still on the decline?
• How have oil prices affected EL AL, Israel’s National Airline?
• How has economic downturn and rising unemployment affected EL AL? How has EL AL differed from other airlines during tough economic times?
• What are the expectations for a recovery in the upcoming year?
• Has travel to Israel been up or down? Business or pleasure?