Tuesday, June 7, 2011

6/8 WordsbyMom.com, Ally Walker, Larry Lipson, Napa Valley Wine Auction, Outdoor Projects

What's Cookin' Today Hour ONE:

We're Talking With Heather Feldstein From WordsbyMom.com!

It’s a safe bet that these days, people are busier than ever. In many households mom and dad are both working, one or the other is preparing meals, helping with homework, attending the kids’ soccer games and chauffeuring the kids to activities and playtime with their friends.

Finding time to get to a library or browse a bookstore for that perfect book for ourselves is challenging enough, let alone for our children. And if the kids do happen to follow along, moms and dads are too busy keeping an eye on them to really focus on the throngs of books that would be perfect reading for their kids.

Enter mom, "book expert” and WordsByMom.com founder Heather Feldstein. Heather created WordsByMom.com to familiarize people with and showcase some modern children’s books that they may not have been aware of previously. While Heather encourages parents and kids to continue their reading of well known, popular picture books, WordsbyMom.com also introduces people to some lesser known or sometimes overlooked literary masterpieces, those that may not jump off the bookshelf.

Ally Walker Stops by and Tells Us About Her New Project with Lifetime TV!

e’s Been a Soap Star and a Sociopathic Government Agent. Now She’s Taking a Turn as a Homicide Detective Balancing the Mean Streets with Being a Single Mom.

She Made Her Mark with TV Audiences Starring in the Emmy-Winning Daytime Series, Santa Barbara. She Turned Down Testing for a Role on “Friends” but Most Recently Thrilled Audiences as Sociopath ATF Agent June Stahl on Sons of Anarchy.

Ally Walker is Returning to Television as a Single Mom and Homicide Detective in Lifetime’s New Series The Protector.

Ally Walker graduated with a science degree and was working in the field of genetic engineering until her life changed one day when a producer discovered her in a Los Angeles restaurant, and as they say, the rest is history!

She has starred in movies such as While You Were Sleeping, and even directed the documentary For Norman...Wherever You Are, chronicling her own experience through the Los Angeles Foster Care System, a journey that she was inspired to take after helping a mother and her one-year-old boy get off the streets. Yet it’s her work on TV that has made her an internationally renowned actress.

Walker is returning to television this summer in Lifetime’s The Protector.” She stars as LAPD Homicide Detective Gloria Sheppard, a single mom whose personal life is made more complicated by the live-in help of her troubled younger brother.

What's Cookin' Today Hour TWO:

Traveling Time! The Great Larry Lipson Tells Us About His Latest Finds!

Reporting from Costa Rica, CRN's international wine correspondent Larry Lipson will tell us about his latest Wine Finds!

Larry always has something cooking up at the Lipson Institute of Advanced Wine Studies! Larry forages all of Costa Rica for the absolute best wines. No region is spared from his intense search. No mountain or range or valley is safe from his reach. He leaves no grape unturned, this man of passion. Wine is his life. His love for wine is only paralleled with his love for his lovely parter in wine, Lillian Lipson.

Be fully prepared for this master of vino as he shares his food and wine pairing techniques and experiences with you on this great day in America - and the world.

Napa Valley Vintners Communications Director, Terry Hall, Gives Us the Wrap-Up on the Napa Valley Wine Auction!

Where wine lover and winemaker met at the source of America's legendary wines to partake in and celebrate the best Napa Valley has to offer.

Four glorious days of incredible wine and food. Insider's access to the cool cellars and warm hospitality of renowned Napa Valley vintners. Your choice of dozens of parties, ranging from blue-jeans casual to wear-your-finest formal, each hosted by the people behind some of the world's most recognized wines.

More than 250 auction lots, yours for the bidding - from a single case of wine to trips offering experiences not available anywhere else. Return home with memories to last a lifetime and perhaps bragging rights to some amazing wines.Proceeds from this weekend support health, youth and affordable housing non-profit programs: to date, Auction Napa Valley has given $97 million to dozens of these organizations.

HGTV Star Brad Staggs Talks to Us About Outdoor Projects for June, the Great Outdoors Month!

June was declared as Great Outdoors Month by President George W. Bush eight years ago as a way to “celebrate our commitment to appreciating and protecting our natural wealth”. In keeping with that spirit, last year President Barak Obama launched the Great Outdoors Initiative. His remarks at this year’s launch at the White House said it best, “At times like these, we have to ask ourselves: What can we do to break free from the routine and reconn
ect with the world around us? What can we do to get our kids off the couch and out the door?”

While this national initiative focuses on parks, waterways and public open spaces, every single homeowner has the opportunity to celebrate and appreciate the natural wealth found in his or her own backyard. It may not be an 82 acre national park like the White House’s backyard, but any backyard can be a private park that celebrates the natural delights of its locale. Simple projects can get you, and your kids off the couch and in to the open space that’s as much a part of each home as the living room - not to mention getting to know wood, tools and building things as well as texting, gaming and Tweeting.

Home improvement expert and outdoor enthusiast Brad Staggs highlights a project (or two) to ring in Get Outdoors Day on June 11th and bask in the wealth that is outdoor America. He introduces the free plans and podcasts available onRealoutdoorliving.com to build cool make-you-wanna-be-outside stuff like gazebos and swing beds, as well as useful stuff like birdfeeders and garden hose benches.

About Brad Staggs: Brad is a seasoned spokesperson for Satellite Media Tours. He is a licensed contractor and a recognizable personality in the Home Improvement Television world. His first book, Spend-a-Little, Save-a-Lot Home Improvements is scheduled to be released in July. While home improvement is Brad’s main game, his hobby of magic serves him well as he conjures up expert advice on home repair and remodeling for a number of DIY and HGTV programs. Staggs’ expertise, (complemented by a healthy dose of humor and enthusiasm) stems from years of hands-on experience in the field and in front of the camera.

Staggs is no stranger to broadcasting either. His credentials include hosting and producing country music programs as well as travel, cooking and game shows (and an acting stint on NBC’s daytime soap Days of Our Lives). When HGTV launched in 1994, Staggs quickly became the home-maintenance expert on Today at Home, a position he held for many years. Staggs gained popularity as the co-host for Talk 2 DIY Home Improvement, Be Your Own Contractor, Complete Fix-It and other series on the DIY Network. He is currently a regular face on HGTVPro.com and HGTVPro.com Weekly.

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