Thursday, June 16, 2011

6/16 Learn About Wine, Pillsbury Pies, Summer Fitness, Kate MacMurray, Il Tiramisu

What's Cookin' Today Hour ONE:

Ian Blackburn Helps Us to "Learn About Wine!"

Master of Wine Student and innovative wine industry spokesperson, Ian Blackburn drinks wine for a living. Since it was established in 1995, Ian Blackburn has worked on buildingLearn About Wine into the leading source for wine education and events in Southern California. LearnAboutWine was the first business of its kind: a wine education and event website dedicated to the education, service, and enjoyment of wine.

Today LearnAboutWine has developed into Southern California’s premier company for wine education and events. Ian continues to innovate and focus on demystifying wine for everyone from the casual drinker to the potential collector. LearnAboutWine events include the wildly successful, monthly “TASTE” Series, a large-scale wine social; “PALATE BUILDER” Sensory evaluation class, VINTAGE – High end collectables tastings and LAW SCHOOL – the four week credential program that concludes with the BAR exam (Beverage Aptitude Review). Over 30,000 students in Southern California have participated in LearnAboutWine’s core class “Wine Camp,” an introduction into wine, and it is considered one of the top introduction courses in the region.

Ian’s passion for wine and entertaining makes him one of the top spokespersons in the United States; he was trained as an educational Ambassador for the Napa Valley Vintners and the Region of Champagne, France. Ian’s expertise and entertaining ways can be heard regularly on Los Angeles radio airwaves likeKCRW, KLOS, KROQ, INDIE 103.1, 98.7 and Ian even appeared as an expert on ABC’s “The Bachelor.” Creating wine lifestyle events in order to get more people involved in the enjoyment and appreciation of wine is Ian’s forte. Commissioned by Wiley Publications to write The Pleasure of Wine in 2004, Ian is currently studying for his Masters of Wine and working on his second book at his home office in Downtown Los Angeles.

Julie Hindrick's from Pillsbury Kitchens Tells Us About the Hot Dessert Trend - Pies!

Bakery shelves, restaurant menus and even red carpet event dinner plates are exploding with imaginative new flavors and styles of the latest food trend: pies. With pies popping up all around town—there are even restaurants devot
ed just to pie and pie delivery options by bicycle—Pillsbury says, “Pie is the new cupcake!”

The food specialists at Pillsbury have been monitoring the conversation surrounding the rise in popularity of pies. According to recent data from The NPD Group, overall pie consumption in the United States is up 16.5 percent from 2002. As a leading source of ideas in the food space with a highly-ranked Web site, Pillsbury shares that consumers are looking to serve pie in a variety of fresh ways – from classic favorites to the uniquely new. Similar to the current trend of remaking classic movies and cars, Pillsbury is bringing back the nostalgia of pies from the past to add fun recipe twists that will take pies from holiday tables to every day meal occasions.

To celebrate “The Year of the Pie,” Pillsbury’s Kitchens have developed Top 10 Pies to Try, more than 20 new recipes—many with just five ingredients—that can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. From new ideas incorporating the latest takes on pie to favorites from past, these recipes will please pie lovers no matter the occasion. Visit to view all the recipes.

What's Cookin' Today Hour TWO:

When it comes to health and fitness, Renowned Fitness Instructor Joshua Margolis is creative, fun and has some revolutionary fitness techniques

Summer is here and we’re be trading in our rain umbrellas for beach umbrellas, barbeques and fun in the sun. But for all the pleasure summer conjures up, it can also be a time of anxiety – especially for new and expectant mothers who are trying to shed those unwanted pregnancy pounds.

Thanks to internationally renowned New York City fitness coach Joshua Margolis of Mind Over Matter Health and Fitness, help is on the way. Every Tuesday, Margolis’ Mind Over Stroller Boot Camp classes, held in Battery Park, will show new and expectant moms how to build muscle, burn fat and firm up - all while spending time with their babies.
Among other things, Margolis’s Battery Park Stroller Boot Camp includes cardio, strength training and stretching. Regardless of your pre-existing physical condition, you’ll be able to jog, race, walk and participate in these custom-designed resistance exercises – especially abdominal work that promotes optimal health and incorporates your child and their stroller.

Kate MacMurray Talks To Us About MacMurray Ranch and Healdsburg Animal Shelter!

For Kate MacMurray, the hillside vineyards and tree-lined meadows of the historic MacMurray Ranch are home. "This a timeless place," says Kate. "You can feel the rich history here, and you can taste it in our wines." Kate was just six weeks old when her parents, famed Hollywood actors Fred MacMurray and June Haver, brought her to the incredible ranch that had been in the MacMurray family since 1941. She grew up here, riding horses and playing amid the oak trees. Following a Hollywood career in acting, screenwriting and film production, Kate returned to the Russian River Valley, where she now lives in a cabin built by her father. As an integral part of MacMurray Ranch wines, Kate has a deep appreciation for viticulture and winemaking.

Kate’s active role in the Russian River Valley includes her support of the local equestrian community, the Healdsburg Museum, Historical Society and the local Healdsburg Animal shelter, as well as hosting nationally renowned events such as Taste of Sonoma at MacMurray Ranch and the Sonoma Wine Country Weekend.

We're Visiting with Celebrity Favorite Il Tiramisu with Restaurateur, Peter Kastelan!
Ivo & Peter bring over 30 years of Italian restaurant experience to Il Tiramis├╣, having owned and operated numerous successful restaurants here in the San Fernando Valley and on the Westside.
They have been featured in Los Angeles Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, The Daily News, Talk, and numerous other publications.
For more info on this restaurant, go to!

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