Thursday, April 28, 2011

4/29 Heirloom LA, Judi Beecher, Chef Fabio, A Trip to Citywalk's Karl Strauss, Movie Guy Steve

What's Cookin' Today Hour ONE:

Chef Matthew Poley Tells Us About Their World Famous Lasagna Cupcakes!

Heirloom LA is a Los Angeles based catering company that loves all things food and food related. Event manager, Tal, got his start at the illustrious Orso in New York where he moved from bartender to manager. Moving west he worked in event coordinating for Akasha, Kitchen for Exploring Foods and Joan's on Third.

After finishing culinary school, Matt worked for Gino Angellini who eventually sent him off to Italy to intern at a three star restaurant in Civitella del Lago outside of Orvieto. Centrally based on a small farm and completely self-contained, it is here where he learned the value of "farm to plate” in which all the pigs and chickens and rabbits ate vegetable scraps from the kitchen and then were left free to roam the property where they were eventually butchered and fabricated making use of the entire animal.

Matt carries on this tradition at Heirloom-LA as he painstakingly seeks out small farms that respectfully and humanely raise their livestock so that you can taste the quality that is not offered in commercial meats raised and processed to maximize profit rather than flavor and integrity. Conversely Tara was a strict vegetarian for ten years. She continues to explore creative protein alternatives that do not include processed substitutions but focus rather on whole grains, nuts, and legumes which she incorporates into desserts when requested. Working at Cake Monkey Bakery, Tara learned how to perfect classic recipes.

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Actress Judi Beecher Tells Us About Her Short Film, "Only in Paris!"

Actress Judi Beecher always loved Paris so it didn't take long for the New York-based actress to make the City of Lights the backdrop of her new short film, "Only in Paris," set to be screened on Friday, April 29 at the New York International Independent Film Festival.

Always wanting to shoot in Paris, Judi put together a film that shows a young woman who catches her fiancée cheating on her, then embarks on a quest to find out whether she is still sexy by going after the hottest man in Paris.

The film is delightful romantic comedy that tugs at the heart and tickles your insides as we follow a young woman's quest for answers. "The main character, Samantha is very quirky, funny, but very driven and we see how far she'll go to prove she's sexy with very interesting results," Beecher said.

ABOUT JUDI BEECHER Judi is known for a variety of roles on film and television, such as prime time's "Law & Order," "Jag," "The Shield," and many others, including daytime dramas such as "The Bold and the Beautiful," and "As the World Turns." She has also been featured most recently as the voice and persona of Det. Madison Paige, in last year's smash hit video game "Heavy Rain." Her film credits include the 2004 remake of "The Stepford Wives," "Four Weeks, Four Hours," and others.

What's Cookin' Today Hour TWO:

Were Visiting with the One and Only Fabulous Chef Fabio!

Italian chef Fabio Viviani was born on October 10, 1978 in Florence. After the need to help out the family and get a job presented itself at the young age of 12 Fabio applied to work in a bakery where first he was told he was too young and then later invited to work nights so that no one would 1992 at age 14 Fabio began working at the very busy Il Pallaio, a casual Trattoria in Firenze, Italy with stellar, Italian comfort food and a 120 seat cover.

An average night in the restaurant proved to be total mayhem as 700 to 800 guests came through each night. Fabio thrived in this high pressure environment and managed to become sous chef by age 16.Between training in Italian and Mediterranean cuisine at IPSSAR Saffi, working with culinary luminaries such as Simone Mugnaini, Alessandro Panzani and Saverio Carmagini, and managing and/or owning serveral restaurants and nightclubs in Italy Fabio found himself a young, well-respected business man in Italy but he was ready for a change.

Fabio moved to Ventura County, California at the age of 27 and now works as the owner and executive chef of Cafe Firenze, a renowned Italian restaurant in Ventura Country and Osteria Firenze, a popular Los Angeles Italian eatery. Aside from working in his restaurants Fabio has many projects that he is passionate about– when he’s not busy promoting healthy eating for children, he is also an endorser of Italian mineral water producer San Pellegrino, Bialetti Cookwear, Bertolli Olive Oil, and Santa Margarita Winery.

Fabio Viviani has published two successful cookbooks including the Cafe Firenze Cookbook and an e-book Did I Really Make Breakfast which made it onto multiple Amazon bestseller lists within weeks of release.Fabio is perhaps best known in America for appearing on season 5 of Bravo’s reality series Top Chef and earning a place among the final four contestants. Before he was eliminated from the competition, he was named Fan Favorite. Fabio returned to Bravo in 2010 to compete in their Top Chef All Stars edition.

Universal Citywalk Karl Strauss General Manager Kevin Wertsberger Joins Us For an In-Studio Visit!

Kevin Wertzberger is a veteran of the restaurant industry, having worked in the hospitality sector for over a decade. Kevin has worked with Karl Strauss Brewing Company for three years and was recently promoted to General Manager of the Citywalk location. Kevin is an avid craft beer enthusiast, with a soft spot for malty lagers and Karl Strauss's Pintail Pale Ale. The highlight of his job is turning someone on to a beer style they haven't tried before and sharing his passion for delicious beer and food.

Movie Guy Steve Evans Gives us the Movie Hits and Misses!
Steve Evans, the Movie Guy, is going to tell us what we need to run out and see and what we can avoid in the movie theaters, this week!

So, grab your popcorn, folks! Get your movie news and reviews right here on the What's Cookin' Today show! Steve “The Movie Guy” will take a look at what’s hot at the box office and the new films being released this weekend:

Fast Five - Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Dwayne Johnson get behind the wheel in the latest installment of the blockbuster auto action series.

Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil -A teenage Red Riding Hood is called upon by a covert agency to investigate the disappearance of Hansel and Gretel.

Prom - A group of teenagers find their lives intersecting and their futures taking shape as they prepare for the biggest night of high school.

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