Monday, April 25, 2011

4/26 Chef Anne Thornton, Olympic Gold Medalist Summer Sanders, All About Beef, Twinkie Diet, Monterey Chocolate Company

What's Cookin' Today Hour ONE:

Food Network's Chef Anne Thornton Tells Us More About the Royal Wedding - Including FN's “Royal Icing Weekend” with the Best in Wedding Cake-Themed Content!

Food Network honors the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton with “Royal Icing Weekend” on Saturday, April 23rd and Sunday, April 24th. Special wedding-themed episodes of favorite series will air throughout the weekend, leading up to a new episode of Last Cake Standing and sneak peek of the brand-new show Have Cake Will Travel. Online, has assembled a “how to” guide on throwing an at-home Royal Wedding watch party, along with photo galleries, historical facts on British food, and cake recipes fit for a Queen.

As an expert pastry chef, Anne Thornton shares indulgent recipes for tantalizing treats on Dessert First. Anne demystifies and simplifies the world of pastry and dessert by showing viewers the ins and outs to no-fear baking. From flaky pastries to ice cream cake, Anne’s approachable techniques prove that any home cook can create impressive desserts. Anne studied at the Institute of Culinary Education, and then landed a job in culinary production where she gained behind-the-scenes media skills – a glimpse into her future at Food Network. Anne also worked as a personal chef before joining New York’s highly acclaimed restaurant, The Waverly Inn in 2006, where she honed her skills as a pastry chef and assistant general manager working under notable chef John DeLucie. In 2009, Anne made the move to the exclusive New York restaurant, Hotel Griffou, where she worked as executive pastry chef and event coordinator until June 2010. Anne has appeared on CBS Early Show, Today Show, Nate Berkus Show and Rachael Ray Show.

Visit for more ideas on how to celebrate like royalty.

Olympic Gold Medalist Summer Sanders Gets Us Into Gear for Summer Cycling!

If you think America is just a nation of car drivers, think again. There are 62 million cars in the US but over 100 million bicycles and Americans love to ride them. Biking also beats out buses and mass transit as the second favorite form of transportation and over 41 million Americans get on their bikes each month, according to a Bureau of Transportation Statistics study. And when it comes to exercise, more people ride bicycles in America, than ski, play golf and play tennis combined, and their numbers are rising.

So it’s not surprise that many cities across the US are celebrating National Bike month by having bike tours and Bike-To-Work Weeks and Bike-to-Work Day. Biking blasts about 500 calories an hour, and studies find that cycling for as little as 20 – 30 minutes a day can decrease your risk of gaining weight as you age. In fact, women who bike just five minutes a day gain fewer pounds as they enter middle age than those who don’t. Knowing how to pick out the right style bike and safety gear for your body size and activity is key to having a healthy bike ride, especially now there are so many different types of bikes – mountain, open road, city and all-terrain – as is knowing the safety rules for children, and where they can learn them.

About Summer Sanders: Summer Sanders emerged as one of the most decorated U.S swimmers in the 1992 Olympic Games, and was inducted into the US Swimming Hall of Fame. She is currently an experienced tri-athlete, including biking. Her strong television experience includes being a co-host and correspondent for many shows, including Rachel Ray, ABC Good Morning America, NBC Sports Network, Fox Sports, ESPN and CBS. She’s also been named Special Ambassador for Sports for UNICEF and active member of many non-profit organizations, including Women’s Sports Foundation dedicated to advancing the lives of girls and women through physical activity.

What's Cookin' Today Hour TWO:

Executive Chef Dave Zino, On Behalf of the Beef Check-Off, Gives Us the Complete Beef on BEEF!

As Executive Chef for National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, on behalf of the beef checkoff, Dave is the leading food authority on beef and veal, Dave Zino is responsible for concept development, ideation and recipe development and works very closely with the Checkoff-funded Beef and Veal Culinary Center. While developing concepts and recipes for both the retail and foodservice industries, Dave also works very closely with the Checkoff-funded Beef Innovations Group in evaluating and developing new beef products.

In his role as Executive Chef, Dave wears many hats that run the gamut from industry expert, to public speaker and television personality, to writer. As the culinary authority on beef, Dave helped launch Beef U: A Foodservice Guide to Beef – a comprehensive, in-depth and customizable “train the trainer” program designed to provide the foodservice industry with the latest beef product information and knowledge. He also contributed to the recently published Healthy Beef Cookbook. In November 2007, Drovers – America’s beef business source – featured Dave as the “Dean of Beef University.”

An excellent public speaker and dynamic on-camera personality, Dave is frequently quoted on television and in print. In May 2007, he appeared on the popular Food Network program “Unwrapped” as part of their “On The Grill” episode on making the perfect burger. In addition, Dave travels the country giving presentations on beef to universities, professional organizations, culinary schools and industry groups.

Dave’s writing has been published in Food Product Design and will soon appear in the new book “An Integrated Approach to New Food Product Development.” He is writing the chapter entitled, “The Right Preparation Technique,” which will focus on meeting consumers’ needs with fully tested products and recipes that really work. In 2004, Culinology magazine chose Dave as their “Featured Chef.” Dave holds a Bachelors of Science Degree from Illinois State University and has earned three culinary certifications from Kendall College. He is a member of the Research Chef’s Association and the International Association of Culinary Professionals.

The Twinkie Diet Professor, Mark Haub, Tells Us if We Can Really Get in Shape by Eating Twinkies!

Calories don’t have to be boring… Just ask the ‘Twinkie Diet’ Doc He says - FACT: You WILL lose weight if you burn off more calories than you take in…PERIOD. End of story.

With that said, pull out that spring apparel and summertime bathing suit. If they don’t fit quite the same and you want the new you to look like the old you, a boring diet doesn’t have to be part of the plan. You CAN take off pounds without sacrificing foods and beverages you love.
What’s the secret?

With a PhD in Exercise Physiology and years in the field, Dr. Mark D. Haub will share his expertise on diet and exercise, and that a healthful diet isn’t about rejecting any one food, beverage or ingredient. Rather, it’s about making sensible choices that include consuming a variety of foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole-grains and lean proteins in moderation and ensuring individual nutrition needs are met. That’s why he agrees with the federal recommendations that Americans should aim to balance calories consumed with those burned and increase physical activity.

We're Visiting the Monterey Chocolate Company with Owner Chris Bickel!

Monterey Chocolate Company is a small startup established in 2010 and located in Monterey, CA. All of their chocolates begin with the finest, 100% organic, fair-trade and sustainable ingredients available. They source the majority of their fruits and nuts from local farms, insuring the freshest product possible. No preservatives, refined sugars or extracts are used within their products. They currently feature several truffle collections, each uniquely different and distinct.

Chris Bickel’s 8 years of experience as a chocolatier encompasses all aspects of chocolate making. As the owner of Monterey Chocolate Company, he works directly with customers from the individual to the corporate CEO. Self-taught as a chocolatier and business owner, Chris pursues a superior product that not only brings enjoyment, but also the health benefits of chocolate. Chris lives and works in the Monterey, CA area, and sells his chocolates by participating in the local farmer’s markets, festivals, wholesale and online through the Monterey Chocolate Company web site.

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