Tuesday, April 12, 2011

4/13 Michael Douglas' Dr, Earl Monroe, Karl Champley, Larry Lipson, Hatfield's Sommelier

What's Cookin' Today Hour ONE:

Michael Douglas' Doctor, Jatin Shah & Cancer Survivor Alyssa Fischer Tell Us About Free Local Cancer Screenings All Throughout the US!

According to the American Cancer Society, oral, head and neck cancers represent the sixth most common form of cancer in the U.S., with more than 50,000 cases diagnosed annually and over 12,000 deaths. Surprisingly, many Americans do not recognize the symptoms of these life-threatening diseases, which include cancers of the tongue, mouth, throat and voice box. However, if diagnosed early, these cancers can be more easily treated without significant complications, increasing the chances of survival.
Jatin P. Shah, M.D., Ph.D, a world leader in head and neck cancer surgery who is Professor of Surgery at the Weill Medical College of Cornell University, Chief of the Head and Neck Service and Leader of the Head and Neck Disease Management Team at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and a member of the board of the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance.

Alyssa Fischer is an oral cancer survivor and patient of Dr. Shah. When she was 22, she found a sore on her tongue that would not go away. She was diagnosed with advanced cancer and underwent a 14 ½ hour surgery in which a large part of her tongue was removed. Dr. Shah and his colleagues worked on preserving and reconstructing the healthy portion so that Alyssa would maintain the ability to talk, eat and live a full life. Today, Alyssa is cancer free and is writing a book about her experience.

For more information, please visit www.OHANCAW.com

Earl "The Pearl" Monroe - Basketball Legend, Tells Us About Diabetes Restaurant Month!

Earl is kicking off Diabetes Restaurant Month in Los Angeles by visiting one of the participating local restaurants for lunch to sample a diabetes-friendly and heart-healthy meal with a lucky local fan and a certified diabetes educator during an educational discussion about diabetes.

Now 66 years old and long after hanging up his high-tops, Earl Monroe is teaming up with Merck on the Diabetes Restaurant Month program to challenge restaurants across the country to create diabetes-friendly and heart-healthy menu items. Be sure to visit www.MerckDiabetes.com for a full list of participating local restaurants, Earl’s tips on healthy eating, a sample weekly exercise schedule, Earl’s favorite diabetes-friendly and heart-healthy recipes and information about the basics of diabetes management, including blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol control.

HGTV Celebrity Builder Karl Champley Tells Us About Grant's Real Story Contest!

Grant’s knows about enduring craftsmanship. Their founder, William Grant, was the original DIY man. With the help of his family, he built a distillery and a whisky brand that have both truly passed the test of time. Now tell them the story behind your DIY project that’s built to stand the test of time for a chance to win $10,000 for a home entertaining makeover. Five finalists will be judged by Karl Champley, award-winning Master Builder, and a Grant’s Whisky representative.

Australian native Karl Champley is an award winning Master Builder, home inspector and building consultant for commercial and residential construction in both the USA and Australia. He is a true craftsman who loves to help homeowners get out of trouble and teach them how to get back on their feet, use tools correctly and acquire new do-it-yourself skills.

He is a familiar face on the DIY Network and HGTV and has hosted over 200 episodes viewed in over 95 million homes in the US and is seen in Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Turkey and several other countries around the world. Episodes have also been aired on US Airways, American Airlines and United Airlines and his shows have received Telly and Aurora Awards. Karl has also been the expert, host and consultant to many specials including the International Builders show in Orlando, Florida which is the world’s largest builders show. You can catch Karl's expertise currently on Wasted Spaces, DIY to the Rescue, DIY Inside: The Builder's Show and many Habitat For Humanity specials on DIY Network & HGTV.

For more info, go to grantswhiskey.com

What's Cookin' Today Hour TWO:

Wine Correspondent Larry Lipson Tells a Tale the Argentine Wine with the French Name!

Argentina makes some interesting red wines!

The Argentine wine industry is the fifth largest producer of wine in the world. Argentine wine, as with some aspects of Argentine cuisine, has its roots in Spain. During the Spanish colonization of the Americas, vine cuttings were brought to Santiago del Estero in 1557, and the cultivation of the grape and wine production stretched first to neighboring regions, and then to other parts of the country.

Hatfields Restaurant in Los Angeles Has It's Very Own Sommelier, Peter Birmingham. He's Telling Us About Some of His Favorite Wine!

With its beverage program, the new Hatfield’s presents a parallel accompaniment to its award-winning cuisine. Under the supervision of general manager and beverage director Peter Birmingham, Hatfield’s features a selection of more than 100 wines, including up to 15 by the glass.

The list is comprised of California gems, unsung boutique producers and Old World bastions of oneology. In addition, an extensive cocktail list features both "Classics", such as the Vesper, Jack Rose and Dark & Stormy as well as “Originals” that include the High-Rose Caipirinha (cachaca, orangecello, pomegranate and grapefruit juices) and the Peruvian Cooler (Plymouth gin, Canton, cerbada). Meanwhile, Quinn’s bar menu features such dishes as the Hangtown Fry (fried oyster, soft-scrambled egg and braised bacon) and Braised Short Rib Rueben, which guests can enjoy while seated on 1940’s-style stools at the brushed steel-and-marble-topped bar.

For more information, visit www.hatfieldsrestaurant.com.

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