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4/11 HGTV's Paul James, Discipline, Mixologist, Law & Order's Corey Stoll, Food Addicts, Artichokes

What's Cookin' Today Hour ONE:

It's Spring and We're Talking with HGTV's Paul James About a Hot New Trend - Home Farming!

Paul is helping announce April 12, 2011, “TRISCUIT Home Farming Day” to celebrate the joy of growing fresh vegetables and launch of the new social network for home farmers,

Gardening fanatics and television viewers know Paul James best from Home and Garden Television’s (HGTV) “Gardening by the Yard.” His passion and realism about all-natural gardening, coupled with his clever writing, and zany style, endeared him to millions of viewers who understand that gardening can be both a joy and a challenge. Paul hosted HGTV’s live coverage of the Tournament of Roses Parade on HGTV for ten years and is an in-demand speaker and travels coast to coast making personal appearances.

This spring, Paul is teaming up with Triscuit to grow the Home Farming movement. Paul and Triscuit are joining officials across the country to celebrate “TRISCUIT Home Farming Day.” Triscuit and the non-profit organization Urban Farming will commemorate the day by breaking ground at two new community-based home farms in Los Angeles and Tampa, while New Yorkers can join Paul to take part in a one of a kind planting experience in Madison Square Park.

Everyone, everywhere can learn how easy it is to grow fresh vegetables and herbs on “TRISCUIT Home Farming Day” by visiting for special activities and rewards. In addition, Triscuit is building upon the success of the Home Farming movement by working with non-profit organization Urban Farming to plant 65 community-based home farms in 20 cities.

To help home farmers, Triscuit is attaching plantable basil and dill herb seed cards to eight million Triscuit boxes. Get spring gardening tips and catch up with Paul James, one of America’s most trusted and colorful gardeners, to find out how you and your listeners can make a difference in your home and community with home farming!

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Producer/Director Martin Mayo Talks About His New Film, DISCIPLINE!

Years ago, Martin Mayo had a great idea for a film. It was Discipline, a suspense thriller about a college student who comes under the influence of an evil college professor. It wasn't long before he secured funding and began filming. With a distribution deal in hand, it seemed his first feature film was on track to hit the silver screen soon. That was in 1991. Today, Mayo has finally completed his film.

Discipline is scheduled to be screened to the media for the first time at 7 p.m. on April 13 at Laemmle's Sunset 5 Theaters, 8000 Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood. The screening is a culmination of work that has been on and off over the years for Mayo who never lost faith in his project or in himself as obstacles piled up around him in his quest to get his movie completed. "The whole process wasn't easy. It was difficult from the beginning, as any film is, but I never realized how many problems I would face from every conceivable angle. It was unbelievable," said Mayo, whose own apartment burned down during the filming.

After securing funding, Mayo soon ran into problems with replacing cast members, then with investors, some of whom backed out at the last minute, then other investors who sought to sell the film to the DVD market instead of the theatrical market as originally planned. As the squabbles intensified, funding stopped and with a nearly completed film in his hand, Mayo realized he had to buy out his investors before he could complete the project.

Today, Mayo runs his own film and television post production facility and recording studio, called HD Sound & Picture where he pursues another of his passions - music. As a founding member of the seminal Mexican rock band El Ritual during the early 70s, Mayo still composes and records music as well as produces music for other top musicians such as Mexican pop icon Marisela who is currently recording an album with him.

MORE ABOUT MARTIN MAYO: Martin Mayo, a San Diego native of Mexican heritage, is a 20-year film industry veteran with scores of credits as writer, editor, director and producer. His film credits include Submission, Common People, White Air, They Love Me, and many others. He has recently completed post production on his suspense thriller Discipline, which he wrote, directed and produced. He is also working on three other untitled film projects in various stages of development and preproduction. Mayo is also a veteran music producer and music video director having been involved in more than 30 music videos over the years.

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We're Mixing Up the Hottest New Libations with Tony Abou-Ganim, “The Modern Mixologist,” Live From the Floor of The Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America Annual Convention!

Are you sick of the same old screwdriver? Tired of tonic and tequila? How do lemongrass, coconut, or green tea vodka sound? What would you say to a Chocolate Noir…a new cocktail that pairs chocolate cream with red wine? Live from one of the largest conventions in the world to feature wines and spirits, The Modern Mixologist, Tony Abou-Ganim, will offer new and exciting ways to wow your guests with inspiration from the latest innovations in libations.

Tony Abou-Ganim, author of “The Modern Mixologist: Contemporary Classic Cocktails,” will bring his creativity to bear offering inspiring recipes for some of his most innovative cocktails yet. He is also a renowned chef, winning over Iron Chef Mario Batali, in Battle Mango in a 2007 showdown. According to, an expert guide to all things cocktails and spirits, Tony is the man to thank if you’ve had an amazing cocktail in any of the 22 bars in the Bellagio Hotel, having been charged with the responsibility of setting them up and running them from then-owner Steve Wynn.

Law & Order's Corey Stoll Takes Us Inside this Week's Episode!

Corey Stoll stars in the Dick Wolf drama “Law & Order: LA” as Tomas “TJ” Jaruszalski, who grew up the son of an Oscar-winning Polish cinematographer and knows too well the dark underside that is behind-the-scenes Hollywood. As a New Yorker, Stoll has been acting steadily in theater, film and television since graduating from NYU's Masters Program in 2003.
Most recently, Stoll had the opportunity to work on director Woody Allen's “Midnight in Paris” with Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams and Marion Cotillard. His other film work includes Philip Noyce's feature “Salt” opposite Angelina Jolie, Paul Mcguigan's “Push” and “Lucky Number Slevin,” Niki Caro's “North Country,” and John Krasinski's directing debut, “Brief Interviews with Hideous Men,” based on David Foster Wallace's book.

Stoll has also appeared in the Broadway revival of “View from The Bridge” opposite Liev Schreiber and Scarlet Johansson, as well as in Sarah Ruhl's adaptation of “The Cherry Orchard,” directed by John Doyle.

His early highlights include playing Viola Davis's love interest in Lynn Nottage's “Intimate Apparel” (Drama Desk Award nomination in NY, Drama Critics Circle Award for the Los Angeles production), and starring in the title role in Michael Weller's play “Beast” opposite Logan Marshall Green. He also appeared in the revival of “Some Americans Abroad” with Tom Cavanaugh. Stoll has also made numerous guest appearances including “Law & Order,” “The Good Wife,” “Life on Mars,” “The Unusuals” and “ER.”

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What's Cookin' Today Hour TWO:

Are You Addicted to Food? Tennie McCarty Tells Us About Her New Show For Food Addicts!

One-Third of All Americans are Obese and More Than 11 Million are Battling an Eating Disorder! From Eating to Escape to Obsessing Over Your Weight - Find Out What’s Healthy and What’s Not. And Learn the Tell-Tale Signs If You, or Someone You Love, is a Food Addict.

“Addicted to Food” is a docu-series premiering on the new Oprah Winfrey Network. It follows eight people battling their addiction to the one thing they literally can't live without: food. Tennie McCarty is the director of the rural Texas treatment center called Shades of Hope, and the therapist guiding desperate clients through recovery.

As a recovery addict herself, she co-founded the center as an in-patient treatment option for others struggling with eating disorders. Tennie uses unorthodox methods and a tough-love approach, and asks her clients to confront the painful issues in their lives that have led them to use food as an escape.

"Addicted to Food" shows us that recovery is possible even for people who fear their lives are hopeless. With more than 30-percent of all Americans obese, and millions more struggling with anorexia or binging diseases, eating disorders touch many of our lives. Tennie McCarty can share her tips on identifying if you or someone you love is a food addict, and offer her professional advice on how to seek treatment and live a healthier life.

We're Getting All Choked Up, Today - About Artichokes! Executive Chef Tony Baker is Giving Us an In-Studio Lesson on Artichokes!

Since 1924, Ocean Mist Farms has provided multiple generations of customers with the freshest Artichokes and vegetables, and is still family owned. Called the California Artichoke & Vegetable Growers Corporation until 1995, Ocean Mist Farms isheadquartered in Castroville, California — “The Artichoke Capitol of the World” and home of the annual Castroville Artichoke Festival.

Ocean Mist is the largest grower of fresh Artichokes in the United States and grows them year-round in three idealArtichoke growing areas of California: Castroville, Oxnard and Coachella.

The full line of Ocean Mist premium, fresh vegetables are also grown year-round in multiple growing regions with the most fertile ground and productive microclimates throughout California (Castroville, Huron, Oxnard, Coachella and Imperial Valley), in Arizona (Yuma) and in Mexico.

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