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Yountville, CA. (February 13, 2016) - JCB by Jean-Charles Boisset today unveiled the JCB Tasting Salon, a wine tasting and luxury lifestyle retail destination, and Atelier by JCB, a gourmet epicerie that offers a curated assortment of gourmet culinary delights in the epicurean heart of the Napa Valley in Yountville.  The JCB Tasting Salon encompasses the unique JCB approach that unites exclusive NapaValley and French wines, luxury, style and retail items curated and created by Proprietor Jean-Charles Boisset.  It is a vibrant, luxurious and uniquely designed tasting room that reflects and embraces the art of living elegantly.  

The JCB collection of NapaValley wines is featured in three distinctive flights: the Premium Collection ($30), the JCB Touch Interactive tasting at the digital touch table ($40), and The Surrealist flight ($50).  With signature style, the JCB Tasting Salon is an immersive experiential discovery.  It includes a first-of-its-kind interactive wine tasting experience at a digital touch table created exclusively for the tasting salon by Ideum, as well as wine preserved and served from Napa Technology wines stations, and the Surrealist Boutique, featuring Jean-Charles’s personally-designed jewelry and Surrealist wines.  The Surrealist Boutique includes an intimate tasting experience, inspired by the jewelry-adorned Surrealist wine, in a private lounge where wine tasting occurs atop a glass bar that showcases the JCB collection of jewelry. The Surrealist wine and the vessel in which the elixir is held is a piece of art and the inspiration for the Surrealist Boutique at the JCB Tasting Salon.

The JCB Tasting Salon features signature pieces designed by Boisset, as well as a retail boutique that showcases the finest luxury goods producers from around the world, including products such as JCB’s custom-designed jewelry collection, candles, perfumes, in addition to a collection of luxury goods Maisons: Lalique (crystal), Baccarat (crystal), Christofle (silver), Bernardaud (porcelain), to name a few, and books from Taschen, Assouline, Rizzoli, Abrams and Chronicle Books.

Boisset is also launching into the world of gastronomy with the unveiling of Atelier by JCB, a gourmet epicerie adjacent to the JCB Tasting Salon that offers a curated assortment of gourmet delicacies.  These are an elegantly presented collection of products sourced locally in Napa and Sonoma alongside discoveries from the best international producers from France, Italy, Spain and more. It includes: salts, peppers and spices, mustards, honey, olive oil and vinegar from Boisset’s winery estates, smoked salmon, caviar, anchovies, truffles, foie gras, terrines, charcuterie, more than 120 cheeses, chocolate, specialty teas and coffees.

Speaking on the opening of the new JCB Yountville locations, Boisset says, “We are energized and honored to be welcomed by the Yountville community.  We are ecstatic to share our vision of wine lifestyle, where wine is at the center of life and is surrounded by beauty, art, historical luxury products including jewelry, crystal, books and the finest of the epicurean world. From the hand-selected artisan gourmet products of Atelier, to jewelry, to fashion and art, and each of the historical maisons, JCB Yountville comprises our world and our ultimate collection, including our own creations. It represents the producers and houses that we adore the most, having been curated for years, and that we desire to share with the world as an extension of our lifestyle and savoir-vivre!  This is now here for all to enjoy, to taste and to discover!”

The JCB Tasting Salon and Atelier by JCB are open daily from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at 6505 Washington St, Yountville, CA. Both locations can be contacted for tasting reservations or further information at (707) 934-8237 or at

About JCB by Jean-Charles Boisset
Created by Jean-Charles Boisset, JCB embraces and represents a new height of luxury, uniting the worlds of wine and fashion in luxurious tasting locations and experiences that transcend terroir, reaching beyond the traditional confines of wine to embody style and sophistication. JCB is also a collection of rare numbered wines that unite centuries of Burgundian family tradition with the graceful exploration of sophisticated terroir.  Dedicated to capturing style within a bottle, JCB wines embody an uncompromising personality that transcends the traditional confines of wine and is audacious, unique and mysterious.

About Boisset Collection
Boisset is a family-owned collection of historic and unique wineries bound together by a common cause: authentic, terroir-driven wines in harmony with their history, their future and the land and people essential to their existence.  With more than twenty historical and prestigious wineries in the world’s preeminent terroirs, including the Côte d’Or, Beaujolais, Rhône Valley, California’s Russian River Valley and the Napa Valley, each house retains its unique history, identity, and style, and all are united in the pursuit of fine wines expressive of their terroir.  To learn more about the Boisset Collection, please visit



The Czech Republic is a modern and dynamic destination with a rich history and unique natural beauty.  The CzechTourism agency, along with its offices abroad ,ensures its successful presentation on the domestic and foreign markets. The Czech Tourism Authority - CzechTourism is a contributory organization of the Ministry for Regional Development and was established in 1993. Its significant partner agencies include domestic tourist regions, cities, municipalities and businesses.


Czechs call Emperor Charles IV  “the father of the country”. In 2016, it will be 700 years since his birth and this round anniversary will not be allowed to pass without grandiose celebrations.
When visiting the Czech Republic, you could not ignore the name Charles (in Czech Karel) – even if you wanted to. Just by walking through Prague you will encounter Charles Bridge and Charles University. Then there is the majestic Karlštejn castle only a short distance from Prague, and of course the spa of Karlovy Vary in the west of the country. All of these places bear the name of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV who was born in 1316 in Prague. He came to love Bohemia and therefore grand celebrations are being prepared for the 700th anniversary of his birth.

The celebrations will begin where the life of Charles IV apparently began, in Prague, in the House at the Stone Bell in the Old Town Square. From November 29,, the house will present an exhibition called From Bohemia to the End of the World highlighting his love of travelling. Charles IV was not only the Czech king but also Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and a monarch of European importance. Although he lived in France and sometimes in Italy, he fell in love with Bohemia the land of Czechs, and particularly with Prague which he made the centre of the whole Empire.

Prague has Charles’ fingerprints all over it
Charles IV simply knew how, with the help of architecture and art, to represent imperial splendour. Prague inhabitants are grateful to him for this even 700 years after his birth. The Emperor started the construction of the dominating features, St. Vitus Cathedral, New Town and of course Charles Bridge which is still one of the great symbols of Prague, along with Charles University which ranks among the best educational facilities in Central and Eastern Europe. In fact, Charles IV was a great supporter of education. He himself studied intensively, wrote several educational works and spoke five languages. If you are interested in knowing what sort of ruler he was, you should visit the House at the Golden Ring where you can find an exhibition dedicated to the everyday life of Charles IV and his House of Luxembourg. In the Wallenstein Riding Hall of Prague Castle you can see a Bavarian-Czech provincial exhibition named Father of the Country from May 14, until September 25, of next year.

Follow the footsteps of Charles into prison and spas
The vigorous activity of Charles IV did not end in Prague. The ruler often made trips to West Bohemia to pursue game because he was a passionate hunter and to look back on his memories because he spent a part of his childhood in the medieval castle called Loket. Together with his mother, he was imprisoned there by his father, John of Luxembourg.

One day, whilst out hunting near Loket, he discovered hot springs, and established spas in the location. He had no idea at that time that the small settlement would one day grow into the world-renowned spa town of Karlovy Vary, or that he would not be the only ruler by far to cure his ills there. The royal guests of the spa town have included for example the Russian Tsar Peter the Great and the Austro-Hungarian Empress Sisi. In May, a series of celebrations will begin in Karlovy Vary. A parade headed by Charles IV will provide a ceremonial opening to the spa season, the Gothic era and the reign of Charles IV will be the themes of the Karlovy Vary carnival in early June. The summer will be filled with musical performances, knight’s jousting, jugglers  and many other entertaining events. In September and October, Karlovy Vary will be visited by a touring exhibition of the masterly reproductions of the Bohemian coronation jewels.

The best protection is a castle
To protect his beloved Bohemia, Charles IV built several castles. The best known - Karlštejn – lies only a short distance from Prague. The majestic structure was constructed to house the royal jewels, saintly relics and imperialcoronation jewels. These Bohemian gems were hidden there for nearly two hundred years. Moreover, the castle as one of the most visited monuments in the Czech Republic is open all year round. To protect the border with Bavaria and an important gold field, the Kašperk castle was built in South Bohemia. It stands near the Šumava National Park. It is also close to Český Krumlov, included in the World Heritage List, which you can reach within an hour-and-a-half by car. During the reign of Charles IV, the Radyně Castle was also built, only twenty minutes from Pilsen.