Friday, March 18, 2011

3/21 Good Among The Great, Help with our Diet, Rick Maynard from KFC, Handley Cellars!

What's Cookin' Today Hour ONE:

Donald Van de Mark Tells Us how we can be GOOD AMONG THE GREAT!

After more than twenty years of studying and profiling the politically powerful, the rich and the famous, former CNN and CNBC correspondent and executive producer and host of the PBS-TV series "Great Entrepreneurs" and "Great Leaders" Donald Van de Mark learned that not all newsmakers are exemplary human beings.

Among the world's mega-successes, however, is another group. Van de Mark describes a minority who is surprisingly aware, egalitarian, dutiful and happy. Their associates and staffs love them; their competitors respect them. These people care deeply about others and regularly use their positions to help the larger community. Why is it that just a small minority of leaders are truly good people? How does a person become a super high achiever and remain a great human being?

In the new book, THE GOOD AMONG THE GREAT, Donald Van de Mark went and sought the answer to these questions from dozens of the highest achievers and most beloved characters of modern times. Based on over two decades of interviews, Donald recognized a pattern of attitudes and behavior that makes this group admirable, creative and joyous. Drawing on his observations and in-depth conversations with truly great people like Andy Grove of Intel, Senator Bill Bradley, Dr. Andrew Weil, and Meryl Streep and insights from renowned psychologist Abraham Maslow's study of peak or “self-actualizing” human beings,

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Dietitian Clara Schneider Tells Us How We Can Manage Our Metabolism and Control Our Weight With Our Diet!

Thyroid problems, affecting an estimated 25 million people, can wreak havoc on your metabolism and overall health. With this diet book, you will find more than 100 recipes that are specifically designed to help you manage your condition and weight.

Clara Schneider, RN, LDN, RD, MS, CDE has lived with thyroid disease for more than thirty years and has the same number of years' experience in the fields of nutrition and health. She provides personal counseling, workshops, and recipe analysis for her patients; is a public speaker; and helps businesses work with special health and nutrition needs. Schneider has a Master of Science Degree from the University of Maryland in Human Nutrition, and is the former Director of the Diabetes Program at Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington, VA. She has written books on diabetes and disease prevention and has a private nutritional practice in North Carolina.

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What's Cookin' Today Hour TWO:

Rick Maynard Tells Us About KFC's Launch of the 10 Piece Buckets & How They're Helping Cash-Strapped Choirs!

KFC is opening its restaurant doors to choirs in the hopes of raising the roof – and some funds for financially struggling choirs nationwide – as part of a new national pilot program.

To launch its new 10-piece 10 Buck Sunday Bucket deal, Kentucky Fried Chicken is offering 11 struggling choirs across the country $1,000 grants to help keep their harmonies alive.

Members of The St. Louis Children’s Choirs kicked off the program at a KFC restaurant in St. Louis on Sunday, singing for surprised and delighted customers and taking musical direction from a special guest conductor: the KFC Colonel. KFC also issued an open letter to choral organizations nationwide, asking them to describe how they could make beautiful music in a KFC near them. 11 choirs will each receive $1,000 and have the opportunity to sing at a local KFC.

“We’re thrilled to be a part of this program celebrating some of Sunday’s best: choir singing and family dinner,” said Barbara Berner, Artistic Director of The St. Louis Children’s Choirs, which was the initial choir selected for a $1,000 donation and a performance at the KFC 10-piece 10 Buck Sunday Bucket kick-off. “Singing is a joyful pursuit, but we know that budgets are tight for many choirs around the country. KFC teaming up with local choir organizations is a harmonious collaboration that will allow us to bring even more people in our community together this year.”

In today’s economy, non-profit organizations, especially those in the performing arts arena, have been particularly hard-hit. KFC’s offer is an opportunity to keep the music playing for choirs representing any house of worship, school, community or civic organization.

“Colonel Sanders was always passionate about giving back, so the chance for KFC to support local choirs was a natural fit,” said Barry Westrum, chief marketing officer for KFC. “Especially in these tough economic times, we hope these live choral performances and our 10 Buck Sunday Buckets will be music to our customer’s ears, especially on a day that’s always been about coming together.”

Choirs interested in participating in the program should send an inquiry email with their organization’s name and contact information to Nominations will be accepted until March 31.

KFC’s 10 Buck Sunday Bucket features 10 pieces of KFC chicken for only $10 (plus tax). The offer is available for Original Recipe, Extra Crispy or Kentucky Grilled Chicken at participating KFC restaurants coast-to-coast. Customers may also mix recipes in their Sunday Buckets – 10 pieces for $10, any recipe, any way, every Sunday.

Milla Handley Gives Us A Tour of Handley Cellars in Beautiful Mendocino County!

Handley Cellars is a small (about 14,000 cases per year) family-owned winery in California's Mendocino County, bonded in 1982. We are located at the northwest end of the Anderson Valley on 59 acres of the original Holmes Ranch. Still standing on the property are the now-refurbished ranch house, barn, and the original water tower.

Handley Cellars offers a wide variety of wines that complement today's diverse cuisine with its worldwide influences. Winemaker Milla Handley seeks to make balanced wines that possess distinctive varietal characteristics, wines that reflect the soil and climate in which they were grown.

Their quality starts with the vineyards: one at our estate in Anderson Valley, and one in the Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County.Handley's beautiful tasting room is located 6 miles northwest of Philo, California, right on Highway 128. They offer tours by appointment, and the garden courtyard is open for picnics.

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