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3/14 Gadgets with Marc Saltzman, FS Cellars, Gray Hartley from Hitching Post Winery

What's Cookin' Today Hour ONE:

Tech Expert Marc Saltzman Gives Us The Latest Updates on ALL the Hot Gadgets!

Marc will be calling in from the South by Southwest® (SXSW®) Multimedia Conference, where's he's previewing the latest in emerging technologies from SxSW including:

• The latest in Smart TV.
• The best new websites.
• Wireless applications.
• Video games and start-up ideas.
• And other notable news coming from the show.

Marc, a 14-time author, has appeared on numerous television stations, including CNN, CNN Headline News, Fox News, CBS, NBC, G4TV and Discovery Channel. Along with covering consumer electronics and online tech trends for nearly 50 publications, Marc has just entered his tenth year as Gannett's syndicated video gaming critic, with columns appearing in more than 85 newspapers across the country each week.

What's Cookin' Today Hour TWO:

Joe Farley Gives Us A Tour of FS Cellars!

FS Cellars is a small boutique winery and tasting room located at the hub of the Paso Robles appellation, in the heart of San Luis Obispo County, California. FS Cellars offers complimentary wine tasting, which is unique for wineries in Paso Robles.
FS Cellars is the joining together of two families. While raising their kids in the small town of Templeton, CA, Benny Simons and his wife Sandi became great friends with winemaker Joe Farley, and his wife Leigh Anne.

The goal of the Farley and Simons families is to bring the Chardonnay, Mourvedre, Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, Pinot Noir, Cab Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from select vineyards and share them, and the experience, with those who want to have fun and enjoy some of the finest wines , ever.

Visitors can learn about the methods employed to make the wine as Joe Farley, the winemaker is often on site, working the FS tasting room.

FS Cellars wines are sophisticated and sexy. The fun part for this family owned and operated tasting room is to create an environment where the guests feel comfortable and un-intimidated. Visitors discover the apple and pear aromas in the Chardonnay, and the slight nuances of chocolate and coffee in the Mourvedre. The lingering finish in the Zinfandel and aromas of sweet jam in the Cabernet Sauvignon leave you wanting more. They also offer a delicious dessert wine, Pinot Noir, and Cab Franc.

Winemaker Joe Farley, who is the F in FS, has been passionate about wine since his time spent studying at Cal Poly University in San Luis Obispo, California. After graduating in the 80’s, he went to work as vineyard manager for Martin Vineyards, known today as Martin Weyrich Winery. Within a month, the assistant winemaker’s position became available, Joe jumped at the opportunity. He worked under mentor Nick Martin learning the craft of winemaking, a position he held for over 2 years. After that Joe and his father started their own wine label called Abby D’Or and opened their tasting room in Templeton, California over 20 years ago. From there Joe received a call from his buddy Tobin James of Tobin James Cellars. Toby offered Joe the assistant winemaker’s position. For the next 4 years Joe and Toby worked side by side making premium wine, and they remain close friends to this day.

Joe moved on to become a respected assistant vineyard manager for French Camp Vineyards, one of the largest wine grape growing operations in San Luis Obispo County. Joe knows that great wines begin with the nurturing of the grapes, and he oversees the whole process from growing the grapes to harvest to the end product.

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Gray Hartley From Hitching Post Winery Tells Us About His Wines & His SIDEWAYS Connection!

Frank and GrayHartley-Ostini Hitching Post wines are made by Buellton Hitching Post owner/chef Frank Ostini and his good friend, former fisherman Gray Hartley. Frank and Gray first made wine at home in 1979. They found their first Pinot Noir in 1981. The project moved to a winery in 1984 to make wines exclusively for the Hitching Post Restaurant. From 1991 to 2000, Frank and Gray made their wines at Au Bon Climat/Qupe Winery, and from 2001 to 2007 at Central Coast Wine Services in Santa Maria. Production has grown from 1200 cases in 1991 to 4700 in 2001 to over 15,000 cases in 2007. With the 2008 harvest, Frank and Gray have moved the winemaking to Terravant Winery, a new ultra premium facility in Buellton, just 1.5 miles from the Hitching Post II. Winery tours and tastings will be available in Spring 2009.

Their passioned focus has been to work with the California Central Coast's best vineyards produce many Pinot Noirs, a couple Syrahs and a Cabernet Franc blend. With a cool marine-influence climate and unusually long growing season, many of these grapes make wines that drink well when young and had have shown the ability to improve and age gracefully for many years.

Frank & Gray work with some of the best growers in Santa Barbara County, from the quality vineyards of Santa Maria Valley, Santa Ynez Valley, Santa Rita Hills and Los Alamos. The grapes are picked in the early morning and destemed into 1.5 ton open-top fermentation vats. Cold maceration is allowed for several days, then a cultured yeast is added to promote a long and cool fermentation.Highliner

labelThen comes the manual punch downs from one to three times/day depending on the stage of fermentation. Pressing occurs after 14-21 days directly into barrel (no settling of solids). The wine rests in barrel until racking just before bottling. Most wines are aged in French Oak barrels for 18 months and are bottled unfiltered.

Frank and Gray believe that great wines are made in the vineyard. Their winemaking philosophy is that they are caretakers who guide the wine into the bottle. As the wine matures it is simply left to gently age in the barrel. This minimalist approach allows Hartley-Ostini Hitching Post wines to reflect the character of the vineyard and the vintage, preserving the essence of the grape for you to enjoy when you open the bottle.

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