Monday, January 24, 2011

1/25 Biggest Loser Dan Evans, Gadget Guru Scott Steinberg, LA Lights Tanya Berensen, Il Tiramisu's Peter Kastelan and Firestone Beer's Jace Milstead!

What's Cookin' Today - Hour ONE:

The Biggest Loser's Dan Evans, Gaming Expert Scott Steinberg!

Dan Evans Tells Us His Journey on the Biggest Loser!
Twenty-one year old Dan Evans hails from Frankfort, Illinois and is a talented rock and roll/country singer. Despite not making it big in Hollywood, this cool and funny young man has gathered a humble but loyal fan base. His parents put up a non-profit after school organization called Reach Out for Life Youth Foundation, for which he works as a camp counselor, entertaining kids through his music. Dan and his brother also once attempted to get a hunting show for themselves, and it goes to show how much Dan wants to be in the spotlight. His new year's resolution is to wear leather pants.

Dan and his mother, Jackie have gone through a lot together, considering that they both work in a company that was founded by their own family. Wanting to overcome their weight problem together, Dan and Jackie joined NBC's The Biggest Loser 5 as the Orange Team. Dan initially weighed 310 lbs.

Scott Steinberg Tells Us What We Need to Know About the Trends in Gadgets, New Technology & Gaming, Too!
Over one billion people have turned to PC and video game expert Scott Steinberg for insight into today's hottest electronic amusements. The head of technology/game industry consulting and research firm TechSavvy Global, he's a frequent on-air video game, gadget and consumer electronics authority for TV networks like ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN, and has covered business, entertainment and technology for 400+ outlets including the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Playboy, Rolling Stone and TV Guide. Steinberg is also the creator and host of Players Only, the game industry's first free online documentary series. Hailed as a gadget and video game expert by dozens of outlets from BusinessWeek to Forbes and NPR, other recent books include Videogame Marketing and PR and The Videogame Style Guide and Reference Manual. Between tradeshows, presentations, instructional videos, articles, podcasts and media commentary, he remains one of the high-tech and video game industries' most sought-after expert witnesses, DIY evangelists and advocates for continuing education.

What's Cookin' Hour TWO:

LA Lights Tanya Berenson, Il Tiramisu's Peter Kastelan and Firestone Beer's Jace Milstead!

Tanya Berenson is on Hand to Tell us all About the 2011 L.A Lights Rhythmic Gymnastics Invitational

The nation’s largest annual rhythmic gymnastics event sponsored by Los Angeles School of Gymnastics and sanctioned by the International Gymnastics Federation and the USA Gymnastics Federation showcases more than 200 of the world’s most diverse and competitive athletes in rhythmic gymnastics. Athletes to participate include Anna Bessonova, 2008 Olympic Bronze medalist, Liubov Charkashyna, 2010 World Championship Bronze Medalist, and the finalist for "So you think you can Dance" and a member of the United States National Group Team - Rachel Girma will spotlight a finale performance at the event and available for interviews. Participants will come from a wide variety of countries including Japan, Mexico, Russia, USA and many more. Visit for more information.

Tanya Berenson: Tanya received a Childhood Development degree from UCLA. She works with the UCLA Gymnastics Team annually as a season-opener guest speaker. She has come from an All-Star gymnastics background, as her mother, Alla Svirsky, is a 3-time USA Olympic Judge, USA Inductee to the Gymnastics Hall of Fame and founder of the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics . In 1995 Tanya Berenson started working at the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics, a non-profit Olympic-quality training center, considered among the top Olympics training facilities in the country and has produced several Olympians and internationally-ranked athletes. She is a pioneer in the field of Special Olympics (Gymnastics Event) by founding the Gymnastics for Special Needs program in LA. Berenson also started the largest multi-level competition in the world, The LA Lights Meet Tournament, the first rhythmic gymnastics competition to be sanctioned in the United States by the Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique. She has also served as a consultant to USA Gymnastics and help co-found Cheer 4 U Athletics which is the FIRST All-Star competitive Cheerleading Team in Los Angeles. Tanya Berenson was Team Manager for United States National Team Members Delaney Lonergan and Rachel Girma.

Erik & Paul Visit Celebrity Favorite Il Tiramisu with Restaurateur, Peter Kastelan

Ivo & Peter bring over 30 years of Italian restaurant experience to Il Tiramisù, having owned and operated numerous successful restaurants here in the San Fernando Valley and on the Westside, and have been featured in Los Angeles Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, The Daily News, Talk, and numerous other publications.

Jace Milstead is Our In Studio Guest, Today, With Firestone Beers!

Firestone Walker Brewing Company brewed its first beer in 1996 in a small facility rented from the Firestone Vineyard estate in Santa Barbara County. In 2001 owners Adam Firestone and David Walker purchased the SLO Brewing Company located in Paso Robles, CA.

Firestone Walker’s ales are selectively fermented in the Firestone Union oak barrel brewing system. The Firestone Union incorporates 65-gallon, medium and heavy toast American oak barrels.

Firestone Walker Brewing Company continues to grow as the palates of Americans migrate to Craft Beer. Our brew staff have picked up “Mid Size Brewery of the Year” at the World Beer cup an unmatched three times.

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