Thursday, October 14, 2010

10/15-Chef Raymond Carter, Abigail Johnson Dodge,

Chef Raymond Carter-The Range Steakhouse and Bar at Tunica Roadhouse Casino

Cuisine: SteakhouseHours: Friday & Saturday: 5pm - 11pm
Friday & Saturday Late Nights: 11pm - 12 noon
Thursday & Sunday: 5pm - 10pm
Breakfast Served: Monday - Thursday: 7am - 12 noon
Cost: $$

Whatever your flavor, you'll find the The Range Steakhouse to be an inviting experience. Our tantalizing menu features the best cuts of the finest, thickest, juiciest steaks seasoned to a sinfully delicious taste that’ll make you want to savor every second of your meal. Plus, feast on southern seafood favorites, sample our decadent desserts, and so much more.

A former pastry chef, Abby Dodge is a widely respected baking expert as well as a popular food writer and instructor. She studied in Paris at La Varenne and is the author of seven cookbooks, including Desserts 4 Today (Taunton Press, 9/2010) andThe Weekend Baker, an IACP Cookbook Award Finalist. Her recipes and articles have appeared in more than three dozen cookbooks, publications and websites. A contributor ediotr to Fine Cooking magazine, Abby's recipes have also graced the cover of Bon Appetit magazine. She's a regular guest on TV and radio and teaches cooking around the country. Visit Abby's website

The Longer Story:
What began as a love for baking at a young age, developed into a passionate and successful career for Abby Dodge. A widely respected expert in baking and cooking for both kids and adults, as well as a popular food writer, instructor and media personality, Abby has a simple mission: To streamline baking and cooking for home cooks of all ages. Stress-free strategies and simple techniques for busy people have garnered awards, rave reviews, and a loyal following for Abby, because “.. despite her serious experience, her approach is relaxed and realistic.”
—Publishers Weekly

Abby began cooking and baking as a young girl at home in New York and Connecticut. She studied in Paris at La Varenne and later worked under superstars Michel Guerard and Guy Savoy, specializing in pastry. She has held editorial posts at Parents and Woman’s Day, and has contributed to over three dozen special-interest publications focusing on baking and family cooking. Abby is currently a contributing editor at Fine Cooking, where she has been on the masthead since 1994. She founded the magazine’s test kitchen, has written and contributed to over seventy articles to date, and serves as the magazine’s guru for all things baking. Abby’s practical advice, recipes, and tips continue to be picked up by myriad consumer magazines, websites and, TV and radio programs.

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