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Larry Lipson - Costa Rica wine correspondent

He's been the Daily News restaurant critic for 50 years, but Larry Lipson has finally called it quits: "Sure, there have been editors who have leaned somewhat heavily on me - especially during one period when I was the only restaurant critic/writer in America featured in a newspaper seven days a week." Talk about knowing the restaurant scene in LA.

MARCUS TERRELL (Eliminated from NBC's "America's Got Talent") SINGER

Kansas City, Missouri (Singer) Marcus Terrell (age 26) began the "America's Got Talent" competition with his back up singers, the Serenades, and together they were a modern group that aspired to present the music of a more wholesome era. Since the "Vegas Verdict" episodes, Marcus Terrell had to leave the Serenades behind in order to move on into the top 20 and the live shows in Los Angeles. Terrell was raised by his grandmother and is determined to pay tribute to the classic soul and rock n' roll he grew up with, the kind of music that could be enjoyed by the whole family.

Phil Paleologis "The Shamut Diner" New Bedford, MA

The Shawmut Diner has been a cornerstone of New Bedford, serving great meals to customers for over 50 years. The 1950s style diner was built by the Jerry O’Mahony Company in Elizabeth, New Jersey and has been at 943 Shawmut Avenue since February of 1954. Phil and Celeste Paleologos have owned and operated the diner for the past 20 years and it has become a local icon.In addition to serving a wide range of hearty meals, including local cuisine such as seafood, and my personal favorite the linguica omlette, the diner has also served as a backdrop for television commercials, shows, and the recent movie 2003 movie Passionada, a romantic comedy about three generations of Portuguese women in the fishing community of New Bedford. The diner was also home to Phil’s nationally syndicated radio show "American Breakfast", which has since stopped syndication in recent years. The diner is located on Shawmut Avenue in the west end of the city rather than the local historic downtown district of New Bedford. Because of its far proximity from the more tourist trodden area, you are more likely to find locals than tourists at the Shawmut Diner. The diner is especially popular on late Sunday morning. On weekdays you can usually spot tables of jovial New Bedford High Seniors skipping early morning classes in lieu of breakfast and coffee. No matter when you go the diner it will be packed with patrons, old and young. Directions: The diner is off the Hathaway Rd. exit on Rt. 140 in New Bedford, the second to last exit before 140 ends at Buttonwood Park. Rt. 140 can be accessed from 195 which in turn can be accessed from 95. The diner is packed on Sunday mornings with the after church crowd, and the hung-over UMASS Dartmouth crowd, so bring your patience. Otherwise there is always a steady stream of customers at the diner. There really isn’t a bad time to go. You can get a good meal for two people for about $12.00.

Peter Kastelan - Il Tiramisu Wine Dinner Thursday Aug 27

- Ivo Kastelan, who worked at Valentino, and his son, Peter, take good care of both regulars and newcomers at this Valley favorite. Monthly wine dinners in an elegant setting.

Adam Leeman - "Adam The Wine Guy"

August 26..for WAM..Wine,Art,Music.."These ain't yo daddy's wine tastings"..we're doing 10 wines, 2 bands for only 20 bucks..Meet winemakers Josh Klapper of La Fenetre, and Tim Perr from Pali wines..We're way over delivering with the quality of the wine..Amazing juice!! And the bands we have lined up rock, River Rouge featuring Andre Comeau, and Blue2 with Amy Albert.