Friday, August 21, 2009

Fri Aug 21, 2009

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Celebrity Chef Kathleen Daelemans
"Cooking Thin with Chef Kathleen: 200 Easy Recipes for Healthy Weight Loss"
Named one of the country's "top Ten Rising Star Chefs" by John Mariani, chef Kathleen Daelemans' recipes have been showcased in respected food and wine journals including Bon Appetit, Wine Spectator, Gourmet, Food & Wine, and Eating Well. Her work is regularly featured in fashion and fitness magazines such as Elle, Shape, Self, Harper's Bazaar, L.A. Style, Fitness, Esquire and House Beautiful. Richard Sax, Roy Yamaguchi and others have showcased Daelemans' recipes in books featuring West Coast, Pacific Rim and American Regional cooking. When it comes to healthy cooking and eating, Daelemans is "her own best advertisement," having lost 75 pounds when creating a new regional cuisine for one of the world's most luxurious five-star resort and spas. While at Café Kula, her restaurant at the resort, Daelemans cooked for and gave private cooking lessons to celebrity guests including Sharon Stone, Kathy Smith, Suzanne Sommers and Paula Abdul. Daelemans is the author of the New York Times best selling cookbook, Cooking Thin with Chef Kathleen: 200 Easy Recipes for Healthy Weight Loss, Getting Thin & Loving Food! 200 Easy Recipes to Take You Where You Want to Be , and Chef Kathleen's Cooking Thin Daybook: A 52 Week Plan to Lose Weight, Get Fit and Eat Right . In addition to regular appearances on NBC's Today, Daelemans has appeared on hundreds of local and national television and radio shows including Oprah, NBC's Dateline, and CNN Headline News.

Jerome Tuccille's "Gallo be Thy Name"
Jerome Tuccille is the author of 25 books, including biographies of Alan Greenspan, Rupert Murdoch and Donald Trump. He has also written or coauthored several novels and financial self-help books. A vicepresident at T. Rowe Price Investment Services and a former broker and analyst, Tuccille is an authority on American business. " Gallo be Thy Name" follows the family saga of how the Gallo wine family rose from abjectpoverty in the early 1900's to become the most successful wine company inthe world though hard work, unfettered ambition, and crime. From selling"Dago Red" to Al Capone during Prohibition to conquering America's winemarket with cheap wine brands Thunderbird and Ripple, and from the GreatDepression to the roiling farm labor movements of the sixties and seventies,and from the '90s wine boom to today's financial gyrations - the Gallos rodethe turbulent currents of history to triumph with iconic brothers Ernest andJulio steering the ship. But beneath the E. & J. Gallo Winery's carefully polished surface is asweeping story of passion and power, swirling with rumors of murder. InGallo Be Thy Name, biographer Jerome Tuccille goes beneath the shiny surfaceof the Ernest & Julio Gallo Winery to unearth a sweeping story of passionand power that began with the Italian immigrant brothers Giuseppe andMichelo Gallo bribing local police, Federal Agents, and elected officialsall across the nation to sell bootleg wine.

Lee Woodruff - (Wife of ABC Newsman Bob Woodruff).
My first book In an Instant was co-authored with my husband Bob, the ABC News Anchor who was critically injured in Iraq in 2006. No one was more surprised than we were when it hit number one on the New York Times bestseller list and stayed there for four weeks.
We were proud that the book helped to put a face on the serious issue of traumatic brain injury among returning Iraq war veterans, as well as the millions of Americans who live with this often invisible, but life-changing affliction. In the end, people tell me it is a love story; a story about a family, a marriage and a journey to heal. Lee Woodruff knows what makes a wonderful family vacation - the kind that creates lasting childhood memories. She’s a mom and a writer who’s been a spokesperson for Disney’s "Family Fun," and has written articles for national magazines like "Redbook" on family experiences.
Lee will have the results of a new national survey about family travel from It’s timely and helpful information for families, especially those looking to stretch their travel dollars in a tough economy.

What role family travel plays in creating lasting childhood memories
What makes a great family vacation (it’s not just the money!)
How the economy is affecting families’ travel plans
Tips on how to plan an easy and affordable family vacation within driving distance

Steve Evans - "The Movie Guy
What's happening at the movies this weekend? Steve has all the info on what to see or maybe what to pass up. The hottest films and the biggest bombs from "The Movie Guy".