Friday, May 20, 2011

5/23 Jacqueline Maduneme, Ballard Inn & Restaurant, DenBeste Vineyards & Car Collection

What's Cookin' Today Hour ONE:

Jacqueline Maduneme Shares About Her Book, Ada's Daughter!

Jacqueline Maduneme’s life should have been paved with the types of stories little girls dream of, but the landscape of her life was torn apart by a commanding and overbeari
ng father and a series of horrors that would tear most anyone apart and ruin them for life.

For Jacqueline, a promising childhood from a loving family turned terribly wrong as the life of this Nigerian-born Princess began to unravel when her father, a tribal Chief and Prime Minister, manifested terrorizing and selfish behavior that tore at the heart of the lives of Jacqueline, her brother, David and her Mother, Ada.

What's Cookin' Today Hour TWO:

General Manager Christine Forsythe Talks About The Ballard Inn & Restaurant!

Built in 1985 as a country inn, The Ballard Inn & Restaurant is set in the historic township of Ballard, centrally located in the heart of Santa Barbara County’s noted wine country. Ballard is 35 minutes north of Santa Barbara, and just a few minutes drive from the larger towns of the Santa Ynez Valley, Solvang, Santa Ynez, and Los Olivos.

The township of Ballard was founded in 1880, named for the proprietor of an original Wells Fargo stage coach station, and remains a very small town, with a population of under 1000. Just a short walk from the Inn, Ballard's Little Red School House, built in 1882, is still in operation today.

Stephan Parino Tells Us About Denbeste Vineyards & Bill DenBeste's Shelby Automobile Collection!

DenBeste Vineyards is a small, family-owned winery that has approximately four acres of Zinfandel in the northern section of wine-rich Alexander Valley. This area is the largest grape growing region in Sonoma County and the northern portion is commonly referred to the place where the vineyards meet the redwoods. The location of the vineyard is nestled on the eastern side of the north valley between the historic town of Asti and the rustic city of Cloverdale.

The vines were originally planted in 1957 as Carignane but were switched to Zinfandel in 1983 by Paul DenBeste. While managing this vineyard, Paul worked at the Italian-Swiss colony in local Asti for over two decades. It has since been passed on to Paul’s brother, Jim and our first bottling occurred in 2003. This historic bottling would not have been a reality if not for the help of William and Lori DenBeste.

Bill DenBeste has spent his life as an avid collector of automobiles. His greatest interest as a car enthusiast has been as a Shelby Automobile Collector. Like all dedicated automobile collectors and car lovers, he has an extensive understanding of the unique qualities that a superior automobile encompasses. Bill’s love of the Shelby Automobile design has lead to a lifelong appreciation and commitment to sharing his passion and experiences with others. He founded DenBeste Motorsports, LLC with the intention of enabling others to have the option of owning one of America’s most desirable cars ever constructed. Bill believes in the legacy of the Shelby and his background in owning such a remarkably built car, has taken his interest into other areas of the automobile industry.

Bill’s personal admiration for the Shelby automobile has inspired him to become actively involved in racing. He has had the fortunate opportunity to be a partner in the NASCAR Busch Series, fielding the GEICO #4 car and the AutoZone car #57 including such notable drivers as Mike Wallace, Boris Said and Auggie Vidovich. Bill has affiliated himself with this venue in order to continue fulfilling his personal enjoyment, as well as, strengthen his expertise as collector and a fan of NASCAR.

DenBeste MS operates out of a 30,000 sq ft building in Windsor, CA. where Mr. Denbeste stores and displays his 75 + car collection. He is also a Shelby Continuation car dealer and he will have CSX 4000, CSX 9000, GT40s, and Daytona Coupes on display and available for purchase. There will be a tour of their shop and facilities. He even bottles some of his own wine, which will be available for tasting. There is plenty of parking around the building and it is easily accessed from Hwy 101.

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