Tuesday, January 12, 2016



Imagine if every time you traveled, you could get inside the mind of a pro? Well, now you don’t have to because travel expert Christopher Elliott, “every consumer’s best friend” can tell you how to get the most from your travels by making smart choices for 2016. Elliott is the nationally syndicated columnist and author of HOW TO BE THE WORLD’S SMARTEST TRAVELER - and Save Time, Money and Hassle (National Geographic). Just in time to help consumers plan their travels for spring break and beyond, Elliott will share his exclusive expert tips with your audience.


  • WAIT FOR THE DEALS: Travel companies are adding more inventory even as fares and rates fall. You can take advantage of this excess to find last-minute bargains for hotels, airfare and car rentals.
  • REWARD COMPANIES THAT CARE ABOUT YOU: Loyalty programs play a pivotal role in customer booking decisions, but give your business to a company that takes care of you, not just for the physical "rewards" they offer.
  • ZIG WHEN EVERYONE ELSE ZAGS: Hotel occupancy rates and airline load factors will be higher than ever. But you can avoid the crowds by traveling during the off-season or heading to a seasonal destination during the off-season. While everyone else is headed to the beach, look for a mountain or international destination.

Elliott has more than 20 years’ experience as a consumer travel advocate, giving the inside scoop on how to navigate the often perplexing world of travel. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!


Forty-three years ago, our restaurant was built with tradition and has since continued with tradition. At our home in the old marketplace, we tribute our ancestors who came to America in the late 1800’s – their spirit and their recipes!

A little about this old building…
Originally built as an L-shaped marketplace in the days when Fullerton was an orchard (early 1900’s), the local farmers would bring their produce in from the fields by horse and wagon to sell to the townspeople. The original wood trusses of the old roof system may still be seen in the Venetian Room. Approximately twenty years later, renovation of the building changed it from its original L-shape to a square. This was accomplished by the large wood barrel trusses (an unusual truss!), which can be seen in the Sicilian Room and the Piazza Fantasia. During our renovation in 1992, the old wood, terra cotta tiles and brick was salvaged and re-used to keep alive the feeling and memories of those days long ago.

About our décor…
Be prepared when you walk into Angelo’s and Vinci’s Ristorante to be overwhelmed! With surprises in every corner, you won’t know where to look first! You will sit amidst the art of the great masters, in an Italian town square complete with the storefronts of old Italian butcher and cheese mongers, fruit and wine vendors, seamstresses showing their wares, and more. Fairy lights abound under cathedral ceilings as our ancestors smile down at you from the Family Love Altar. Explore and you will be surrounded by colorful Sicilian puppets, the carnival masks and canals of Venice, and the romance of Romeo & Juliet. Find our mystical Room of the Moon…and don’t forget King Kong, Dracula, Frankenstein, witches, ghosts and who-knows-what that await you in the Monster Wine Cellar!

And, as for Hollywood…
Founder, Steven Peck, renowned Hollywood dancer, choreographer and veteran actor of over 100 movies and television performances, has delightful photographs of over 40 years of famous stars, directors and dancers. Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Gary Cooper, Robert Taylor, Broderick Crawford, Kirk Douglas, Walter Winchell, Sam Wanamaker, Vincent Minnelli, Sylvester Stallone, Ted Danson, David Hasselhof, Ray Sharkey, Shirley MacLaine, Cyd Charisse, Dolly Parton, Joan Collins, Raquel Welch, Olympia Dukakis, Shelly Winters and so many more. Films from Paramount, Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Bros., MGM, Desilu, United Artists, Universal Studios, to name a few.

Ask for a “Walking Tour” brochure to find out more about the meaning and dedications behind our décor!

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Established in 1971, Angelo’s and Vinci’s Ristorante is a family-run establishment with a festive, theatrical, highly decorative Italian atmosphere that makes any event a celebration!

From a small, intimate rehearsal dinner or bridal shower, to a wedding reception for 650, Angelo’s and Vinci’s can fill just about any wedding need. With a professional staff of wedding coordinators, bartenders, disc jockeys and master of ceremonies, you will both be treated as guests at your own wedding reception!

Planning a birthday party, anniversary dinner, graduation celebration, business meeting? Angelo’s and Vinci’s has a variety of packages and options to suit most any budget!

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