Monday, June 9, 2014



Juicing is cold off the press! Filled with 65 vibrant recipes for turning fresh fruits and vegetables into delicious and healthful juices, this refreshing cookbook offers essential guidance for utilizing the increasing number of juicers and high-performance blenders popping up in home kitchens. From perky blends such as Mango Green Tea Booster and Ginger Jolt to quiet soothers like Berry Melon and Grape Night's Sleep, these inspired beverages guarantee invigorating flavor combinations and prove the power of drinking your vitamins and loving it too. Whether the goal is weight loss, cleansing, increased nutrition, or more energy, Juice It! makes it easy to whip up blends that taste great.

ABOUT ROBIN: Robin Asbell has been immersed in whole, real foods cooking for most of her life, and has made a vocation of crafting delicious, healthy recipes and writing about it. Her latest book, Sweet and Easy Vegan, Treats Made with Whole Grains and Natural Sweeteners (Chronicle Books) is the culmination of many years of baking for vegans.

Her last book, Big Vegan, Over 350 Recipes, No Meat, No Dairy, All Delicious, is a celebration of just how satisfying and alluring plant based cuisine can be.Robin's second book, The New Vegetarian Cookbook, brims with her creative and fresh takes on meatless cuisine. Her first book, The New Whole Grains Cookbook, is filled with flavorful, beautiful food that just happens to be whole grain.
Robin has been cooking and creating recipes in the Natural foods business since the mid 80's. What began as a side job in college turned out to be a lifelong career, when she realized that her true passion lay in healing the Earth and the people around her with healthy, organic food. After baking and cooking with whole foods in restaurants, delis and Coops for many years, she started working as a Private Chef in the mid-90's, creating fabulous food for the fabulous.

She also writes for magazines like Better Homes and Gardens, Real Food, Vegetarian Times, Experience Life, Taunton's Fine Cooking, Mother Earth News, The Mix, and others.


Innovation insider and author Steve Greenberg brings your viewers up to speed on summer technology trends and great gift ideas for Dads! From gadgets to home technology and new innovations all around, Steve will unveil, show, tell and discuss the coolest and most innovative tech “toys” available this summer.

ABOUT STEVE GREENBERG: In addition to being a product scout and the author of GADGET NATION, Steve is also the host of the Food Network's INVENTION HUNTERS. He routinely appears on The Dr. Oz Show and NBC's Today Show.  Each month, Steve can been seen demonstrating innovative products in America's top TV markets including WGN Chicago, ABC Dallas, NBC Seattle, CBS Houston and others.

For three years Steve could be seen nationally every weeknight demonstrating innovative products on the Discovery Channel's Your New House.  For six years Steve was on HGTV's very popular Dream Builders.  For Dream Builders, Steve has traveled the country showcasing the latest in home design, construction and trends.  For 5-years, HGTV also used Steve's reporting skills for coverage of the hottest new home improvement products at NAHB's International Builders Show.  Steve has also been a judge for Hammacher-Schlemmer's Search for Invention Contest and Popular Science's National School Inventors Challenge.