Wednesday, July 24, 2013

07/24 Chuck Jones, Jones Coffee


Chuck’s passion for coffee stems from his coffee producing family in Guatemala. He not only exported and imported this coffee from Finca Dos Marias, but also sold and distributed it to specialty roasters around the country. In 1994, Chuck started roasting coffee for the local consumer market in Pasadena as Coffee Roasters of Pasadena now Jones Coffee Roasters. Jones is a wholesale/retail roaster.

Chuck has said that he is in the business of putting people into business. Working with his retail clients to build quality-based campaigns has been his hallmark for success. Jones Coffee Roasters own retail program has been the testing ground. With an annual advertising budget of less than $100, Chuck has demonstrated how a few marketing techniques can make the difference, make the community very happy and achieve success in the retail specialty coffee market..

Chuck has been active in the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA). He Chaired the Membership Committee for three years; Chaired the Awards Committee for two years; Annual Conference Committee Facilitator for three years; and an Instructor for Sensory Evaluation and Espresso Lab Workshops. In addition to this, Chuck was in the Sustainable Criteria Group II at the First Sustainable Coffee Congress in 1996. He has been a Presenter at the Coffee Association of Canada, on panels for Family Businesses and Marketing Guatemalan Coffee. In 1996, he co-authored a book entitled “Achieving Success in the Specialty Coffee Business”. Chuck has been a USBC Judge and has really enjoyed the retail aspect of the coffee industry.

In 2005, Jones Coffee Roasters went into the espresso business and added a full service retail component to their business. Having had the experience of assisting and training café customers to set up their retail stores, he now faced his own challenge that has been very successful.

Today, Jones has a satellite in the West Hollywood new library building and is roasting for Caltech, JPL, Cafes on the USC Campus, Lemonade in addition to many wonderful boutique restaurants and cafes. He is here to share with us his story and the world of coffee!

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