Wednesday, September 28, 2011

09/28 Larry Lipson, Ensuring Where Your Fish Was Caught

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Traveling Time! The Great Larry Lipson Tells Us About His Latest Finds

Reporting from Costa Rica, CRN's international wine correspondent Larry Lipson will tell us about his latest Wine finds, including wines UNDER $10!Larry always has something cooking up at the Lipson Institute of Advanced Wine Studies!

Larry forages all of Costa Rica for the absolute best wines. No region is spared from his intense search. No mountain or range or valley is safe from his reach. He leaves no grape unturned, this man of passion. Wine is his life. His love for wine is only paralleled with his love for his lovely partner in wine, Lillian Lipson.Be fully prepared for this master of vino as he shares his food and wine pairing techniques and experiences with you on this great day in America - and the world.

Capt. William (Bubba) Cochrane of The Gulf of Mexico Reef Fish Shareholders’ Alliance Shares With Us A New Program That Confirms Where Your Delicious Fish Was Caught!

How well do you know your fish? Can you taste the difference between prized American red snapper and imported tilapia? Would you know if someone replaced your grouper with Vietnamese catfish? Recent reports have spotlighted fraudulent fish, which is mislabeled as often as 70% of the time by retailers who swap quality catch with cheaper fish.

Gulf Wild is a unique, new brand of U.S. wild-caught seafood from the Gulf of Mexico that assures the authenticity of fish and allows consumers to track where theirs was caught. The entire system was created by environmentally conscious, working fishermen. Each fish is affixed with a sequentially numbered tag, then publicly display all the credentials online – who caught it, where in the Gulf, from what vessel, even confirmation of the fish species. The system seeks to reestablish consumer confidence in Gulf seafood after last year’s oil disaster. (They even test for PAHs, heavy metals, and dispersant's with stricter protocol than the federal government, and are forging some of the best industry practices for sustainable fisheries worldwide.)

Captain Bubba is the captain of the fishing vessel Chelsea Ann, and a second-generation commercial fisherman from Galveston, Texas. He brings his fresh, wild-caught fish, primarily prized red snapper, to Katie’s Seafood Market at Pier 19. Bubba has been fishing his whole life, starting on a charter boat when he was 17 and commercially fishing in the charter off-season. Eventually he became a full-time commercial fisherman. In 2002, he got his own boat the Chelsea Ann, his reef fish permit and his endorsement. Bubba believes strong stewardship of the fishery will protect his business investments as well as the future of fishing for his family, including his eight-year-old son.

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