Tuesday, December 21, 2010

12/22 - Charlie Palmer, Kay Compton Logsdon, Nancy Kerrigan,

Top Chef Charlie Palmer - Charlie Palmer Steak Houses
"I called it Progressive American cuisine because every time I stepped into the kitchen, I felt things moving forward." Since the beginning of his celebrated career, master Chef and hospitality entrepreneur Charlie Palmer has received critical acclaim for his signature Progressive American Cuisine, a style built on rambunctious flavors and unexpected combinations with a deep and lasting infusion of classical French technique. Influenced by his childhood experiences working in his family's vegetable garden, Palmer was an early advocate of farm over factory food. In 1988, he made a landmark commitment to creating dishes featuring regional American ingredients at his sublime three-star Aureole, once situated in a historic town house off Manhattan's Madison Avenue. Today Palmer's flagship Aureole is strategically located within mid-town's dramatically modern Bank of America Tower at One Bryant Park. Over the years, Palmer combined his creative cooking spirit and flair for business to open thirteen notable restaurants across the country, a growing collection of food-forward wine shops and award-winning boutique hotels. But even today, the chef still steps in the kitchen with reinvention on his mind. "Without a doubt, people eat with their eye long before they put fork to food, so I continue to look for a playful yet respectful way to create excitement on the plate." A frequent guest on NBC's Today Show, Charlie Palmer is also the author of four cookbooks, Great American Food (Random House/1996), Charlie Palmer's Casual Cooking (Harper Collins/2001), The Art of Aureole, (Ten Speed Press/2002), and Charlie Palmer's Practical Guide to the New American Kitchen (Melcher Media/2006).

Kay Compton Logsdon - VP & Editor and Chief - The Food Channel
The Food Channel(R) (foodchannel.com) has released the much-anticipated Top Ten Food Trends for 2011. By partnering with CultureWaves™ (http://www.culturewav.es/), Mintel International and International Food Futurists(R), The Food Channel has been able to identify the most significant food trends that will drive how people eat throughout 2011, from buying to cooking to consuming. "The new economy has created a boldness and willingness to change how we work, how we cook and how we eat. All of our 2011 trends reflect that in some way,” said Kay Logsdon, editor of The Food Channel. “One example is Baby Boomers wanting to age well. Trend #10 explains they are eating for better sex, more energy and the ability to work longer.” For 23 years, The Food Channel has uncovered food trends ahead of the curve. “The insights are fun for consumers, and give those who make their living from food a competitive edge when it comes to what drives their consumers’ choices,” added Logsdon.

The Food Channel Top 10 Trends for 2011

1. The Canning Comeback – “Putting Up” is gaining popularity for both economy and health.

2. Men in Aprons – Layoffs have led to more men cooking.

3. Local Somewhere – We care about hand-tended no matter where it’s grown.

4. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – We’re tired of being told what we can eat.

5. Appetite for Food Apps – Social media is our guide and our coupon source.

6. Small is the New Big Business – Corporations are thinking like small businesses.

7. Fresh Every Day – Rooftop gardens are just part of this trend.

8. Chefs in Schools – Better flavor is possible in an institutional setting.

9. Discomfort Foods – Change makes us comfortable with more change.

10. Eating for Sex and Other Things – We are working longer, and want all the gusto.

Stephanie Izard - Top Chef Winner
Stephanie can offer knife technique and kitchen safety tips to help people survive the holidays.
Sharp Tips from Top Chef Stephanie Izard To Make Your Holiday Meals Effortless

1. Plan Ahead! – To stay one step ahead of the game & prevent last minute disasters, write out a schedule of “To-Do’s” for the week leading up to your holiday feast. If you’re serving turkey, remember to start defrosting it in the refrigerator on Sunday or Monday depending on the size of your bird. Polish your silverware or chop all your vegetables the night before to lighten your prep day of.

2. Ask Family to Pitch-In! – Request that family members bring a dish – to save time and money, it’s always helpful to have someone bring a side dish, appetizer or dessert.
3. Cover up! – Another great tip is to make sure your knives have blade covers, like the ones that come with Chicago Cutlery knives. They protect your knives in the drawer and keep them sharp. Sharp knives are actually safer than dull ones – If your knives have suffered years of neglect, take them into get sharpened then ask how to use a steel properly. You exert more pressure with a dull knife and risk losing your grip. By using a sharpening steel as you carve, it will keep your knives sharp as you slice your meat rather than shredding it.

4. Tuck those fingers in! – When using a large chef knife, hold the vegetable with your other hand and tuck your fingers under like a “claw” to protect your finger-tips while you chop.

Nancy Kerrigan - NBC's "The Caesars Tribute: Golden Age of American Skating"

Following the 1994 Winter Olympics, two-time Olympic figure skating medalist Nancy Kerrigan turned her attention from international competition to exhibitions, benefits and corporate endorsements. Nancy toured for ten years with Champions on Ice and performed in dozens of live and made for television shows including Disney's Dreams on Ice, Feld Entertainment's Grease on Ice, StarGames' production of Footloose on Ice and her own show, Halloween on Ice. Kerrigan also authored two books on skating including Artistry on Ice, an instructional work published by Human Kinetics. Nancy's dedication to charitable work off the ice is just as eye-opening as are her performances on the ice. In 1999 she established the Nancy Kerrigan Foundation, in honor of her mother, to help non-profit organizations that support the vision impaired. The Caesars Tribute: A Salute to the Golden Age of American Skating Christmas Day, December 25, 2010 Time: 4:00pm - 6:00pm EST Where: NBC (check your local listings for channel information)