Tuesday, June 1, 2010

6/1 - Melissa Rycroft, Doug Marrone, Jillian Michaels, Offer Gat,

JILLIAN MICHAELS, AMERICA’S FAVORITE HEALTH AND WELLNESS EXPERT, TRAVELS THROUGHOUT THE U.S. TACKLING THE WIDESPREAD PROBLEM OF UNHEALTHY LIFESTYLES ONE FAMILY AT A TIME - In the season premiere, Michaels travels to Wilmington, Mass., where she meets the Mastropietro family. She discovers the father already had an unsuccessful gastric bypass surgery and the mother has the same surgery scheduled, as they both hope to walk their daughter down the aisle later this year. As Michaels pushes the family outside of their physical and emotional comfort zones, she uncovers a deep-rooted and upsetting issue from their past that has been the main obstacle to their living a happier and healthier life. Dr. Katja Van Herle also stars.   LOSING IT WITH JILLIAN  Premieres Tuesday, June 1 (10-11 p.m. ET) on NBC  Airs in its regular time period Tuesday, June 7 (8-9 p.m. ET)  Each week, Michaels, one of the leading health and wellness experts in the country, will use her characteristic brand of tough love and move in with one family for a week, giving them the necessary tools to reboot their lives and bring them back to a healthier lifestyle emotionally and physically. Michaels will get to the root of the issues each family member faces that affect their health and happiness. Over the course of one week, the family will be pushed outside of their comfort zones and introduced to new exercise and eating habits as they are tested through difficult challenges and dramatic confrontations. At the end of the week Michaels will give a customized plan and a set of goals leaving the family on their own to put to practice what they have learned.

Melissa Rycroft -  "The Bachelor"  & "Dancing with the Stars"

Melissa Katherine Rycroft (born March 11, 1983), from Dallas, Texas, is a reality television contestant and former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. She was a drill team officer at Newman Smith High School in Carrollton, Texas where she graduated in 2001. She participated as a contestant on the thirteenth season of ABC's The Bachelor, and CMT reality TV series Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team. She was a contestant on the eighth season of ABC's Dancing with the Stars.  Rycroft was named to People magazine's list of World's Most Beautiful People 2009 and was also named as #99 on Maxim's list of "Hot 100 of 2009". She was on The Bachelor & DWTS, now Melissa Rycroft wants to help couples plan the perfect wedding without going in to crazy debt. Melissa has some great ideas for that special day….and you won’t have to break the bank or your wallet to say “I Do”

Doug Marrone - "Ride for  Autism" 
Ride for Autism is a volunteer group dedicated to raising funds benefiting non-profit entities that are directly involved with the Autism Spectrum Disorder, by organizing motorcycle fun rides in the Los Angeles area.  Autism is one of a group of disorders known as autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). ASDs are developmental disabilities that cause substantial impairments in social interaction and communication and the presence of unusual behaviors and interests. Many people with ASDs also have unusual ways of learning, paying attention, and reacting to different sensations. The thinking and learning abilities of people with ASDs can vary—from gifted to severely challenged. An ASD begins before the age of 3 and lasts throughout a person's life.

Offer Gat  -  CEO of EL AL Israel Airlines in North and Central America
Former EL AL President Haim Romano appointed Offer Gat as the new CEO of EL AL Israel Airlines in North and Central America, as of July 2007. Mr. Gat is responsible for overseeing the airline’s day-to-day operations and managing the development of EL AL’s growing North and Central American markets. He is based in New York City, the EL AL headquarters in the United States. For 17 years, Mr. Gat held top management positions at the largest travel companies in Israel. He has a proven reputation for bringing organizational efficiency, initiating cutting edge computer technology and developing sales and marketing activities to unprecedented levels.  Mr. Gat was previously President and CEO of Clal Holdings Travel and Tours (The Diesenhaus Group), which controls a network of 17 travel related companies, a position he held for six years. From 1996 to 1999, Mr. Gat successively served as President and CEO of Third Millenium Tourism and Recreation Holdings; and was Managing Director of Zabar Tours, Recreation and Events, the leading Israeli company in domestic tourism. Mr. Gat also served as President and CEO of ISSTA Lines (Israel Students Travel Company) from 1987-1995.  Mr. Gat is a Lt Colonel in the Israel Defense Force (IDF) Reserves. He received both an MBA and his undergraduate degree in political science from Tel Aviv University. Mr. Gat is married with 2 daughters.