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Thursday Jan 21, 2009

 Nelson Tucker Public Tasting  "Best of the Best  2006 Napa Valley Cabs"  The Wine Guy, LLC  Our company is based on the belief that the enjoyment of wine is a centerpiece in a well-balanced life. Founder & CEO, Nelson Tucker, The Wine Guy, believes that the new era of great wines has already emerged and the time has come to unveil new ways to showcase them.  That is why he established the Top 100 Cabs of the Napa Valley. Nelson and his wife, Elva, were owners and founders of Napa In The Valley until 2007.  Their 6000+ square foot retail wine store and wine bar were a mecca in Northridge, CA with the California's longest tasting bar.  They have traveled to 18 wine producing countries in the past 5 years and have concluded (as they already knew) that the superior red wines come from California ...namely the Napa Valley. Nelson provides wine and food reviews at and syndicated newspapers around the country. We proudly promote great wines by:
  • Wine reviews on-line Wine events (Festivals, Tastings, Wine Parties)  
Nelson is also CEO of the International Wine Judges Association (

Wendy Gordon " Founder of National Geographic's Green Guide"
National Geographic's

Honored as one of Glamour magazine's 75 Women
national_geographic_logo_smEnvironmental Leaders in 2009. She serves as board chair of Trickle Up, an anti-poverty organization; as vice chair of the Rainforest Alliance; and as trustee of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Rockefeller Family Fund. The Slow Food movement is picking up speed!  Based on the Slow Food philosophy and full of quick, innovative solutions, National Geographic's TRUE FOOD: EIGHT SIMPLE STEPS TO A HEALTHIER YOU a workable blueprint for enlightening your kitchen in ways that are good for you, your family, your pocketbook — and the environment. The slow food philosophy is all about making lasting changes in our food system – changes that are good for consumers, producers, and ultimately the planet. 

Is there any new on the horizon to help the restaurant owners serve the guests better? New stove with controlled air-flow (more advance convection ovens). Oven that keep a more constant heat, and reduce the consumption of energy. Recyclable energy from units like dishwashers to be used for heating or cooling the dining area. Water heater with low energy consumption, ice cube makers where the extra energy is also recycled through the central unit system. Portable pads used by the wait staff to place orders tot he kitchen and bar over blue tooth. All those advance are certainly a great help, and will add to great saving if properly used in new environment. It is difficult to change existing structure or well established restaurant without getting involved in horrendous costs for remodeling. Where restaurant can really use new technology is in the domain of portable electronics, such a small cameras, to take guests pictures at special parties and being able to upload those picture on the restaurant photo gallery. Remember guests love to be part of their favorite restaurant. Their picture on your photo gallery has great meaning for the guests.  Gathering data from guests is much more availablend easier to use that a few years ago. sending an e-Zine to your guests is de facto way of doing business. using faface bookwitter and the likes is now bread and butter for the restaurant industry. It is now fairly easy to stay in front of your guests on a regular basis. In January I am on my way to the C.E.S. show in Las Vegas to look for new ideas and gadget to help the restaurateur compete against the chains. Stay tune I'll let you know of my finds.