Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wednesday Jan 6, 2010

Sunday, January 17, 2010 1:00pm-5:00pm   Barker Hangar - 3021 Airport Avenue, Suite 203, Santa Monica, CA 90405  Cost: $50  Sunday's Grand Tasting will showcase over 75 phenomenal producers of pinot noir. Consumers will be able to sample up to 400 pinots from every important domestic pinot noir region, from the Russian River Valley to the Santa Lucia Highlands, Oregon to Carneros, the Anderson Valley to the Sonoma Coast to the Santa Rita Hills. Come to Barker Hangar to taste the highly acclaimed 2007 vintage, and talk with the gifted winemakers who created these beautiful wines. Local specialty food purveyors will serve delectables that pair well with pinot.
Larry Lipson - Costa Rica Wine Correspondent
Larry Lipson co-hosts "What's Cooking?"a restaurant, wine and food talk show that airs from 8 to 9 a.m. Wednesdays nationally on Cable Radio Network (CRN) and National Radio Network (NRN), heard locally on KPXN-TV (ITV) Channel 30 SAP;Time Warner Santa Monica on C 74 SAP; Time Warner San Fernando Valley on Channel 1/97 SAP and 25; Time Warner West Valley on Channel 6 SAP and 960; AT&T on Channel 6 in the Valley and Channel 44 SAP in Los Angeles; Charter Communications on Channel 33 SAP; Time Warner Lancaster on Channel 37; Time Warner Simi Valley on Channel 8; Charter in Hidden Hills/Malibu/Agoura on cable FM 97.5; Avenue TV Cable Ventura on Channel 83; Charter San Gabriel Valley on Channel 34 SAP and Channel 56; Time Warner Canyon Country on Channel 960; Time Warner South Pasadena on Channel 6 and 960.

Mikey Teutul  "American Chopper"  (TLC)
Mikey is the son of Paul Teutul, Sr., founder of Orange County Choppers.  OCC is one of the world's premier builders of custom motorcycles, and the focal point of the TLC reality series
American Chopper.  The hit show airs Thursdays 9PM (ET/PT) on TLC.  The sixth season of American Chopper follows the escalating Teutul family feud that threatens to destroy the once close-knit family--and change the face of Orange County Choppers forever.  Mikey and his brother, Paul Jr., are currently not on speaking terms with their father! In a special episode airing Thursday, January 7th, it's clear that the family divide is as deep as ever and only getting worse.   Yet, Mikey embarks on a rewarding personal journey after he enlists the help of a friend to train for and participate in a Junior Diabetes Research Foundation charity ride through scenic Death Valley.  Talk with Mikey Teutul about TLC's hit show "American Chopper," his family's feud, and the cause of combating juvenile diabetes! 

Frank Pelligrino - "Rao's New York/ Las Vegas"
Rao's is renowned for its jukebox, its quirky decor, its unmatched hospitality and most of all, the spectacular Neapolitan cuisine. It's also notorious for being one of the most difficult restaurants in New York in which to get a reservation. Year-long waits for one of its ten tables are not uncommon. But what is it about this tiny, charming restaurant that makes it the most in-demand spot in the city night after night, year after year? For decades Rao's existed as a neighborhood restaurant. Its local customers would fill the tables with such regularity that eventually they were given standing reservations - bookings that persevere to this day. The Rao's phenomenon exploded in 1977, when New York Times food critic Mimi Sheraton gave Rao's a gushing, half-page, three-star review, splashing the city's best-kept secret in front of millions of readers. Since Rao's NYC location only has ten tables, and only one seating per evening, the resulting demand would have been overwhelming even if the tables weren't already spoken for. That the tables were "owned" like a condominium translated to almost no empty seats in the house, night after night.