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Joe Cahn - Commissioner of Tailgating
There are extreme tailgaters. And then there is Joe Cahn!  As the self-proclaimed Commissioner of Tailgating, Joe may have the best job in America.  He invented it.  In 1996, he sold his business, the New Orleans School of Cooking, sold his house, bought a motor home and hit the road to explore what he calls "the new American community"—Tailgate Parties. Joe Cahn is the world's only professional tailgater.  He tailgates at football stadiums, NASCAR tracks, and any other event where they party in the parking lot.  Now in his twelfth season on the road, he has driven the JoeMobiles over 500,000 miles, visited hundreds of cities, and has seen thousands of fans and has eaten his way through over 500 tailgate parties. During his Tailgating America Tours he has used 83,397 gallons of gas/diesel to travel to all 31 NFL stadiums,  over 123 college stadiums, and 9 NASCAR tracks, tailgated with hundreds of thousands of people and served more than 326 pots of
Jambalaya!  Joe Cahn is the Commissioner of Tailgating. The Commissioner's job is to promote tailgating, the Celebration in the Parking Lot. It's the new community social and the biggest weekly party in the nation!  He's meeting the fans, the Tailgaters, AND the folks on the road, in the rest stops, at the campgrounds, in the parking lots of America!  He wants to make sure everyone is invited to the party.  He's living the American dream.  It's every sports fan's fantasy!  Along the way, Joe has eaten... BBQ Brisket in Dallas
Grits in Atlanta
Bratwurst in Green Bay
Cheesesteaks in Philadelphia
Coney Island Hot Dogs in New York
Dungeness Crab in San Francisco
Smoked Salmon in Seattle
Boiled Lobsters in New England
Pulled Pork & Hush Puppies in Carolina
Buffalo Wings in Buffalo
Chesapeake Bay Crabs in Baltimore
Muffelettas in New Orleans
Pierogi's in Pittsburgh
and a Side of Beef in Kansas City

MATT GOULDING  Food and Nutrition Editor  "Men's Health"
He has cooked and eaten his way around the world;  he divides most of his time between computer and stovetop.  From Men's Health magazine comes the next installment of the popular Eat This, Not That! series:  COOK THIS, NOT THAT! – Kitchen Survival Guide.  With the average dinner out costing a person nearly $35 and 1,200 calories, it's hard on both the wallet and waistline.  Men's Health food and nutrition editor  MATT GOULDING  is available to share recipes and tips that will turn your kitchen around. Matt Goulding can discuss:

-The worst restaurant foods - recreate them with less calories

-How to stock your pantry while cutting calories and saving cash

-37 ways to cook a chicken breast

-A Dozen 10-minute pasta sauces

-The Ultimate Sandwich Matrix

-How "healthy" foods are secretly sabotaging your health

After years of helping consumers navigate America's daunting culinary landscape – and literally thousands of weight-loss success stories – Dave and Matt have finally turned their nutritional savvy to the place with the greatest impact – your kitchen. The hundreds of recipes contained inside this book will help you and your loved ones eliminate body fat, get in shape, and lead fitter, happier lives.

Tim Gunn  "Project Runway"  (Bravo)
Tim Gunn is a design guru, a well-known author, a fashion advisor and a champion for women's heart health. He is co-host of the Emmy-nominated television program Project Runway and author of Tim Gunn: A Guide to Quality, Taste & Style. Gunn currently serves as Chief Creative Officer at Liz Claiborne Inc. and has served as a member of the administration and faculty at Parsons The New School for Design for close to 24 years.  Style expert, "Project Runway," co-host, Tim Gunn is making heart-health fashionable by turning three people's red dress sketches into red-carpet-ready couture. The designs will shine the spotlight on heart disease, the number one killer of women. And, it's up to America to determine which budding designer will have the opportunity to debut his/her dress and share their inspiring story about their real heart-health hero. Tim is encouraging Americans to vote for their favorite heart-health inspired red dress design to shine the spotlight on heart disease, the number one killer of women. Each vote will trigger a $1 donation (up to $625,000) to the American Heart Association's Go Red For Women movement. The winning designer will appear with Gunn on the red carpet at the Woman's Day Red Dress Awards to celebrate American Heart Month.  In addition, the chosen red dress will become part of the Campbell red dress collection, joining the ranks of previous Campbell red dress designers Nicole Miller, Lisa Perry and Michael Vollbracht for Bill Blass. Voters will have the opportunity to vote through January 28, 2010This interview opportunity is provided for your free and unrestricted use on behalf of the American Heart Association in partnership with Campbell Soup Company.  For more than three years Campbell Soup Company has been a proud national supporter of the American Heart Association's Go Red For Women movement, recently extending its 2006 pledge to support the program to $3.6 million by 2012.

Diane A. Welland  "CIG to Eating Clean"
Eating clean combines three aspects of healthy eating: overall nutrition; emphasis on unprocessed foods; and healthy food preparation. This guide shows readers how to change their eating habits, without breaking their budgets or sacrificing taste. It provides a look at: how, what, and what not to eat; how to best prepare food; how to make quick, healthy meals; how to liven up nutritious foods; how to buy healthy on the cheap; and how to eat out. Numerous studies showing the dangers of eating processed and packaged foods, particularly for children. Diane A. Welland, M.S., R.D.,is a registered dietitian, freelance writer, and consultant. Welland is a member of the American Dietetic Association's Food and Culinary Practice Group, incoming chair of the Nutrition and Food Science Section of the International Association of Culinary Professionals, and past Manager of Nutrition Services/Media Spokesperson for the National Restaurant Association.