Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Jan 8, 2010

Devin Alexander, Host of "Healthy Decadence"  Discovery Channel / Author

If you think getting a fresh start in the New Year means eating bland, lifeless food, think again! With millions of Americans on some form of weight loss program, it's no surprise that finding healthy alternatives to the lunch foods you love can be a challenge. In fact, sandwiches are ranked among the most popular items eaten by Americans, and are enjoyed at 37 percent of all lunches. Devin Alexander, nationally recognized cooking expert and best-selling author, is available for live interviews to tell your viewers how to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the New Year by eating smart.  From a healthy take on a steak sandwich to eating a nutritious chicken bruschetta flatbread, Devin will provide the latest tips about healthy eating throughout the day. She will also offer advice on how to adjust your lifestyle and eating habits and how to keep up with those New Years resolutions throughout 2010.

David Gregg  - 2010 CES  Las Vegas
Hosted by CES veteran David Gregg, nationally recognized new product reporter and Senior Editor of, this informative and entertaining segment will wow listeners with innovative new products plucked directly from the world's largest consumer product trade show. Highlights include a look at what's sure to be the buzz of this year's show… 3DTV. David will have a first look at a giant 50-inch 3DTV and discuss the pros/cons of this format and how/ why its finally making its way to the consumer marketplace.   David will also have a host of items from the latest computer products to audio and innovative gadgets

Jessie Price deputy editor of food  "EatingWell Media Group"
Nicci Micco, deputy editor of features 'EatingWell Media Group' 
 Eating Well Magazine - new book - Dinners at 500 Calories or Less (and they taste GOOD) Its that time of year again when we all think "maybe I should eat better or shed a few pounds" – this year make it not such a torturous chore – this book has over 100 recipes that are easy, under 500 calories and they actually taste so good you will WANT to eat this way every night!!!  From the James Beard Award-winning series of cookbooks come 140 more easy, delicious recipes for a nutritious meal . A recent New York Times article proclaiming, "Calorie Counting is Back," cited everything from an upswing in low-calorie, processed-food snackpacks to New York's new requirement of chain restaurants to post calorie counts alongside menu items, not to mention a couple of bills in Congress seeking to standardize calorie-labeling nationwide.  Taking these initiatives to heart (literally), author and senior food editor Jessie Price and nutrition editor Nicci Micco, along with their test-kitchen colleagues at EatingWell, wanted to make the calorie-counting easy—which is why they've done it for us! In EATING WELL: 500-CALORIE DINNERS (Countryman Press: December 1, 2009; $24.95), Price and Micco present an easy-to-follow, seven-step plan for weight loss, debunking myths and offering smart solutions for common weight-loss challenges. They break down calorie counts of frequently used ingredients, altogether making readers better informed about the dishes they consume.  And the dishes themselves? With recipes like Grilled Salmon & Summer Squash with Romesco Sauce served with new potatoes, Hawaiian Ginger-Chicken Stew with brown rice, and Greek Orzo Stuffed Peppers with roasted broccoli—along with satisfying salads and sandwiches, several hearty sides, desserts, and more—staying within 500 calories never tasted so good.  "For most people, dinner is the hardest meal to plan for," says Micco. "If you can plan for a 500-calorie dinner, and keep what you eat the rest of the day to 1,000 to 1,500 calories, most people will be able to maintain a healthy weight or even lose."  The menus and meals in EATING WELL: 500-CALORIE DINNERS are designed to work with most diet plans and are analyzed for nutritional values, cost, and how they match up with some of the country's most popular diet plans including Weight Watchers, South Beach and others.  Says Price, "The secret to being satisfied is having food that tastes delicious and fills you up." It's that simple! And these dinners intend to do just that.

Steve Evans "The Movie Guy"
Tips on the best & worst this weekend at the Box Office. Steve reviews and comments on all the latest from Hollywood and gets the story behind the film.A veteran of the industry, "The Movie Guy" says exactly how he feels about the movies that you will be watching this weekend. Mike Horn comments on the lineup of big screen offerings but does not always agree with what Steve has to say. This is the movie review program to listen to every week and get the "real deal".