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 CRN Staffers Attend the Hollywood Charity Horse Show presented by Wells Fargo!

MC & Host, William Shatner

Sheryl Crowe

CRN's Courtney Kadera

William Shatner and Courtney Kadera

Howard Price and Courtney Kadera

Cynthia Peck, William Shatner and Michael Horn

Cynthia Peck and William Shatner

Mancow, Cynthia Peck and Michael Horn

Mancow and Michael Horn

Michael Horn and Cynthia Peck


Mike Horn with  buddies Tommy and Jo Lasorda on their 61st anniversary at Dodger Stadium. Two great Hall of Gamers!!!!!

Mike Horn risks ruining his silk Hawaiian shirt to mix wine at Paradise Ridge Winery (as mentioned on!

Master Sommelier's Geoff Kruth,Larry Stone, Fred Dame, Keith Goldston, and Michael Jordan at the World Of Pinot Noir (WOPN) Burgundy tasting. What a delightful group. Can you say "corked" ?

The stars of the day! (With Michael Jordan on left.)

Cheese and Burgundy anyone?

What a beautiful day in the Edna Valley at Edna Valley Vineyards. This is California at it's best.

A man who knows great California wine Associate WineMaker Matt Brain of Edna Valley Vineyard. (Is he turning his nose at the French Burgundy? )

The greatest of the Masters Fred Dame MS. (Is that Bob Hurley of Hurley's Restaurant in Napa next to him?)

At the World Of Pinot Noir in Edna Valley California with the great Master Sommelier Michael Jordan. Tasting Old World (French ) Burgundies. What an event. The 1993 Camille Giroud Corton-Perrieres is outstanding.