Thursday, April 24, 2014



Best know from MTV's "The Hills" and Author of "The Lo Down"  Lo is now an Chef in Training and she will be talking about cooking with Pumpkin - From TV to the Table - Lo Bosworth Talks Pumpkin: Super-flexible Superfood Is More than Meets the Pie

From reality star to author to chef-in-training, Lo Bosworth has become a jack of all trades and knows her stuff when it comes to food, fashion, beauty and décor. In her current role as student at The International Culinary Center she is challenged to consistently produce exceptional cuisine and fine tune her culinary prowess. But cooking great food is not the only task of current catering; healthy ingredients are becoming increasingly important in modern food trends.

 An easy way to boost the health factor in many dishes while adding great texture, taste and nutrition is by adding pumpkin. Lo will show your viewers how to replace the fat with pumpkin in many recipes as a delicious way to reduce calories. No longer just for holiday pies, Lo will discuss how to incorporate this surprisingly flexible superfood into delicious recipes that everyone will love year round.

About Lo Bosworth: Lauren Bosworth, better known as Lo, first appeared on television in season one of the reality-drama Laguna Beach and went on to star in MTV’s The Hills. Bosworth graduated from UCLA with a degree in Art History. She later launched a lifestyle website, and co-founded Revelry House, resources for the modern hostess. She is a best-selling author, executive producer, and culinary student at The International Culinary Center.


Veteran barbecue champions Andy Husbands and Chris Hart break the mold by offering a wide range of incredible new dishes for the grill—both coal and gas—that promise to wow family and friends with new taste sensations.
This book is for the adventurous backyard griller tired of the same old sauces and craving new flavors. Andy and Chris take influences from lesser-known but delicious styles in the US. They introduce key international dishes like sweet Korean barbecue; spicy Sichuan chicken sticks and Caribbean jerk ribs. This is an incredible collection of grilling recipes—perfection hot off the grill.

In this book, Chris and Andy serve up new and incredible backyard culinary adventures, the perfect gift for the outdoor cook in your neighborhood.

Andy Husbands is a chef, restaurateur, author and television personality. Currently, he is executive chef/owner of the restaurants Tremont 647 and Sister Sorel in Boston’s South End. He came into the national spotlight in 2009 as a contestant on Season 6 of Fox’s Hell’s Kitchen with Gordon Ramsay.



An Emmy, Golden Globe, SAG and NAACP Award winner, S. Epatha Merkerson has won critical acclaim for her brilliant work in theatre, film and television.

S. Epatha got her start with guest appearances on The Cosby Show and Frasier, as well as numerous TV films, before landing the role of Lieutenant Anita Van Buren on NBC’s Law & Order. In sixteen years on the show, she appeared in more episodes than any other cast member during the series' run and holds the distinction of being the longest-running African-American character on a primetime television series. S. Epatha can now be seen hosting TV One’s Find Our Missing and is also recurring on NBC’s Deception opposite Meagan Good.

Eleven years ago, S. Epatha got an important wake-up call when she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. After her diagnosis, she decided to get serious about her health by working with her doctor to come up with a diabetes management plan that was right for her, including the right diet, exercise and medications to help her meet her A1C goal.

Because her brother also has the condition, and both her father and grandmother died from complications of diabetes, S. Epatha has seen firsthand how the disease can change your life, and has been committed to getting to her A1C, blood pressure and cholesterol goals.

That’s why S. Epatha is now working with Merck on the America’s Diabetes Challenge: Get to Your Goals program to encourage other people living with type 2 diabetes to join in her in pledging to know their A1C and work with their doctor to set and attain their own blood sugar goals.