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Stephanie Honig was born in Havertown, Pennsylvania. At the age of six, she moved with her family to Buenos Aires, Argentina, then to Florida in 1994, where she attended Florida International University, graduating in 1997 with a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. While attending FIU she also spent time in Europe, studying at the Oxford Brookes University in England. She then moved to Philadelphia and worked as a Sales Manager for Marriott Corporation.

In 2000, she moved to New York to pursue a career in the wine industry, working as a Sales Manager for Clicquot, Inc., and for Rudd Winery as the Eastern Regional Sales Manger. In 2005, she earned the WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) Higher Certificate and the WSET Diploma. She left Rudd in 2006 to import her own wine brand from Argentina. She also taught wine classes at the French Culinary Institute in New York and at Florida International University.

In 2006, she moved to the Napa Valley and married Michael Honig. Stephanie travels the globe developing Honig’s international and national presence, and handles the public relations for the family business. She serves on the Public Relations Committee, the Marketing Committee and the International Ambassadors Committee at the Napa Valley Vintners.  She is active in raising funds for mental health and for Type 1 diabetes research.  She lives on the Honig property in Rutherford with her husband Michael, their daughters Sophia and Lola, son Sebastian, and their dogs Raisin and Kota.


Make Ice Cream From the Best Creameries in the Country In the Comfort of Your Own Kitchen!
What if you could have the greatest ice cream flavors from any of the 50 states in your kitchen? With Scoop Adventures, you'll have the recipes from the best shops in New York, Maryland, Illinois, Hawaii and everywhere in between. Lindsay Clendaniel, creator of Scoop Adventures, has found the best creameries from across the country and adapted their authentic recipes so you can make them in your own ice cream maker for your friends and family.

With over 80 recipes from all over the US, tried and tested for your kitchen, there is sure to be a flavor for every mood and every taste preference. With the stories behind the flavors, colorful photos of the shops and most importantly, tasty and one-of-a-kind recipes, you'll have everything you need to scoop your way across America's best flavors.

Lindsay Clendaniel is an avid ice cream maker and author of the ice cream recipe blog - Scoop Adventures. Lindsay's love of ice cream began as a young child. She fondly remembers making trips to the local ice cream stand; the excitement of picking the flavor, the sweet and creamy taste, the cool ice cream dripping down her hand as she licked the cone. Her love for ice cream has taken her to more ice cream shops that she can count. Enjoying various scoops throughout her childhood quickly translated into a passion for all things ice cream as an adult. After eating ice cream made by other people for nearly 30 years, Lindsay decided to buy an ice cream maker of her own. With each new batch of ice cream, she set out to create a flavor that was more interesting or more intriguing than the last. Lindsay decided to share her creations with the world, and in 2009 the Scoop Adventures blog was born.

As she kept churning scoops and writing blog posts, word got out about Lindsay's blog and her obsession with ice cream. People started to take notice and soon enough she was approached to write the Scoop Adventures cookbook, which features a collection of recipes from shop owners who are passionate about their homemade product as well as original creations from Lindsay. She is excited to see what the ice cream world will bring her in the future!