Monday, August 16, 2010

8/16 - Missy Chase Lapine , Radio City Rockettes, Mel Allen,

Missy Chase Lapine  - "The Sneaky Chef"
The author of the hugely popular “Sneaky Chef” series of books , Missy Chase Lapine has inspired millions of parents and families throughout the nation with her coveted stealth secrets for sneaking healthy foods and ingredients into families’ meals without them even knowing it! A member of “Parenting Magazine’s” “Mom Squad” (a team of high-profile experts who are featured regularly in the magazine) and former publisher of “Eating Well” magazine, “The Sneaky Chef” has also contributed to and been featured in many national magazines and websites such as “Parenting”, “SELF”, “Family Fun”, “Scholastic Magazine”, “First”,   In addition to being a cooking instructor at New York’s finest culinary schools, “The Sneaky Chef” and her work have been featured on “The Today Show”, “FOX & Friends”, “National Public Radio”, and “Martha Stewart Radio”.  “The Sneaky Chef” lives with her husband and two daughters in Westchester County, New York.

 Radio City Rockettes  - "Kicking Across America" 
"Kick-off" the 2010 Radio City Christmas Spectacular with "Kicking Across America!"
Join in the celebration with the world-famous Rockettes. From coast to coast, Americans are kicking up their heels, either online or in person. At 1 million kicks, Radio City will donate thousands of tickets to the Garden of Dreams Foundation, which will provide children from local charities with the unforgettable opportunity to see the Christmas Spectacular. In New York, Capital One Bank presented $10,000 by Manhattan market president, James Covington, to the Garden of Dreams Foundation to kick off the season of giving.  Spread the Christmas spirit early this year, and KICK!

Mel Allen - Yankee Magazine - Fall Foliage
Say the word foliage and what comes to mind? Trees? Autumn colors? Falling leaves? Hot cocoa? The change of seasons? Travel? Football? Vermont?  It  is about trees and leaves on trees. It is also about change. It is about family and travel. It is about readying for winter whilst enjoying the last day of Indian Summer.  How about the beauty of life in motion and transition. Come travel with us through the colors, sights, smells, tastes, sounds and feelings.  We encourage and invite your contributions.  If your business serves the needs and interests of those who enjoy the experiences associated with autumn and Fall foliage please come back soon.