Saturday, May 29, 2010

5/31 -Judge Jeanine Pirro , Terry Hall , Rachel Klein, Chef Paul Prudhomme , John Gonsalves

Happy Memorial Day!

What's Cookin - On Today's Show:
Judge Jeanine Pirro - "Judge Jeanine Pirro"

A fast-paced one-hour daily court show featuring Jeanine Pirro, former District Attorney and County Court Judge of Westchester County, New York, highly respected legal commentator, author and renowned champion of the underdog.

Television court show Judge Jeanine Pirro is a highly respected former District Attorney and County Court Judge, elected politician, sought-after legal commentator, author, champion of women's rights and mother of two. Born in the small upstate New York farming town of Elmira, Judge Pirro became one of New York's most acclaimed politicians. She graduated from Notre Dame High School in three years, earned a BA from the University of Buffalo, magna cum laude, graduating Phi Beta Kappa and received her Juris Doctor (J.D.) law degree from Albany Law School of Union University:

1975 – Judge Pirro became an Assistant District Attorney in Westchester County.

1990 – Judge Pirro became the first female judge to sit on the county court bench.

1993 – Judge Pirro became the first female District Attorney of Westchester County.

(She was re-elected in 1997 and 2001.) Prosecuting murder, rape, domestic violence and other important cases -- with a 100% conviction rate -- Judge Pirro received considerable recognition for her work as a leading advocate for victims of domestic violence and worked tirelessly to change the landscape of how courts deal with these issues. With an innovative approach to crimes committed on the Internet, Judge Pirro began one of the nation's first Internet pedophile sting operations. Judge Pirro has recently appeared as a legal analyst on FOX News and CNN and is a regular judicial commentator on "Today," "Good Morning America," "The Early Show," "60 Minutes,” “Extra” and "The View.”
Terry Hall - Communications Director - Napa Valley Vintners Assoc
Napa Valley's vintners are known for their generosity, supporting fundraisers around the country and the globe with their legendary wines. But there's nothing quite like reveling with the people behind the wines in the place they call home, as they proudly share their finest wines and warmest hospitality in their favorite place. At Auction Napa Valley, you are our guests for four days, and when you return home, it's with memories to last a lifetime and some of Napa Valley's finest wines. But the magic is just beginning when the weekend winds down, as the proceeds from Auction Napa Valley go on to support scores of incredible non-profit programs. 30 Years of Giving Since 1981, members of the Napa Valley Vintners and the Napa Valley community have rallied together to offer, each June, an experience unlike any other. What started as a small event has grown into one of the world's most renowned wine auctions—with more than 350 wineries and 550 community volunteers now taking par—yet remains true to its goal of raising funds for healthcare, housing and youth services non-profits: Auction Napa Valley has given $90 million in proceeds to date. We warmly invite you to join us for some amazing festivities this June in celebration of our 30th Auction Napa Valley.
Rachel Klein - Editor - "Fodor's Travel Guides"
Rachel Klein has been an editor for Fodor's Travel guides and for five years where she is currently responsible for guides to France, Israel, Hawaii and India. Previously she worked in print journalism. An avid European traveler, Rachel just recently returned from an excursion to Rome and Paris, but is happy to call New York City her home. With the amount of visitors on the rise, Fodor's announces "TO EUROPE!" - a first-of-its-kind itinerary-based online tool offering potential European travelers everything from trip inspiration and planning, to on-the-ground logistics. "TO EUROPE!" will help travelers, from the intrepid to the highly experienced, get all the information and inspiration they'll need to choose, plan, and book their European vacation from the big cities to the not-to-be-missed lesser know towns and sites. And Fodor's is offering a HUGE bonus - a chance to win a European cruise vacation provided by Viking River Cruises!!! You can sign up at: . Fodor's TO EUROPE!, runs from May 10th to June 28th, 2010, and allows users a personalized experience. Itineraries are sortable both by experience, allowing users to drill down based on individual interests like architecture, wine, or history, and by country.

Chef Paul Prudhomme - "Status of Seafood from New Orleans" (BP Oil Spill)

Chef Paul Prudhomme has propelled the distinctive cuisine of his native Louisiana into the international spotlight and continues to push the limits by creating exciting and new American and international dishes. Chef Paul learned the importance of using the freshest ingredients while cooking at his mother’s side and continues to use only earth’s finest harvests. As the youngest of 13 children, Chef Paul was always adventurous. His strong curiosity of life and cultural customs motivated him to leave Louisiana in his early 20’s and travel across the United States to experience every culinary environment possible. From an Indian reservation all the way to the finest, five-star restaurant, Chef Paul learned to love, appreciate and blend the flavors of his younger years with those of many other cultures.

John Gonsalves - "Homes For Our Troops" "Kids For Our Troops"

In 2004, John Gonsalves founded Homes for Our Troops (HFOT), an organization that builds specially-adapted homes for severely injured military veterans. The New England construction supervisor was moved by our veterans’ commitment and found there was very little being done to specifically cater to the needs of those coming home with life-changing injuries or disabilities. Gonsalves saw that he could help, and the organization has since built nearly 50 homes for disabled veterans, catering to their special needs, from Massachusetts to California. This spring, in time for Memorial Day, HFOT is launching Kids for Our Troops (KFOT) to help parents, children, teachers, students, club leaders, and civic organizations get involved in the efforts to provide these homes for disabled veterans and their families. Through a partnership with FUJIFILM, a photo printing, gifting, and sharing website, KFOT is offering students, ages 13-16, the opportunity to pursue their dreams of becoming photojournalists by chronicling a “build” in their area.