Thursday, May 6, 2010

5/6 - Sandra Lee, Chuck Woolery, Joey Vento, Troy Roberts,

Shelley Tyre met David Swain, a divorced father of two, in the early 1990’s. . The two shared a passion for the ocean and diving. Shelley was a bundle of energy, a teacher and school administrator. Swain was an active member of the community, running a local dive shop in Jamestown, Rhode Island. She was as vivacious as he was quiet. The couple married in 1993 and Shelley became actively involved in David's dive shop -- planning the big expansion to add a pool so he could teach diving year round.  In the spring of 1999, Shelley and David planned a driving trip in the Tortola Islands. They chartered a 40-foot sailboat with another couple set out to swim with the most beautiful wildlife in the Caribbean. But what happened on that last fateful dive, eighty-feet beneath the surface would be examined and replayed in people's minds for the next decade.  The couple dove into the ocean and only after 30 minutes, David surfaced, holding a lifeless Shelley in his arms. After returning to the boat, he performed CPR on her, but was unable to save her life. Today, David is unable to explain what happened to Shelley, but claims he was no where near her when she went unconscious under water. Tortola police questioned David, found no evidence of foul play and performed an autopsy. They ruled Shelley’s death an accident. Shelley’s parents were devastated and found David’s calm demeanor in the following weeks, very disturbing. They were convinced that Shelley’s death was not an accident…instead, it was murder. A diving expert examined Shelley's scuba equipment and found that her mask, mouth piece and fin had been tampered with…leading them to believe that somebody drowned her while beneath the surface. What really happened to Shelley Tyre? Troy Roberts investigates on this week’s 48 Hours Mystery.  SATURDAY MAY 8th ON 48 HOURS MYSTERY AT 10pmET/9CT

Sandra Lee - "Food Network"   "Share our Strength"
Food Network Star Sandra Lee Joins Share Our Strength To Help Ensure That No Child Goes Hungry.  Nearly 17 million children in America worry about when their next meal will come. That’s almost one in four kids in America today with hunger, lacking reliable access to the nutritious foods they need to thrive. Food Network star Sandra Lee together with Share Our Strength are spreading the word, telling parents and kids how they can “bake” a difference.  Share Our Strength’s Great American Bake Sale is an annual national campaign that mobilizes Americans to help raise funds to end childhood hunger. By holding bake sales, Americans raised over $1.2 million dollars last year alone. Since it began in 2003, funds raised during the Great American Bake Sale have helped nearly 1 million children in America. Sandra Lee has a passion for simple solutions that create dramatic results in all areas of home life. She is an internationally acclaimed home and food expert. With 20 books to her credit Sandra Lee is a New York Times best-selling author, Editor-in-Chief of the national magazine Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade, host of the top-rated, Emmy-nominated Food Network TV show Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee and Sandra’s Money Saving Meals. For more information on Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade, please visit or

Chuck Woolery - Bicycle Playing Cards 125th Anniversary
TV Legend and Renowned Game Show Host Chuck Woolery, a legendary TV personality and renowned game show host, has had a long, successful career hosting game shows and appearing on many TV shows and in movies. Chuck is best known to the television audience for his role as the host of Love Connection (1983-1994), where he established his infamous "two and two" trademark. In addition to his legendary role, he has also hosted Wheel of Fortune (1975-1981), The Big Spin (1985), Scrabble (1984-1990, 1993), The Home and Family Show (1996-1998, co-host), The Dating Game (1997-1999), Greed (1999-2000) Lingo (2002-2007) and most recently Meow Mix Think Like A Cat (2008). In addition to hosting some of the top game shows in the nation, Chuck has played in the World Poker Tour for charity. Chuck is all about fun and games. This year he is teaming up with Bicycle® Playing Cards to help Bicycle celebrate their 125th anniversary by inspiring America to play cards and enjoy the connection the experience brings. He now resides in Texas with his family, where he enjoys one of his most prized hobby, bass fishing.

Joey Vento - Geno's Steaks - Philadelphia
Geno's Steaks owner, Joey Vento has devoted his entire life to building his Geno's Steaks, leaving him little or no time for any outside interests. That is, until recently, when he decided to get involved in biking. Well, like everything else Joey does, he gave it his all. After getting professional training and obtaining his license, he bought his first Harley. Not too long after that, he graduated to a larger bike and then went on to purchasing a third bike. All the bikes are housed across from Geno's, leading people to believe that he also runs a Harley business. Having the bikes close to his business affords him the opportunity to take off and ride with his friends after putting in his usual 7 Day a Week, 4am to 11am schedule. It's a time to relax and unwind and when people kid him and say he's having a second childhood, he explains that's not the case; this is his first childhood. He was too busy working.