Wednesday, May 5, 2010

5/5 - Andrew Caldwell , Matt Martinez ,

 Laurena Martini -   The History of Mexican Food
The history of Mexican food is long and distinct. Since before the 1500s, the making of fine Mexican cuisine has been in the making. The foods of Mexico are known for having rich flavors and brilliant colors, and are made from a variety of ingredients. Yet many people shy away from eating Mexican food because they buy into the myth that it is mainly a spicy cuisine.

Andrew Caldwell  -  " Their Last Suppers:  Legends of History and Their Final Meals
Did you know that Adolph Hitler was a vegetarian and his longtime private chef was Jewish? What dish played an integral role in Marilyn Monroe's unsuccessful bid to woo back Bobby Kennedy? Part historical narrative and part grilling guide cookbook, Andrew Caldwell's Their Last Suppers: Legends of History and Their Final Meals guides history buffs and gourmands alike through gastronomically inspired biographical accounts of more than 20 legendary personalities.  Unearthing recipes as far back as 323 B.C., Caldwell, The History ChefTM , provides insight into 2,000 years of culinary lore. Each historical figure's profile includes a brief description of pursuits and accomplishments as well as little-known anecdotes, popular foods of his or her time period, recipes for the figure's actual last meal, and cooking tips. Because the kitchens of Montezuma, Caesar, and other notables profiled within the book were often very basic, Caldwell brings their fare into modern kitchens, although he strongly believes that, whenever possible, grills and open fires should be used for most dishes and therefore provides specific preparation tips throughout.  From the Titanic's 12-course tasting menu to personal recipes for Princess Diana's Favorite Watercress Soup, Elvis Presley's Fried Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich, Julius Caesar's Ambrosia, Cleopatra's Hummus, and Stone Crab a la Kennedy, historians and foodies alike will relish the trivia and tastings paired within Their Last Suppers: Legends of History and Their Final Meals. Andrew initially was trained as a classical chef in some of Bermuda's, finer resorts. From an early age he was recognized for his creative talent and has won gold medals for ice and butter sculpture.  Working through the kitchens he moved into management, eventually becoming General Manager in some of the world's largest resorts. He has managed properties in some twelve countries and later went on to do consultancy in places such as South Africa, Egypt, the United States, the Caribbean, Spain and France.  Eventually developing his own hotel from scratch in New Mexico, he took a rundown adobe estate in Albuqueque and within two years 'Las Palomas' was rated in 'Americas Top 100 Little Inns'.  Always being a student of history, Andrew has walked Hadrians Wall, The Inca Road in Peru and visited Pyramid sites from Egypt to Mexico to satisfy his thirst for knowledge. The pirate haunts of the Caribbean and the lost cities of Central America have also been visited.  'Their Last Suppers' comes from a desire to combine history and food in a package that people today with their active lifestyles can appreciate. The history is cutting edge, accurate, concise and fun and the recipes are easy. "We can teach ourselves and our children so much by learning from the past. This way we can do it with a great meal along the way--Cheers!"

Matt Martinez  "Mixologist"
Cinco de Mayo segment to share some information about the holiday and how to prepare a few Herradura-based cocktails, including the classic margarita.

 Dr. Howard Shapiro (CNN, Oprah, GMA), and Chef Franklin Becker:
The key to battling this epidemic is better control of our diets, and it can be done without sacrificing taste or many of the delicious foods we love. According to Dr. Howard Shapiro and Chef Franklin Becker – who was diagnosed with diabetes at age 27 – the secret to healthy weight control/loss is their Beat Diabetes Food Pyramid. Containing four powerful weapons called “The Four Phenoms”, fiber, phytonutrients, soy protein, and good fats, Dr. Shapiro and chef Becker can identify foods that can literally stop the effects and growth of diabetes. Their new book, Eat & Beat Diabetes With Picture Perfect Weight Loss (Harlequin, May 2010) gives people a much needed user-friendly approach to figuring out a healthy lifestyle full of tasty meals, and can save millions of lives with its foolproof and sensible diet.