Monday, April 26, 2010

4/27 - Tyler Florence, Jon Palfreman, Kerry Simon, Jim McCann, Ellie Kreiger,

 Tyler Florence - "Food Network"  Wish Bone Salad Dressing
Salads are also a great way to work veggies into your diet. The Centers for Disease Control report that only 27% of adults get their recommended daily servings of vegetables.1 To start increasing your vegetable consumption, try these delicious recipes from Tyler Florence and Wish-Bone®. Celebrity chef and Food Network star, Tyler Florence, has spent the last fifteen years traversing the globe in order to bring the best of the culinary world into the homes of the masses. The Tyler Florence Shop takes Tyler's culinary mission one step further and allows the public to take home a slice of his passion for great food. Newly relocated to Mill Valley from NYC, Tyler's love of Northern California will manifests itself in the form of an innovative retail experience informed by the rustic charm of Mill Valley and the global experiences  of one of the world's foremost culinary voices.

Jim McCann - 1-800-Flowers &  
“Celebrating Moms: Share, Remember, Cherish.”

Jim McCann, can talk about how the gifting industry is doing and their expectations for Mother’s Day this year. Also, Jim and 1-800-Flowers has collected remembrances and expressions of gratitude submitted by customers and visitors to The messages were so moving, it lead to the creation of the book “Celebrating Moms: Share, Remember, Cherish.” The book has inspiring, real-life accounts of motherhood which form a moving tribute to the power and spirit of mothers. Jim can discuss; The many inspiring stories in his new book “Celebrating Moms: Share, Remember, Cherish” / How his mother inspired him to create 1-800-Flowers* / Trends in flowers and gifting today / Ways to celebrate mom this Mother’s Day with or without flowers

Celebrity Chef Kerry Simon -   "Simon LA"
Kerry Simon is a celebrity chef and the executive chef and proprietor at his namesake restaurant "Simon" at Palms Place in Las Vegas, Nevada. His other restaurants are Cathouse in Las Vegas, NV and Simon LA, in Los Angeles, California. Simon was dubbed One of America's Greatest Chefs by Rolling Stone magazine.  Simon has also appeared on Iron Chef America challenging and defeating Cat Cora in Battle Hamburger. He has also judged for Iron Chef America.  Aside from Iron Chef America, he has made other appearances on television. He can also be seen on an episode of the Fine Living's What Makes it Tick, produced by NorthSouth Productions. "He's movie-star handsome. Can he cook?" murmured my date as I introduced her to Chef Kerry Simon at a recent food function. "Yes, he's one of our finest and most successful chefs," I laughingly replied. But I could understand her inquiry: Kerry, at 53, is a great looking guy at the height of his powers as a chef and entrepreneur, and probably ready to seek new serious acting in films or on TV is a natural move for him. But he defers my query when I suggest it; "I really don't have any interest in doing a cooking show on television, but as far as real dramatic acting ...I don't know, it's an intriguing possibility," he told me at a recent dinner at his SIMON LA RESTAURANT in the 295-room Sofitel Hotel at Beverly Blvd and La Cienega (8555 Beverly Blvd, right across from the Beverly Center (310) 358-3979) with valet parking).  I told my friend that Kerry had competed against Iron Chef Cat Cora on that iconic television show and defeated the champion with a hamburger! (something which people talk about to this day.) Three years ago I reviewed his local restaurant after he opened it to much acclaim, coming from his then-Las Vegas venue - Prime, at Steve Wynn's Bellagio Hotel (which Kerry then left after a change in management); he was seeking to achieve a higher presence in the L.A. market. From time to time, readers have reported having wonderful dinners here...but the restaurant doesn't seem to have achieved the wide acclaim Kerry has achieved in Las Vegas. On a recent trip there, I stopped in at Simon Palms Place at the Malouf's Palms Place hotel/condo just off the strip, but it was so jammed I couldn't get a table. (I did walk over to view the six shelves of potted herbs on a glass wall in the rear of the about having a green environment.) And his second restaurant in Las Vegas, Cathouse at the Luxor Hotel, is equally hot, but not quite my thing. (Although decorated like a Parisian brothel, I'm told the food is serious.)  When Air France acquired the Sofitel Hotel in L.A. they were seeking a high-end steak house and offered the venue to Kerry, who was partnered with Jean-George Vongerichten at the Vegas Prime eatery. (Funny, the French have never been noted for their steak houses, despite the fact that their dish of steak frites is a standard in every bistro. When I visit Paris, I realize that not only don't they have any major steak restaurants, they don't even understand the concept...they never get it thick enough...they don't even have broilers in their kitchens.) Kerry had joined with partners Elizabeth Blau and her husband, Kim Canteenwalla, to open on Simon Kitchen and Bar at Peter Morton's Hard Rock Hotel in late 2002...when the Gallic guys came calling a few years later to come to L.A. Kerry, once called by Rolling Stone "The Rock 'n Roll Chef," told me that he had always wanted to come here. (The story behind that designation is fascinating: when Donald and Ivana Trump bought The Plaza Hotel in New York, she was in charge of selecting the new chef for the stately Edwardian Room. After interviewing every available chef in town, Kerry walked in, cooked her a dinner or two, easily charmed her, and manned the kitchen there for three years. When several rock star friends (David Bowe, Iman, Debbie Harry) came for dinner and ate at a table in the kitchen, the word got out and the 'Chef's Table' became the hottest spot in town...soon people were clamoring to eat there and it was booked two months in advance. Chef's Tables have since proliferated all over the world.)

Jon Palfreman  Frontline "The Vaccine War” (TONIGHT ON PBS/CHECK LOCAL LISTINGS)
Public health scientists and clinicians tout vaccines as one of the greatest achievements of modern medicine. But for many ordinary Americans vaccines have become controversial. Young parents are concerned at the sheer number of shots--some 26 inoculations for 14 different diseases by age 6--and follow alternative vaccination schedules.  Other parents go further. In communities like Ashland, Oregon, up to one-third of parents are choosing not to vaccinate their kids at all. And some advocacy groups, like Generation Rescue, argue that vaccines are no longer a public health miracle but a scourge; they view vaccines as responsible for alarming rises in certain disorders, including ADHD and autism.  FRONTLINE producer Jon Palfreman (“Sick Around America,” “Sick Around the World”)

Ellie Krieger  "So Easy: Luscious, Healthy Recipes for Every Meal of the Week"
As the host of the Food Network's Healthy Appetite, Ellie proves to the world that cooking healthy food can be quick, easy, and most of all — delicious! Ellie's fast and simple recipes are designed to help you live and eat well, no matter how busy and stressful your life may be. Ellie also shares her secrets for staying on track (and enjoying yourself!) when you're in the most challenging situations: at the office, in a restaurant, or on vacation. Healthy Appetite teaches you easy ways to eat better, live healthier, have more energy, and feel great! Tune in to the Food Network on Fridays and Saturdays at 1:30 p.m. (Eastern and Pacific time) to catch the show.