Monday, April 5, 2010

4/05 - John Selman, Adam Hanft, Michael Gurnis, Hugh Masakela

John Selman - Founder "Malibu Wine Classic"
Malibu Wine Classic founder John Selman of Malibu Village Wines said,  “Locals say, ‘This is exactly the kind of event Malibu needs. -  Winemakers say, ‘We always love coming down for this event.’- Chefs say. ‘We’re in  again next year.’ The charity, Childhelp, says ‘Thank you for another great  event,’ and 800 guests show up and have a great day. It’s a good recipe.”

Adam Hanft  CEO -  Hanft Projects  (Social Networking for Athletes) Adam is a nationally-known authority on consumer marketing, business strategy and social trends. As founder and CEO of Hanft Unlimited, his guidance and insights are available to the firm's prestigious clients, a list that includes AT&T Wireless, Scotts, Reuters, Viacom, AOL Time Warner and Hertz. They are seeking successful, often unexpected solutions for the strategic marketing and communication challenges they face, ranging from innovative advertising campaigns to brand consulting and corporate strategy, to branded content.  Adam currently writes a monthly column for Inc. magazine--where he is a contributing editor--titled "Grist." Adam is a frequent commentator on Public Radio's "Marketplace" and is often interviewed and quoted in the media, where his perspective as a futurist, cultural critic and successful entrepreneur is valued. He has also been on the masthead of five magazines, including Worth, Radar and Civilization.  In writing of his recent book Dictionary of the Future (co-written with Faith Popcorn), USA Today called Adam a "marketing guru." Wired called the book "a mimetic encyclopedia of what's to come, an engaging crash course in bleeding-edge ideas," and William Safire praised it as a "speak preview" of the future.  NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said in a recent interview that the league monitors 335 players’ Twitter accounts. That’s over 5 percent of all active players, as the league has 1,700 players on a total 32 teams.  How can individuals protect their brand identity if they aren’t allowed to be their own voice but pretenders are?  Consumer culture and branding expert Adam Hanft, founder and CEO of the marketing firm Hanft Projects, recently commented on the topic.   “So here's the irony: The explosion of social media and the direct-to-consumer channel it represents is a stark reminder that even million-dollar athletes are captives of the system.  It's really no different than the old studio system - when Hollywood PR departments kept a tight lid on any interaction between the stars and their public.  Wealthy athletes shouldn't be misled. Macho empowerment and pulsing testosterone aside, they don't own themselves.  Social media - far from liberating them - turns out to be a new, Web 2.0 form of servitude.”

Michael Gurnis  -Seismo Lab Director - California Institute of Technology
A 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck northwest Mexico's Baja California state Sunday, rattling Arizona and southern California, and leaving at least two dead and more than 100 injured in Mexico, authorities said.  At least one person was killed in a building collapse in Mexicali, Mexico, according to the assistant director of civil protection in Tijuana.  The other victim died when he ran from his residence into the street and was hit by a car, said Alfredo Escobedo, Baja state's director of civil protection. More than 140 people were treated at local hospitals, including five who were in critical condition, said Rigaberto Lasoya, medical coordinator for the state of Baja. Some were being treated outside because there's no electricity and water at the main hospital, Lasoya said.  All injuries are concentrated in Mexicali, officials said. The quake struck at 3:40 p.m. (6:40 p.m. ET) about 110 miles east-southeast of Tijuana, Mexico, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.  Caltech's Seismological Laboratory investigates, researches, and informs the public about earthquakes that occur in Southern California and worldwide. Caltech works in collaboration with the scientific community to provide information that enhances our knowledge and understanding of earthquakes

"Grazing' In The Grass" - Hugh Masekela
We are constantly asked questions about our theme song and here are the facts"  "Grazing in the Grass" is an instrumental composed by Philemon Hou and first recorded by the South African trumpeter Hugh Masekela. It is recognizable by its prominent cowbell part. Released in the United States as a single in 1968, it became one of the few instrumentals to reach the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.  The Friends of Distinction recorded a vocal cover version of the tune in 1969 which was also a Top Ten pop and R&B hit, reaching #3 on the former and #5 on the latter.