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Your Favorite CRN Hosts Dance and Irish Jig For YOU!

Charlie Sheen's WINNING RECIPES!

The Drive Through Taco Bell Folk Song

The Opening Up A Wine Bottle With A Mere Shoe Video Series:

How to open up WINE with your SHOE (where we got the idea).

Our Own Chuck Horn Challenges The Shoe Cork Video - 1st try!

CRN Staffers, That Hardy Bunch, Refuses to QUIT.  They Continue Their Pursuit in Shoe-Wine Madness - 2nd Try!  Oh, The Inhumanity!

But, Wait!  Check Out This Video For Our Final Entry in the Opening Up Wine With a Shoe! 3rd Try!

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The Breast Milk Ice Cream Saga

The BREAST MILK ice cream article!  We laughed, we cried, we made jokes...

London AUTHORITIES confiscate the breast milk FROM the Ice Cream SHOP!  

Officials BAN the Breast Milk Ice Cream, The Cry of Big Babies is Heard Around the World!

Lady Gaga Sues The Breast Milk Ice Cream People Over Using Her Good Name

Breast Milk Ice Cream Has Been Deemed SAFE!

More Weird Food News That We Love

Man With Overactive Sense of Competition Caught Putting Mice In Competing Pizza Shops - And They Were NOT Chuck-E-Cheese, Folks - These Babies Were REAL!!