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“ALL-AMERICAN MURDER” – best-selling author James Patterson investigates the life and death of former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez

Best-selling author James Patterson investigates the life and death of convicted murderer and former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez in “All-American Murder,” a one-hour 48 HOURS special to be broadcast Saturday, Jan. 20 (10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Hernandez seemed to have it all. He turned a hardscrabble childhood into superstar NFL dreams. In 2012 he was on one of the all-time best teams in the NFL and was armed with a new $40 million contract extension. But then it all fell apart when he was arrested for the 2013 murder of semi-pro linebacker Odin Lloyd in North Attleboro, Mass. He was convicted of murdering Lloyd in 2015, and in April 2017, Hernandez committed suicide in a Massachusetts prison where he was serving a life sentence. He was 27.

Patterson and 48 HOURS take viewers on a journey through Hernandez’s life – as a child growing up in Bristol, Conn., where football glory got him into college – and then to the NFL. But, despite the on-field accolades, as Patterson reports, he could never outrun his history, including the impact the death of his father had on him, and his other personal demons, which remained hidden behind the mask of a celebrity football player. In addition to being charged and convicted of killing Lloyd, Hernandez was also charged and acquitted of killing two others.

Off the field, Hernandez hung out with a bad crowd and used drugs, police say. After his death, doctors learned, the countless hits he took playing football may have caused Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, better known as CTE, a degenerative brain disease found in people who have suffered repeated trauma to the head. The illness can’t be identified until the person has died. In November 2017, researchers at Boston University revealed that Hernandez had the most severe case of CTE they’d ever found in a brain of someone his age, which, they said at the time, would have impacted his decision-making, inhibition of controlling aggression, emotional volatility and rage behaviors.

Patterson and the team at 48 HOURS report on Hernandez’s life, and how he ended up convicted of murder, by taking viewers to his hometown, the streets that hardened him, the home he bought after hitting the NFL, and the prison where he died. Patterson asks the question: What role did CTE play in Hernandez’s life as an adult, and did it lead to his suicide? Patterson also talks with people who knew him, who covered him, those who hung out with him, and even one who was threatened by him. Together, they tell the story of how someone described as likeable and well-behaved in high school could turn into a street criminal with an NFL paycheck.

Jamie Stolz is the senior producer of “All-American Murder,” a 48 HOURS special. Nancy Kramer is the executive story editor. Anthony Batson is the senior broadcast producer. Susan Zirinsky is the senior executive producer.

Palate Passport will take readers on a trip around the globe to learn about the people, places and history where each extraordinary dish was discovered. Along with recipes and personal stories, readers will feast on other relics collected along the way including original artwork from India, beautiful photos from Portugal and age old rituals from Croatia.

Both a cookbook and short story collection, the book will serve as inspiration to cook international dishes at home and motivation to travel with these dishes as a compass.

Neha Khullar is a foodie, coffee addict, sparkly shoe-wearer, and enthusiastic dinner party host. Prior to becoming a cookbook author, Neha worked on the corporate side of New York City. Fueled by her passion for food and cooking, she set out on a journey to explore culinary traditions around the world.

After breaking bread in dozens of places, she learned that food brings people together and creates community regardless of religion, political views, or language; what tastes good can be shared with others. She has spent time with master chefs, street stall cooks, grandmothers, and food lovers all around the world. They have taught her about their favorite local foods and shared the history and stories behind them. Palate Passport is her personal culinary masterpiece created to share this journey with others. She intends to show readers that cooking is fun, it doesn’t have to be intimidating, and if made with love, even an imperfect dish will taste beautiful!

Neha has spent three years creating this book in order to thoughtfully coordinate all of its components. The cover was inspired by many people and separate events. After following a particular artist for years, she asked him to create the cover art, loving his style of coloring outside of the lines - a style reminiscent of her story for creating this cookbook. The dominant colors of the cover were inspired by a garden that Neha visited in Marrakech, Morocco. And the name was inspired by a fellow traveler who crossed paths with Neha while also filling her passport with experiences. Every component of this book has a story like the one behind the cover art.

Neha is the founder of Food Moodz, LLC which is an online digital platform for foodies to share articles on the best eats, chef profiles, recipes, and food trends. Neha is also the founder of Global Foodie Citizens which is a community of foodies located all around the world! The vision for GFC is to offer an “invite-only” group of foodies who can connect to meet at exclusive restaurants and food experiences around the world, as well as, food-centric trips around the world.