Wednesday, March 28, 2012

03/28 Larry Lipson, Dave Walton: NBC's "Bent"

03/28 What's Cookin' Today


Larry Lipson - "Wine Reporter" - For fifty years Larry Lipson was the food critic for the Los Angeles Daily News and not reports from Costa Rica weekly with his thoughts and favorite picks for Food & Wine. Larry always has something cooking up at the Lipson Institute of Advanced Wine Studies! Larry forages all of Costa Rica for the absolute best wines. No region is spared from his intense search. No mountain or range or valley is safe from his reach. He leaves no grape unturned, this man of passion. Wine is his life. His love for wine is only paralleled with his love for his lovely partner in wine, Lillian Lipson. Be fully prepared for this master of vino as he shares his food and wine pairing techniques and experiences with you on this great day in America - and the world.


David Walton stars as Pete, an easygoing charming contractor with a few skeletons in his closet in NBC's comedy "Bent." Walton a Boston native started acting in high school but began his formal training at Brown University. He studied at The Actor's Center as well as The British American Drama Academy. Shortly after moving to New York CityWalton was quickly cast in a Naked Angel's production of "One Day on Wall Street." His commendable performance caught the attention of an executive who cast him in the series "Cracking Up" starring alongside Jason Schwartzman Molly Shannon and Christopher McDonald. Since then he has starred in several television series including "The Loop" "Heist" as well as "Quarterlife" and "100 Questions." He was last seen starring in the comedy "Perfect Couples."

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