Wednesday, August 17, 2011

8/18 Music And Playtime, American Ninja Warrior Host Mike Iseman, Larry Manetti

What's Cookin' Today Hour ONE:

Parenting Expert And Child Therapist Kimberley Blaine Talks To Us About Music With Playtime Making Kids Happier

Pump up the jam! Parents love to find new and educational ways to play with their children. A new survey reveals that music can be a powerful motivator; in fact, listening to music during playtime makes children happier, sillier and more excited. Findings also showed that 76% of parents surveyed reported that after they play with their child, they feel more connected and rocking out made them more relaxed. Additionally, 1/3 of children will play longer when music is coupled with play. Parenting expert and child therapist, Kimberly Clayton Blaine is available to discuss the results of this survey with your listeners, as well as share tips on making the most of playtime.

Known as “The Go-To Mom”, Kimberly says finding time for play is easier than you think, so throw out the notion that you need a lot of time and just do it. The great thing about playing with music is that songs are typically broken into 3 to 5 minute segments, making it possible to play a few fun activities in just 10 minutes. She also says to make the time silly. Studies show that laughter is key to positive parenting, helping families have fun and come closer together. Music provides a great backdrop for kids to use their imagination and feel inspired and energized. The busy mother of two also suggests making the time more meaningful with age-appropriate activities, such as learning colors and letters or promoting hand-eye coordination with building. Another tip, change the scenery. To keep playtime from getting stale, mix it up and try something new. Take advantage of summer months by bringing toys and activities outside.

We're Talking With Matt Iseman,Host Of G4 & NBC's "American Ninja Warrior" About The Shows Season Finale

The finale airs on NBC on August 22. In the season finale of G4’s “American Ninja Warrior,” the competitors head to Mt. Midoriyama, Japan with the hopes of becoming the first American to complete the world’s most challenging obstacle course. The two-hour NBC primetime special will be hosted by Matt Iseman (Host of Versus’ “Sports Soup”) and MMA Fighter and Belator Fighting Championship commentator Jimmy Smith, with Alison Haislip (“Attack of the Show,” NBC’s “The Voice”) reporting.

Matt Iseman (Host of Versus’ “Sports Soup”) and MMA Fighter and Belator Fighting Championship commentator Jimmy Smith will return as co-hosts along with G4’s own Alison Haislip (“Attack of the Show,” NBC’s “The Voice”) providing reports from the grueling tryouts and main event in Japan.

What's Cookin' Today Hour TWO:

We're Talking with Actor and CRN Radio Host Larry Manetti

Larry Manetti started acting in his hometown of Chicago. After studying acting with the Ted List Theater Players, Larry drove to Los Angeles in 1972. Larry landed an agent and was sent to Universal Studios to audition for an opening as a contract player. Luck was on his side. Jack Webb was casting a new series for NBC called The Chase. Larry played a young detective.

After attending acting school at Sal Dano's at night and doing bit parts by day, he scored. Baa Baa Black Sheep was being produced and cast at Universal, and the now famous writer Stephen J. Cannell was the executive producer and the role was a natural for Larry. He was cast as a cocky, hot shot pilot named Bobby Boyle. The show was a big hit for NBC but was cancelled within two years.

Because the network was so impressed with Larry's on-screen presence, they cast him in a new series called The Duke. The Duke was cancelled in one year. Larry was back to playing whatever Universal told him to.

Hoping to catch lighting in a jar, along came Magnum, P.I. and the role of Rick. This was his elevator...the show became a mega-hit for 8 years. Since Magnum, P.I., Larry has done co-starring roles in 25 feature films and guest starred on many hot TV shows.
Larry is the author of a book titled Aloha Magnum.

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