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5/19 Go UnDiet, Chris O'Donnell, Helping Our Shores, Country Ham, Les Kincaid,

What's Cookin' Today Hour ONE:

Author Gloria Tsang, Registered Dietitian, With Advice From Her New Book: Go UnDiet Offering an Alternative to the Deprivation of Diets

On average, American women have tried 6 diets in their lifetime*. The deprivation, the guilt, the hunger! Then you probably discovered that rigid diet plan
s just don’t cut it. A 14-day plan can only create results for 14 days. Then what?

As a nation, we’re bombarded with conflicting diet strategies – low carb, low fat, low GI, and on and on. Confused and frustrated, it’s no wonder we almost always regain all the weight we manage to lose.

Author and registered dietitian Gloria Tsang says you can lose weight for good by undieting! In her new book Go UnDiet she offers advice that won’t seem overwhelming and information you can really use

About Gloria: Gloria Tsang, RD, is the founder of, the largest online nutrition network run by registered dietitians. Her work has appeared in major national publications and she is a regularly featured nutrition expert for media outlets across the country. Gloria's articles have appeared on various media such as Reuters, NBC & ABC affiliates, The Chicago Sun-Times, Reader's Digest Canada, iVillage and USA Today. Gloria founded as a hobby site in 1997 when a family member was diagnosed with cancer. Utilizing her wealth of knowledge as a registered dietitian, Gloria wrote and compiled cancer nutrition articles so that other families could benefit from the information as well.

Actor Chris O’Donnell Helps the Lunchables team & Feeding America “Keep The Smiles Coming”

NCIS: Los Angeles star and dedicated dad of five, Chris O’Donnell, is helping launch the new Lunchables with Fruit “Keep the Smiles Coming” campaign - which benefits Feeding America - by helping to donate up to one million pounds of fresh fruit to families who need it most. In fact, on average, produce accounts for just 13% of the total pounds of food distributed by Feeding America.

O’Donnell is jump-starting the drive by helping the Lunchables team turn the “Big Apple” into the “Big Orange.” Working together, they’ll bring an orange grove to Times Square where O’Donnell will pose for his own “Fruit Smiley Face” photo to trigger an initial donation of 100,000 pounds of fresh fruit to Feeding America.

America can help “Keep the Smiles Coming” and bring fresh fruit to those in need by uploading their favorite picture to and use our app to create their very own fruit photo! The Lunchables team will donate 10 pounds of fresh fruit to Feeding America® for each fruit photo - up to one million pounds. Participants can also choose which state will receive their donation.

About Chris O’Donnell: Chris O’Donnell grew up in Chicago and began modeling and acting in commercials when he was 13, and landed his first television role when he was 16 years old. The next year he starred in his first movie and hasn’t stopped working since. O’Donnell was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for his role in Scent of a Woman, with Al Pacino, starred in two Batman movies, and recently had a recurring role on Grey’s Anatomy. He is currently starring in the hit-show NCIS: Los Angeles. He is married to his college sweetheart and has five children.

Musician Brett Dennen Joins Initiative with Barefoot Wine & Surfrider Foundation - WAYS YOU CAN PITCH IN AND HELP OUR SHORES

Americans love their beaches, all 90,000 miles of US coastline. However, each year, more than 25,000 beaches are closed or posted as unhealthy. American beachgoers actually recognize there’s a problem: a majority gave our country’s beaches a mediocre ‘C’ when asked to grade their current state of cleanliness

To help raise the grade to a triumphant ‘A’, the Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Project calls on Americans across the country to kick off their shoes and “heel” one of 20 local beaches this summer. Since 2007, the project has traveled from coast-to-coast hosting more than 50 beach cleanups and dune restorations, removing more than twelve tons of litter and debris, to help keep America’s coastlines beautiful. This year, musician Brett Dennen, who releases his fourth album, Loverboy, on April 12, will join volunteers on the beach during select cleanups and perform live at special celebrations afterwards.

There are many simple things we can do to make a difference. Available for interviews on April 12, 2011, Dennen and Alexis Henry from the Surfrider Foundation are available to talk to your listeners about events in your region, and things we can do to keep our beaches and oceans clean and healthy.

About Brett Dennen will release is fourth album, Loverboy, on April 12, 2011. Dennen has been on the scene since 2004 when he released his self-titled debut, followed quickly by his sophomore LP So Much More (2006,) which spent months on the Billboard Heatseeker chart. The release drew the attention of John Mayer, for whom Dennen opened in 2006 and 2007. In 2008, the artist released his follow-up, Hope for the Hopeless, which debuted at #41 on the Billboard Top 200 and firmly established Dennen as a definitive new voice in modern songwriting. He’s worked with Femi Kuti, Natalie Merchant, and Jason Mraz; he’s toured with Dave Matthews, Rodrigo y Gabriela, and The John Butler Trio; and he’s played Bonarroo, Austin City Limits, Coachella, Outside Lands, and Newport Folk Festival. He’s also become the go-to guy for some of the best and most artfully soundtracked contemporary TV shows. His songs have appeared on Scrubs, Grey’s Anatomy, Parenthood, Brothers & Sisters, and House among others. Alexis Henry is communications manager for the Surfrider Foundation. She manages Surfrider Foundation's day-to-day media/public relations. Born and raised in Southern California, Alexis grew up at the beach and has always been at home near the coast.

What's Cookin' Today Hour TWO:

Country Ham Curemaster Sam Edwards III Tells Us About Country Hams from S. Wallace Edwards

In 1926, S. Wallace Edwards, the young captain of the Jamestown-Surry ferry began selling ham sandwiches to his passengers. The ham had been cured by him as on the family farm according to those time tested methods.

Soon demand became great enough that S. Wallace Edwards began curing hams on a full time basis, distributing them to country stores and fine hotels, and shipping them throughout the country and overseas.

S. Wallace Edwards & Sons remains a family operation in Surry County not far from Jamestown where Indians taught the settlers to cure meat. Today’s facilities simulate the seasons without sacrificing the care and attention that result in that unique flavor of Virginia hams.

In the time-honored style of the Indians, settlers and farmers before them, S. Wallace Edwards & Sons processes each ham by hand as it goes through the stages of curing.

The very finest hams are selected and hand-rubbed with salt. They remain in the curing room under controlled temperature until the desired amount of salt has been absorbed. Excess salt is removed by washing and the hams are then pe
pper-coated and ready for hanging in the smokehouse.

Many days of cool “hickory” smoked are required to give these hams their rich mahogany color. They are then allowed to hang undisturbed for “aging” until they develop that real Virginia flavor.

Uncooked hams are ready to ship at this point others may go through a cooking process in the ham kitchen. These are submerged in water and slowly simmered until they are fully cooked and ready to be served.

We're Visiting with Les Kincaid to find out Who's Got the Best Wines, Today!
Les Kincaid, host of the Les Kincaid Wines & Vines Show, will tell us about some problems in growing grapes worldwide and the solutions of some wineries, winemakers and grape farmers that are producing great product and then offer it at reasonable prices. Les reminds us - Wine is Food.
Les always presents his listeners with stimulating, pro-vocative information and great interviews or discussions with interesting, intelligent, knowledgeable guests all within the wine industry. Whether they are vintners, winery owners, Sommeliers or Master Sommeliers they can all talk about wine with authority.
Dave Mizejewski Helps Us Take the National Wildlife Federation Challenge

Dave Mizejewski teaches the American public how to help wildlife and connect with nature in their own neighborhoods and beyond.

He is host and co-producer of Backyard Habitat on Animal Planet, a television series that shows people how to transform their yards and gardens into thriving habitats for birds and other local wildlife. Mizejewski also appeared in a mini-series on Animal Planet airing in April of 2007 called Spring Watch U.S.A.

He has made numerous appearances on gardening and daily talk shows, including NBC’s Weekend Today Show and iVillage Live, HGTV’s Gardening by the Yard, and The Martha Stewart Show. He has been interviewed and profiled by Entertainment Weekly, Out, Sunset, Organic Gardening and National Wildlife magazines as well as USA Today, the Christian Science Monitor, the Washington Post, and countless local newspapers.

He is a regular speaker at conservation, wildlife and gardening conferences and events, both nationally and locally. Mizejewski is the author of Attracting Birds, Butterflies and Other Backyard Wildlife. He holds a degree in political science with a co-major in human and natural ecology from Emory University.

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