Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wed Dec 16. 2009

Larry Lipson - Costa Rica Wine Correspondent
Larry Lipson co-hosts "What's Cooking?"a restaurant, wine and food talk show that airs from 8 to 9 a.m. Wednesdays nationally on Cable Radio Network (CRN) and National Radio Network (NRN), heard locally on KPXN-TV (ITV) Channel 30 SAP; Time Warner Santa Monica on C 74 SAP; Time Warner San Fernando Valley on Channel 1/97 SAP and 25; Time Warner West Valley on Channel 6 SAP and 960; AT&T on Channel 6 in the Valley and Channel 44 SAP in Los Angeles; Charter Communications on Channel 33 SAP; Time Warner Lancaster on Channel 37; Time Warner Simi Valley on Channel 8; Charter in Hidden Hills/Malibu/Agoura on cable FM 97.5; Avenue TV Cable Ventura on Channel 83; Charter San Gabriel Valley on Channel 34 SAP and Channel 56; Time Warner Canyon Country on Channel 960; Time Warner South Pasadena on Channel 6 and 960.

Dr. Elizabeth Pivonka  - President of the Produce for Better Health Foundation
It turns out kids aren't the only ones skipping out on their veggies!  Despite decades of research indicating a link between a diet rich in vegetables and multiple health benefits, including helping reduce risk factors for heart disease, diabetes and even aiding weight management, 7 out of 10 Americans still aren't getting enough.  How can we get more?  Recent studies suggest the best approach may be to focus on the factors that are often behind this "vegetable gap" - convenience and enjoyment.  Learn more about these easy, delicious tips to get all the veggies you need: All Forms Count:Vegetables come in many forms including fresh, frozen, canned, dried and even 100% juice.  And all are about equally nutrient-rich.  One 8-ounce glass of vegetable juice provides TWO full servings of vegetables.    * Make It Fun:  Add vegetables to foods like pasta sauce and pizza toppings    * Don't Skip A Beat:Include a serving of vegetables or fruit (or both!) at every single meal.  Try adding veggies to a breakfast omelet, a salad at lunch and some dried fruit for a snack.     * Mix and Match: Since fresh produce can only be eaten within a certain time period, stock your cart with a variety of options.  This can also help save money.   Elizabeth is the co-author of 5 A Day: The Better Health Cookbook, and a nationally recognized expert on nutrition and the role vegetables and fruit can play in promoting better health.

Dr. George Crosby, Prop  -  Christmas House Bed & Breakfast Inn - Ouray, CO
The Inn features 5 deluxe guest Suites... all come standard with Private Baths, Jacuzzi Tubs for two, Queen-size Beds, and lovely Antiques. Each room also provides Private Entry, Spacious Deck, individually controlled Air Conditioning, Satellite TV with VCR and DVD, CD Player, Telephone/Data Port, Refrigerator, Microwave and in-room Coffee. Our four larger suites each have a Romantic Fireplace, (available September through April), and private two-person Steam Sauna Room. The Inn offers over 500 titles of free check out video tapes & DVD's, for our enjoyment as well as wide assortment of music CD's and friendly front porch or garden gazebo. You will be able to see for yourself why we were voted as the "Most Scenic View" of any B&B in Colorado by Arrington's B&B Journal! We also now offer Free long distance calls to anywhere in the USA & Free wireless high speed internet for our guests! Select your breakfast from our scrumptious menu as you are invited to dine in our elegant parlor at your personally chosen breakfast time.We realize that some couples want privacy at the breakfast table, so each suite has a private table in our breakfast parlor where you can dine by the romantic glow of a table lamp in relative seclusion away from the conversationof others.

Attorney Robin Bond -  Workplace  Expert
Robin Bond, Esq. is a charismatic workplace legal expert whose savvy approach and razor-sharp knowledge of employment law have saved hundreds of men and women from falling off their career tracks. As President and Founder of her own employment law firm, Transition Strategies, LLC, Robin represents the employee's best interests, providing a unique blend of hard-nosed legal advice, sensitive career mentoring, and deal-making finesse to professionals across the country transitioning from one position to the next.  Robin is distinguished by her talent for communicating about legal issues in an easily understandable manner. She is highly regarded for her business savvy, top-notch communication flair, "can do" attitude, and excellent people skills. In her 20+ years as an attorney, Robin has developed a powerful combination of knowledge of the finest points of the law and negotiation skill--two essential ingredients that directly help her clients succeed professionally, and close complex deals in a win-win manner.  While her passion is representing the employee, Robin's 13 years of experience as in-house legal counsel in major organizations, as well as her background as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) allow her to see each issue from both sides of the bargaining table. Executives from Fortune 500 companies like General Electric, Citigroup, Johnson & Johnson, Morgan Stanley, AT&T, Pfizer, and Lockheed Martin have all turned to Robin. The strategies she recommends are balanced but effective, with a thoughtful delivery each and every time.Holiday parties - what could go wrong? Food ... employees ... booze ... loosened inhibitions ... driving ... As it turns out, plenty can go wrong!  Attorney Robin Bond is a workplace expert & offers up 5 Workplace Holiday Party Etiquette Tips

1. "Don't "blow it off" – these events are usually "mandatory" even if the boss doesn't say so.  Team players attend team meetings.   
2. The office party is a business function.  This is not the time or place to "let your hair down" and have a wild time.   Activities like excessive drinking, dirty dancing – or having sex with co-workers – are not career enhancing moves while the rest of the office is watching.   You want to be remembered for your great conversation, not for the crazy things you did.
3. Read the news in advance and find some non-political topics for conversation that aren't all about you or business.  You don't want to come across as a self-centered person, or a bore who is all about business.   For example, if you know senior managers have particular interests (charity projects, sports, etc.), find a way to talk with them about that.  Be sure to say nice things to your co-workers and thank them for their help on projects throughout the year.
4. Don't be the first to arrive and the last to leave.  Eat and drink in moderation   Arrive on time, mingle, speak to the boss, eat a few hor d'ouevres, thank the host, make a graceful exit. If you have clients attending, then be attentive to them and introduce them to important people in the firm.
5. Dress for success.   The boss is watching, so showcase your professionalism.  Plunging necklines for either gender, too tight clothes, wild attire or headdresses will get attention – of the wrong kind.