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Trey Sims - President of Sims Foods, Inc
Wickles Pickles is definitely not one of the “big box” brands that you’ll traditionally find at most major retailers, but in just a short 10-year timeframe, Wickles Pickles can now be found at retailers in almost every state and more than 9,000 locations, including H-E-B, Fiesta Mart, The Fresh Market, Central Market, Fred’s, limited Wal-Mart stores, Meijer’s, Cracker Barrel, Albertson’s, Vons, Trader Joe’s, Publix, Tom Thumb, Safeway, Winn Dixie, Piggly Wiggly, Randalls, Hannaford, Bi-Lo, etc. However, what often makes Wickles Pickles unique is the fact that you can walk into a local hardware store, gourmet food store or gift shop, and find the Wickles Pickles brand. The Wickles Pickles recipes is 80 + years old, and before being packaged and sold under the Wickles Pickles brand name, jars were simply given away to friends and family during the holidays. In 1998, brothers Trey and Will Sims, and family friend, Andy Anderson, rented some space in Dadeville, Alabama and began making jars in a commercial kitchen. During that time, the three could make 27 cases a day, and beat the streets, selling Wickles Pickles locally and regionally. The Wickles Pickles recipe, short for “wickedly delicious” pickles, originally consisted of Wickles Pickles (slices) and Wickles Relish, but now includes Wickles Sub & Hoagie Relish, Wickles Pepper Strips, Wicked Banana Pepper Rings and the recently introduced Wickles Okra. What makes the product unique from other jarred pickles products is that Wickles Pickles are packed in a sugary cider vinegar with spicy peppers and garlic, providing a balance of sweetness with a touch of heat. Wickles Pickles are kosher, gluten-free, and are not processed with high-fructose corn syrup. With the introduction of Wickles Okra, the company is venturing into the spirits industry, and expects this product to be a favorite garnish for any Bloody Mary recipe. But, our Wickles Okra is not the only product currently being used by mixologists. Our Wickles Pickles are perfect for a martini, “Dirty Pickle,” or as we like to call it, the “Wickletini.” We continue to get feedback from customers, bars, restaurants and clubs who use Wickles Pickles in martini recipes, while Georgia-based Victory Motorcycle Club likes a splash of Wickles Pickles brine with Crown Royal Whisky.

Karen Brees "The CIG to Preserving Food"
Karen K. Brees, Ph.D., has been preserving food for nearly 40 years. During that time, she has won numerous ribbons at county fairs for her canned fruits, vegetables, preserves, pickles, and dried foods. She has a Ph.D. in Adult Education from the University of Idaho and is a Food Safety Advisor/Master Food Preserver for the University of Idaho Extension Service. Food contamination scandals, the rising cost of food, organic eating, and better nutrition-all these factors contribute to the upsurge in interest in food preservation. While there are many books on canning, freezing, and pickling foods, few are as comprehensive as The Complete Idiot's Guide(r) to Preserving Food, in which readers learn how easy and beneficial food preservation can be with detailed, step-by-step instructions.

Chef Blythe Beck "The Naughty Kitchen with Chef Blythe Beck"
Tuesdays on Oxygen (10-11 p.m. ET) - Acclaimed chef Blythe Beck is known for both her passion for food and passion for life. The executive chef of Central 214 restaurant and star of the upcoming Oxygen reality show, "The Naughty Kitchen with Chef Blythe Beck" creates rich, inviting "sexy new American cuisine" that she describes as "the food you grew up on…only I make it naughty." With her engaging wit, earthy zest, and cayenne-red hair, Beck's recognizable dishes not only please the eye and the palate, but also warm the heart. For Beck, every meal is a life-sharing event and she takes care to ensure diners feel both welcomed and "loved on," with her food celebrating the good times and bringing comfort when times are sad. Among her signature modern takes on classic dishes at Central 214: shrimp and cayenne deviled eggs; crispy fried prosciutto-wrapped cheddar cheese with spicy avocado and apple barbeque sauce; herb-stuffed pork chops with apple sweet potato hash mustard sauce; chicken fried kobe steak with buttered whipped potatoes with slow braised mustard greens and red-eye gravy; mini house-smoked dry-rubbed ribs; and Central 214 sticky buns with naughty nuts and maple bourbon ice cream. The feisty native Texan launched her career in Dallas restaurants, including the famed Mansion on Turtle Creek. Beck first became interested in the culinary arts while pursuing a public relations degree at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio, and a part-time job at the Cooker restaurant changed the direction of her life. She took a leave of absence from Xavier, and after extended stays in England, Switzerland, France, and Italy, found she was more committed than ever to her new career goal. She returned to complete a degree in Hotel Restaurant Management at the University of North Texas (UNT). While studying at UNT, Beck completed an internship at the Mansion on Turtle Creek. Upon graduation, she accepted the coveted position of Apprentice to renowned chef Dean Fearing. During her four-year tenure at the Mansion, she moved quickly through the ranks, developing her skill and determination to produce unique dishes of the finest quality. In October 2004, restaurateur Hector Garcia tapped Beck to become sous chef at his new restaurant, Hector's on Henderson. In January 2006, she was promoted to executive chef, a position from which she stepped to the forefront of modern cuisine. Beck accepted the position as executive chef at the four-star Central 214 restaurant at Hotel Palomar Dallas in early 2009. Beck participates regularly in events for the Texas State Fair, as well as Savor Dallas, A Taste of Dallas and the Farmer's Market Hoedown. She is also a member of the prestigious Dallas Morning News Wine Panel.

JAMES KYSON LEE ("Ando" on NBC's "Heroes")
Mondays (8-9 p.m. ET) on NBC - James Kyson Lee stars in NBC's award-winning ensemble drama series "Heroes" as Ando Masahashi, a boisterous Tokyo executive who embarks on wild adventures with his time-traveling friend Hiro Nakamura. “Heroes” follows the lives of ordinary people who discover they possess extraordinary abilities. Most recently, Lee starred in the Sci-Fi Channel’s TV movie “Termination Shock,” as well as the romantic comedy “White on Rice,” which hits theaters in 2010. At his first television audition, Lee landed a guest-starring role on “J.A.G.” He has since appeared on NBC's “Las Vegas,” “The West Wing” and “Heist,” as well as “Threat Matrix” and “All About the Andersons.” In film, Lee recently starred in the 2008 horror feature, “Shutter.” Born in Seoul, South Korea, Lee moved with his family to New York City at the age of 10. He graduated from Bronx High School of Science and continued his education at Boston University and New England Institute of the Arts, where he studied communications. While in New England Lee enrolled in music, dance, and improvisation courses. Inspired by his newly discovered passion for performing, he sold his used car for $1,800 in the summer of 2001 and purchased a one-way ticket to Los Angeles. Lee began training as a jazz singer, and eventually made the transition from music to acting. A student of improvisation and sketch comedy at I.O. West and the Upright Citizens Brigade, Lee also enjoys playing basketball in the NBA celebrity league and the piano, as well as reading and watching documentaries. Lee currently resides in Los Angeles. His birthday is December 13.

KEVIN RANKIN ("Tyler Briggs" on NBC's "TRAUMA")
Mondays (9-10 p.m. ET) on NBC - Kevin Rankin stars as edgy EMT Tyler Briggs in NBC’s new ensemble medical drama series, “Trauma.” Rankin was born in Baton Rouge, La., and after the age of eleven, was raised outside of Houston, Texas. Before moving to Los Angeles in 2000, Kevin worked with Robert Duvall in the Academy Award-nominated film, "The Apostle." One of his most memorable characters was that of Lucien on the cult-hit "Undeclared," from creator Judd Apatow. Most recently, he had a recurring role on NBC’s critically-acclaimed drama “Friday Night Lights,” playing Herc, a quadriplegic Rugby player with an attitude. His other television credits include guest- starring roles on NBC’s “Law and Order,” “In Plain Sight,” “Grey's Anatomy,” “NCIS,” and “Lost.” Other highlights for Rankin include working with such notables as Ang Lee (2003’s “Hulk”), Joss Whedon (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”), David Milch (“NYPD Blue”), John Riggi (“My Guide to Becoming a Rock Star”) and Mary Harron (“Six Feet Under”), among others. Rankin currently resides in Los Angeles.